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Facebook Reels Guide For Influencers (Know Key Features And Monetization Options)

Published On January 26, 2022

As short-form video content becomes popular, Facebook continues to seek new ways to jump on that growth. Its latest attempt to incorporate short-form video content coming via Facebook Reels will allow users to create and share short videos within the Facebook main app.  

Facebook describes Reels as “fun and inspiring short videos consisting of music, audio, AR effects, text overlays, and more.” As a content creator, there are many ways you can use Reels to show your creativity, entertain your fans, and introduce them to new content. 

This article will guide you on making Facebook Reels, and connecting with your audience. 

What Are Facebook Reels?

Facebook Reels
Figure 1: Facebook Reels. Source – Facebook

Reels are a feature on Facebook that allows users to make and share short-form videos. With video becoming the most popular form of content on the internet, Facebook Reels provide creators with one more tool to boost engagement and reach new audiences. The videos can be up to 30 seconds long and contain music, audio, text, and other special effects. Facebook Reels are displayed in the news feed or dedicated Groups within the Facebook App. 

Facebook Reels is very similar to TikTok, so there’s not much of a learning curve for budding content creators already familiar with TikTok and Instagram Reels. You can create Reels in real-time or upload pre-recorded videos from your phone’s gallery. The Facebook Reels App allows you to combine real-time and pre-recorded clips to provide your fans with the ultimate viewing experience. 

Just like TikTok, you can add audio to your Facebook Reels TikTok to make them more engaging. You can use your original music or search the Reels music library to find the best song for your video. Need to give your followers more information about your post? Facebook Reels comes with a voiceover feature that allows you to add a vocal track to your videos. 

There are also lots of AR effects that Facebook and third-party providers have added to the platform to help you create visually appealing videos. You can also speed up or slow down your videos to ensure you are in sync with the music in your videos. 

Key Features Of Facebook Reels

When Reels was launched on Instagram in 2020, the time cap for the video was 15 seconds. But the time cap has since been increased on Facebook Reels to 30 seconds to give creators more time to express themselves and entertain their fans. With an emphasis on creativity and its possibilities, Facebook provides many unique features and editing tools to help creators design inspiring Reels that go viral on the wider Facebook community. 

Here are the key features of Facebook Reels you can leverage to grow your audience. 

Expand Your Facebook Reach

One of the good things about Facebook Reels is they can reach everyone on the platform, not just your current followers. This makes it possible for the most innovative, funny, and inspiring creators to stand out on the platform and go viral. 

Facebook users can discover Reels based on their interests and trends on the dedicated News Feed section. The more captivating your Reels are, the more people will view your content and click on your profile to learn more about you as a content creator. 

Connect in Groups

Creators can share Reels in groups to engage in a more fun way with other users in their favorite interest communities. Sharing your Reels in dedicated Facebook groups is a fantastic way to create engaging conversations on the important issues in your niche. Your content views will go up when the group members view your Reel and share it on their timelines. 

Share Instagram Reels on Facebook

The introduction of Reels on Facebook will allow creators to share their Instagram Reels on Facebook. This crossover platform ability will help you maximize the reach of your videos. Facebook has not yet fully released this feature to all users but will open it to everyone soon. 

Explore Immersive Ads

Facebook is testing introducing immersive ads to Facebook Reels. This feature is currently available on Instagram and allows creators to reach their target users more intimately. With the immersive ads, you will connect with your ideal audience creatively and tell your story authentically. 

Types Of Videos You Can Make To Engage With Audiences

Are you ready to get started with this new content format and enjoy the Facebook Reels Benefits? Here are the different types of videos you can create to engage your audience. 

Product Demo Videos

Are you promoting a new product and showing people how it works? Use Facebook Reels to show the features of the product you are promoting and guide users on how the product works. For example, if you want to promote a vacuum cleaner, create short videos to show people how to assemble the unit and use the different nozzles for different cleaning assignments. Providing hacks and shortcuts on using the product is a natural and organic way to make the product you are promoting appealing to your followers. 

Tutorials or how-to videos

Although tutorials are similar to product demos, they are more instructional and help users understand how to use a product or service to solve their problems. While product demos focus on making a product look appealing to its users, how-to videos are meant to teach users how to use a product and gain maximum value from it effectively.  

Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos are popular on YouTube. That popularity moved to TikTok and we expect it to spread to Facebook with the introduction of Facebook Reels. When you buy a cool new product like the latest iPhone or a video game console, don’t be in a hurry to open the box and see what’s inside. Launch Facebook Reels and share this moment with your followers. Share your first impression of the product to help viewers understand what they can expect when they get the product for themselves. 

Product placement videos

Sometimes, when promoting a brand, you don’t have to use its products in your videos actively. The product can play a “supporting” role by simply being visible in the video as you do other things. Viewers who come across your video will see the product in the background and discover the brand you are promoting. 

What In-App Editing Features Do Reels Have?

Facebook Reels has amazing editing features that help you enhance your videos. They include;

Film clips – Record up to 30 seconds of video with the Reels camera. 

Stitch together multiple clips – Record several videos or select them from your phone’s gallery and merge them to create a single video for your Reels. 

Add music – Search Facebook’s music library for the most appropriate song and add it to your Reels. 

Use audio – Create a video with audio from another person’s Reels. 

Video speed – Adjust the video speed to ensure you are in sync with the playing music.  

Countdown timer – Set the countdown timer to ensure you are relaxed and ready when the Reels start recording. 

Use AR effects – Add special effects to your videos to make them exciting. 

Earn Money For Reels With Bonuses

As part of Facebook’s commitment to invest more than $1 billion in content creators, the social media giant will launch a bonus program where influencers earn money when people watch their Reels. The Facebook Reels monetization offer will be available to creators based on their Reels’ performance. Top content creators with many views, shares, and favs on their Reels will earn more money from their content. The move aims to encourage creativity and attract more content creators to the platform. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create Reels on Facebook. 

  1. Tap the Create Button from the Reels section on your News Feed, or click on the camera icon in the top right corner when watching a Reel. 
  2. Add video to your Reel. 
  • Tap the Record button to create a new video. 
  • Tap the photo icon to add video clips from your gallery. 
  1. Add text, effects, captions, audio, or a timer to your Reel by tapping the icons on the right part of your screen. Tap Next when you finish. 
  2. Write a short description for your Reel. 
  3. Select an audience for your Reel. Note, Reels are public by default. 
  4. Tap the Share Reel button to publish your Reel. 
Facebook Reels money

Roll With Facebook Reels

As video content becomes more popular, Facebook Reels provides you with yet another platform to engage your followers with fantastic video content. Facebook distribution mechanism will ensure your content reaches many people to help you attract more followers to your page and grow your audience. 

As you concentrate on creating inspiring content for your online audience, we have created an influencer platform that will help you monetize your creativity. Atisfyre, our AI-based influencer platform, will connect you with the leading brands that match your style and audience to help you explore collaboration opportunities. 

Sign up for free to get started!

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