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5 Top Tips For Budding TikTok Creators

Published On July 06, 2021

TikTok witnesses more than one billion video views almost every single day. That’s reason enough for TikTok creators to amp up strategies in increasing their exposure and reach.

Reaching millions of users is a challenge to social media lately. It requires massive effort, creativity, and planning. Like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, TikTok can help you to be an online celebrity with thousands of followers. But here’s the catch – you must find a way to get ahead of the saturated competition. But worry not, you’ve come to the right place for a solution! Whether you’re planning to create your first video or looking for a secret formula that most successful TikTokers have been using to skyrocket their growth, we’ve listed five cues in this blog that will help you grow as an influencer. These awesome TikTok creator best practices and tips will be what you need to boost your engagement.

Grow Your TikTok Following With Ease

1. Connect with the right audience

Identify your target market

Targeting your potential audience becomes easier when you define them. Identifying their preferences, online habits, and motivations helps you apprehend what they’re looking for, and what triggers them to watch more of your TikTok videos. Practicing this helps you micro segment them into finer audience segments, and in turn helps you increase conversions. More conversions for TikTok creators means a growing authentic follower base. 

Create an engaging TikTok profile

Your TikTok profile is the face of your influencer brand. You need to remember that your bio needs to communicate to your audience what your TikTok account is all about, and what value you can offer if they choose to follow you. Make your bio interesting so that your visitors are compelled to follow your account without giving a second thought! Using a combination of content and the right hashtags in your bio will help you reach a wider demographic. And finally, getting your TikTok account verified will build your credibility.

Interact with your audience

Engaging with the audience is the key to growing your follower base on TikTok. While hosting live chat, responding to comments, and direct messaging will help you grow your audience engagement to a certain extent; taking part in challenges that apply to your line of the industry will help you grab eyeballs easily and quickly. Therefore, creating an audience engagement strategy will help you decide how to respond to your followers. 

Go for paid campaigns to acquire new followers

Just as other social platforms favor paid campaigns or ads, TikTok does the same. With organic reach, you can grow your profile at a moderate pace. By integrating paid campaigns in your TikTok content strategy, you can amplify your reach and gain new followers consistently. 

TikTok Creators

2. Content is everything

Design audience-focused content strategy

Content is central to your influencer journey on TikTok as it can empower you to scale up your efforts, retain your current audience, and gain new followers. Designing an audience-focused content strategy facilitates you in providing more value to your followers. Apart from hilarious content, people on this platform also watch out for content related to food, health, education, art, tutorials, and more. But how can you decode the content that your audience is more interested in? Researching hashtags can help you identify the topics that trigger your audience’s response better. We will discuss how to put hashtags to work later in this blog. 

Make your videos stand out

Creating captivating videos helps arrest your audience’s attention in no time! Unlike other platforms where horizontal videos are fancied, TikTok prefers videos in portrait format (vertical videos) that fit your audience’s phone screen. Ensuring that your videos are of high quality in terms of picture resolution and content, encourages your followers to stay interested and engaged with your profile. You can make your videos even more entertaining by adding captions and presenting your narrative to your followers. 

Post consistently

Consistency is imperative to your TikTok content marketing strategy. Whether you want to establish yourself as a content creator in the makeup space, beauty segment, art corner, comedy, or any other niche, sticking to your content niche enables audiences and brands alike to understand that you’re an expert in a specific category. Practicing this helps you reach wider audiences with your niche specific content, and finally puts you in a favorable position to land influencer-brand collaboration opportunities. 

TikTok Creators

3. Make hashtags work for you

Hashtags are the lifeline of your TikTok content. Whether you want to reach out to more audiences, make your videos go viral, gain more followers, or identify your competitors, hashtags help you accomplish all your marketing goals with finesse. 

Manually browsing through content and finding hashtags is taxing. Instead, following your competitors and checking their content from time to time can help you identify hashtags that are pertinent to your TikTok strategy. Alternatively, using third-party free TikTok hashtag finder tools can help find trending hashtags relevant to your content. 

You can also create your own hashtag! You can create a unique challenge on TikTok and make it go viral by creating hashtags that are specific to your challenge campaign. This will amplify your reach and help increase your brand recognition as a TikTok influencer. 

To know more, read our blog: Make The Ultimate Use Of Hashtags To Become A TikTok Influencer.

TikTok Creators

4. It’s all about timing

You want your videos to get an immediate response from your audience when you post them. But what’s the point in posting videos when your followers are not active? This is why timing is critical for making it big on TikTok. To learn how the time factor impacts your performance, let’s address the following questions:  

Timing is not everything, though! Read our blog: TikTok’s Influencer Culture: What Makes It Unique, to get the complete picture.

Why does your audience location matter?

The geographies that your audience is present in is of utmost importance. It not only helps you learn where your audiences are coming from but also assists you in creating content that is relevant to their location. Acquiring this information on TikTok is easy with the Analytics tool. You can gain access to this feature only if you’ve converted your profile into a Pro account. 

When is your audience awake? 

Knowing when your audience is awake is paramount to your success on TikTok. Let’s say your audience is predominantly present in Indonesia and Myanmar. The time difference between these two countries being 30 minutes will not interrupt your posting schedule on TikTok. 

However, if your audience is present in India and the USA, you need to carefully consider how to manage to post your videos on TikTok as the time difference between these two geographies is eight hours. To keep up with the audiences in these areas, you need to come up with a smart content scheduling strategy that will help you cater to each effectively. 

A key thing to remember is TikTok doesn’t come with a post scheduling feature which makes it more challenging to keep up with your content posting for audiences in different time zones. It takes time, strategy, and vigor to crack the formula for posting your videos on this platform at the right time. 

TikTok Creators

5. Measure your video performance

You just don’t want to post videos, assume that some magic happens, and your follower base grows. Knowing how your TikTok videos are performing is imperative to your growth as an influencer, just as your content quality and strategy are. 

If you’re still running a regular account, switching to TikTok Pro gives you access to Analytics. With this feature, you can gain insights into your follower count, the location you have most of the followers from, and other demographic details, all for zero cost. 

Metrics that matter

Some metrics that you need to keep track of consistently are: 

  • Engagement rate 
    The more likes and comments you receive for your videos, the more your engagement rate is. This metric gives you insights into how engaging your videos are, and how your followers are responding to your content. 
  • Post reach percentage
    Reach is the total number of unique TikTokers who’ve come across your video at least once after it is posted. The more audience your post reaches, the more your brand awareness and follower count increase. 
  • Follower growth rate 
    A growing audience is a sign of a healthy TikTok account. This metric helps you identify if your brand is capturing your audience’s attention, and check if your follower base is on the rise or decline. 

Influencer marketing is growing at a fast pace globally and is here to stay. With the right mix of content, strategy, and creativity, you can elevate your brand as an influencer on TikTok.

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