Guide To Becoming A Pro Twitch Influencer

“How to become a big Twitch streamer” is the million-dollar question these days. Anyone who enjoys video games has spent time on Twitch. For some people, that time is spent checking out new games. For others, it’s tuning into a particular streamer, like you would a daytime TV show. Getting onto Twitch is straightforward, but actually building a channel isn’t exactly cut and dry. That’s exactly what we tackle in this eBook.

Stream your way to Twitch superstardom!

What’s in this eBook?

Sure, it’s easy to play games and chat on a headset. But if you don’t have a strategy, you’ll end up streaming to the same 5 viewers. Learning how to become a Twitch streamer takes planning. It might not become a full-time job right away, but remember that people like Summit1g, DrDisrespect, Shroud, and Pokimane all had to work their way up too. This eBook is for Twitch streamers who have an online presence with close to 1000 followers and are looking to grow to the next level – through influencer collaborations with brands.

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