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Maximize Your Reach: 10 Proven Ways To Boost Your YouTube Views With The Latest Algorithm

Published On February 08, 2023

Understanding the YouTube algorithm is vital for content creators who want to boost their views and expand their videos’ reach. The algorithm decides how and where videos appear on the platform, significantly impacting how people see and interact with the content. If content creators understand and optimize their videos for the algorithm, they can increase their visibility and reach, resulting in more views, subscribers, and, eventually, revenue. 

It can also assist content creators in producing engaging and relevant content that is more likely to be recommended to viewers. YouTube has made several algorithm changes in recent years to prioritize content that promotes positive community engagement and encourages users to spend more time on the platform. These changes include an emphasis on videos that generate comments, likes, and shares and a focus on content relevant to the user’s interests and search history.

Check out some key YouTube statistics to help you better understand the platform’s potential in growing your influencer career.

YouTube Views Statistics

  • As of 2023, YouTube had over 2.6 billion active users. (Source: YouTube Press)
  • Users watch at least 1 billion hours of content per day. This adds up to billions of views. (Source: Global Media Insights)
  • 54% of YouTube users visit the platform daily, with more than a third visiting multiple times per day. The video platform has one of the most engaged social media audiences! (Source: Pew Research Center)

YouTube Algorithm Myths Debunked

Myth 1. Changing video upload status from unlisted to public will impact the YouTube algorithm


The YouTube algorithm evaluates the overall engagement and performance of the video once it’s been made public and doesn’t consider the initial upload status. While uploading videos as unlisted or private might impact the video’s performance in terms of views, comments, and likes, it doesn’t affect the algorithm. It is good practice to upload your videos publicly and ensure they are fully optimized to increase visibility and reach.

Myth 2. Optimizing your titles and descriptions will increase your chance of ranking higher in the algorithm


Optimizing your titles and descriptions can help your videos become more visible and capture attention, but it is not the only factor that YouTube’s algorithm takes into account. The algorithm also considers engagement, audience retention, relevance, and overall video quality when determining visibility and ranking. Write keyword-researched titles and descriptions to attract potential viewers, but remember it does not guarantee a higher ranking in the algorithm.

Myth 3. Adding subscribers’ feed as the default instead of Home can boost YouTube views


The YouTube algorithm is designed to recommend relevant and engaging videos to each user, regardless of whether they are from subscribed channels or not. The algorithm may not always prioritize videos from subscribed channels in the default home feed. Additionally, having a mix of subscribed and recommended videos allows users to discover new content they may not have otherwise found.

Myth 4. Subscribers receive notifications for all new uploads


YouTube’s algorithm determines which subscribers receive notifications for new uploads; however, it doesn’t notify all subscribers when a new video is uploaded. YouTube uses a variety of factors, such as subscriber engagement and video relevance, to determine which subscribers will receive notifications. Subscribers who frequently engage with a channel’s content and have shown interest in similar videos will be more likely to receive notifications for new uploads.

The “Subscriber bell notifications” card in your Creator Studio shows how many subscribers receive notifications from your channel about new video uploads, premieres, and live streams.

Boost YouTube Views myths

10 Tips To Boost YouTube Views For Your Videos

1. Write attention-grabbing titles

Titles are one of the first things viewers see when they come across your video. Make sure they’re compelling and accurately reflect the content of your video. Use action words and keywords to make your titles stand out. A good title can increase the chances of your video appearing on the search results, recommended, and suggested videos. 

In addition, it can also increase the click-through rate, which means more views on your video and more views on your channel. When creating video titles, be sure to put time and effort into them, as they can bring in viewers and impact the visibility and reach of your videos.

Figure 1: Titles must be exciting and compelling. Source: YouTube

2. Add a custom thumbnail

A custom thumbnail can make your video stand out. Make sure your thumbnail is high-quality, visually appealing, and accurately represents the content of your video.

YouTube emphasizes the importance of creating captivating thumbnails for your videos and suggests that you plan for them before filming. This way, you can ensure that you capture the footage needed to create an engaging thumbnail image. According to YouTube, a good thumbnail is visually striking, consistent with your brand, and accurately reflects the content of the video.

When creating thumbnails, try to incorporate elements such as:

  • Vibrant backgrounds
  • Close-up shots of faces
  • Text overlays (but don’t use too much text!)
  • Subtle brandings, such as a small logo or watermark

3. Create playlists

Creating playlists can help keep viewers on your channel for longer. Organize your videos by topic, theme, or series to make it easy for viewers to find more content they’re interested in. 

Once you have a significant amount of content, organizing them into playlists is a good idea. You could create a “Getting Started” playlist for new viewers and include videos that give an overview of your channel. Once created, position it at the top of your channel’s homepage. 

youtube playlist videos
Figure 2: Playlists are an excellent way to group content. Source: Denitslava Makeup

4. Use end screens

End screens are a great way to promote your videos and encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel. Make sure to include clear calls-to-action in your end screens. If you want to boost YouTube views, using your end screen to promote your other videos or playlists is a good strategy.

5. Tap into creating sponsored content

Creating paid content for brands can boost YouTube views as it helps increase the reach and visibility of your channel. By partnering with a brand, you can tap into its audience and promote your channel to a broader set of users. Paid content will also provide a source of revenue, which can help you create more content and grow your channel.

6. Follow best YouTube SEO practices

Optimizing your videos for YouTube’s search algorithm can help them rank higher in search results. Ensure you include keywords in your titles, descriptions, and tags, and use closed captions and subtitles to improve accessibility. 

Find relevant keywords by typing potential keywords into the search bar and seeing what comes up with autocomplete. Free keyword tools such as Google Trends and Google Ads Keyword Planner are also available.

YouTube will penalize you if you include irrelevant keywords in your video. Also, keep your titles to 60-70 characters. This gives you the most space to write a compelling title while preventing it from being cut short in search results. You want to impact the algorithm, but your primary aim is to appeal to humans.

7. Partner with other YouTubers

Collaborating with other content creators in your niche can expose your channel to a new audience and help you tap into their existing viewer base. You can also cross-promote each other’s channels and exchange tips and advice to help each other grow.

One way to collaborate is by creating a guest video series. Do this by inviting other YouTubers to appear on your channel. This way, you can reach new audiences and gain new subscribers.

You can also participate in a video challenge or tag other YouTubers in your videos, increasing your visibility and reaching a wider audience.

Hazel Hayes is a YouTuber who conducts interviews with celebrities for her Tipsy Talk series. Hazel appears in this video with hit comedian Amy Schumer to promote her film “Trainwreck.” 

YouTube collabs
Figure 4: YouTube collabs are a good way to gain exposure. Source: Hazel Hayes

8. Host a giveaway

Hosting a giveaway can increase engagement and bring new viewers to your channel. Make sure to promote your giveaway on your social media channels and include a call to action in your videos. 

Make sure to follow the rules and regulations on hosting giveaways on YouTube and other platforms, and choose the prize that aligns with your niche, audience, and budget.

9. Optimize your channel

A well-organized and visually appealing channel can attract viewers and encourage them to subscribe. Make sure your channel is easy to navigate and Include a clear call-to-action to subscribe. 

Optimizing your YouTube channel is crucial for building your brand and increasing your views. One way to do this is to maintain a consistent brand aesthetic across all platforms, including your website and other social media channels. Use the same logo, images, and colors across your profiles. 

Another critical aspect of optimizing your channel is to make the most of your channel description, which you can find on the “About” tab. Effectively use the 1000-character space to convey what you’re offering, and inform viewers why they should watch your videos. Remember to include targeted keywords in your description for better visibility. 

10. Pick the right time to publish

Publishing videos at the right time can significantly impact the visibility and reach of your videos on YouTube. By understanding your audience’s behavior and when they are most active on the platform, you can schedule your video uploads for those times, which increases the chances of your videos being seen. This can lead to more views, engagement, and, ultimately, more subscribers for your channel. 

Additionally, strategically timing your uploads can help your videos stay relevant in the eyes of YouTube’s algorithm. It’s essential to regularly check your analytics and adjust the timing of your uploads as needed to optimize your views.

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