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Here’s How To Harness The Power Of YouTube SEO To Generate Content Ideas For Your Channel

Published On June 29, 2022

When churning out ideas for YouTube videos, the struggle is real! Even within your niche, a lack of experimentation and innovation can plummet your channel’s analytics and adversely impact your revenue from YouTube. So, how can you stop your YouTube ship from sinking? Well, here’s your answer: YouTube SEO! There is a definite correlation between idea generation and keywords on the internet. The YouTube algorithm has significantly evolved, and you can boost your creativity through YouTube SEO and rely on it when strapped for ideas. This is crucial because if you don’t continuously upload innovative videos, you’ll soon hit rock bottom! You’ll start losing subscribers, and your YouTube career may fall apart.

Let’s dive into what YouTube SEO optimization is and how you can capitalize on it to generate outside-the-box video ideas.

What Is The Meaning Of YouTube SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. To describe YouTube SEO for beginners, it is the practice of adopting specific strategies to boost your videos’ visibility on YouTube. YouTube SEO ensures your videos rank higher in search results and don’t get lost in the sea of channels. It includes ensuring YouTube understands what your content is all about and placing it in front of the relevant audience.

Ensuring your videos show up in search results encompasses:

  • Picking the right video title with words your users might type in the search bar.
  • Writing a suitable video description with the right keywords.
  • Setting tags and hashtags.
  • Uploading captions. 
  • Using timestamps to add chapters to videos.

6 Unmissable YouTube SEO Tips For Flawless Idea Generation!

YouTube strives to show relevant results to its audience. It matches the users’ queries with thousands of videos available on the platform through AI and machine learning. And these are valuable suggestions and data you can harness to get creative ideas for upcoming videos. Here are seven tactics to generate stellar ideas through YouTube SEO:

#1 Autocomplete

youtube autocomplete search
Figure 1: YouTube Autocomplete feature. Source: YouTube

One of the most innovative tricks to generate stunning ideas is through YouTube’s autocomplete feature. To get ideas for your next video, type in some generic keywords in YT’s search bar. Analyze the popular searches the algorithm associates with the keywords you entered. These suggestions highlight the type of content the audience expects when they type in those specific keywords. 

Whenever you search for a term in the YouTube search bar, you get a drop-down list of related searches — this is your treasure box full of ideas! You’ll get this drop-down list on mobile and browser versions of YouTube. The logic behind this feature is quite similar to Google’s autocomplete. 

Look at those suggestions; your next video idea could stem from there!

#2 Hashtags Landing and Trending Pages

youtube hashtag landing page
Figure 2: The hashtag landing page. Source: YouTube

Initially, YouTube hashtag searches offered users a mix of content related to the hashtag — not only videos having the same one. This has changed. Now, users only get videos with the same hashtag they were looking for. Hashtags are not new to us. Every social media platform leverages them. However, YouTube has taken the concept of hashtags to a new level through hashtag landing pages. 

This feature allows users to discover content using hashtags more accurately. Users can either click on hashtags to explore similar videos or type in a hashtag in the search bar. Additionally, users are now taken to a new dedicated landing page when they click on a hashtag on YouTube. This page gives a higher rank to the “best” videos using that hashtag. The page also contains newer videos that are seeing an increase in engagement levels. Therefore, this is the best source of inspiration, ensuring you only create videos that pique your audience’s interest. 

Pro tip: Use specific or narrowly targeted hashtags instead of generic ones for better results.

Additionally, the trending page is another place you can rely on for great ideas! This page gives the users a sneak peek into what’s most popular on YouTube. You can hop on a trend if you’re out of ideas. The best part is that your videos are highly likely to get more views since that type of content is already popular amongst YouTube viewers.

trending page
Figure 3: YouTube’s Trending page. Source: YouTube

#3 YouTube Studio Analytics

youtube studio analytics
Figure 4: YouTube Studio Analytics. Source: Search Engine Journal

Another exciting place to find engaging video content ideas is YouTube Creator Studio analytics. Through YouTube Analytics, you can even determine the common keywords you rank for and how your audience finds you. This information will help you understand where your audience’s interest lies. You can take inspiration from this new knowledge for your other videos. This will even help you produce videos your subscribers will enjoy watching, boosting your views and subscriber count. 

YouTube Analytics is a tool within YT Studio where you get a quantitative analysis of your performance. This includes the total number of views, likes, subscribers, etc. If you’re an experienced YouTuber, you may already know about this tool. YouTube analytics also gives you a better understanding of your audience, including the content types they like and the location they’re based in.

#4 Evaluate Google Trends 

Google is the biggest search engine, with approximately 76% of the search share market. And YouTube videos are one of the top results on Google result pages. Therefore, don’t limit your sources to YouTube; cast a wider net. Turn to Google for inspiration!

You can examine the most popular searches in your industry using Google’s autocomplete feature. If you spot an exciting topic, create an engaging video about it. Additionally, go through the “Related Searches” or “People also ask” section on Google’s search page. This section is a bank of new topics that can give you great topics to create videos on. 

google searches
Figure 5: Google’s Related Searches section. Source: Google

#5 Harness Dedicated SEO Tools

hashtag dedicated seo tools
Figure 6: Popular SEO tools. Source: Vedansh Infoway

After your YouTube and Google research, use dedicated YouTube SEO checker tools to develop video ideas. SEO tools are solely designed to determine what the internet users search for in specific industries. Enter generic keywords in a YouTube SEO tool’s search bar to learn if their demand is high enough to get you expansive views and generate revenue. Also, choose keywords with higher demand and create videos based on them. 

The best part is that popular YouTube SEO tools can help you determine how many viewers you can potentially attract with each keyword. This is determined by the search volume and difficulty of the keyword. Search volume is the number of searches made using a particular keyword on popular search engines in a month. On the other hand, keyword difficulty refers to how difficult it is to rank for a specific keyword. Ideally, choosing keywords with a high search volume and low to medium difficulty would be best. Use these keywords in the video titles and descriptions to increase your channel’s traffic.

#6 Shape Your Ideas Into A Coherent Content Strategy

So, what’s the next step? To shoot videos and start uploading? Well, this isn’t the right approach. While it is tempting to inundate your channel with amazing videos, having a clear content strategy is a must. Randomly posting videos will puzzle your viewers. The key to a happy audience is seamlessly transitioning from one topic to another.

Analyze your YouTube channel and inspect how the different subjects and video formats fit in with the content you’ve already posted. Identify the correct order of issues for an enhanced viewing experience to retain your audience. Try grouping similar ideas into content clusters and move to the next topic only once you’ve covered all aspects of your current one. This will also ensure your videos give the viewers a sweeping view of a topic. 

What’s Next?

Now that you have completed this quick YouTube SEO course, you’re ready to fill your channel with exciting content! Though these videos will help you generate good revenue, you also propel your YouTube career through brand partnerships. Collaborating with reputable brands will help you create an authoritative identity in your industry.

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