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8 Creative Short Video Ideas To Wow Your Audience

Published On October 19, 2022

Influencers have the power to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. This is a handy skill if you are working to promote a brand’s products. A marketing survey by Score shows that: 

  • Four times as many customers prefer watching a video to reading about a product. 
  • 71% of viewers ended up buying something.

Short-form video content typically marries entertainment with instant gratification. Unsurprisingly, that’s all most social media users have time for in their busy lives, bursting with information overload. 

They spend considerable time (100 minutes a day!) watching short videos, but this is scattered throughout the day across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Creators need to be more creative with their video content to catch this limited viewer attention and convert it into favorable outcomes. 

short video ideas
Figure 1: Videos effectively influence your audience’s purchase decisions. Source: Score

Influencers can not only market products, ideas, or content through short videos but also attract a brand’s attention through them. 

Here are eight ideas from the most popular trends presently on the internet that you can use to create marketing videos for your brand. 

8 Types Of Short Video Content Buckets

1. How-tos/Explainers/Instructional videos

Watching a product in action increases a viewer’s curiosity. How-to searches on YouTube are rising by 70% annually. 

Producing these videos is not difficult. Start by coming up with a standard or typical customer query to answer. Then, make a brief, enjoyable piece that offers a response or a solution.

In general, the simplest method to begin short-form video marketing is by showcasing your product or service in a quick social media video. Some customers only want to see how your product or service works with as straightforward an explanation as possible. 

Huda Kattan, influencer turned brand owner of Huda beauty cosmetics, often shares short video content to teach about beauty and how to use her products. 

instagram post short video
Figure 2: Huda Kattan shares short explainer videos on the brand’s IG page. Source: Huda Beauty

2. User-generated content

We know that producing content takes time. Allow your loyal fans to contribute by creating content for you. You can reach out to influencers, run a contest to collect user-generated content, or keep an eye out for videos that your followers have naturally shared. The homemade, amateurish appeal of these videos has sprung to popularity and is the reason behind their high trust level. 

Additionally, user-generated short video content feels more impartial (similar to testimonials). This is especially great for influencers trying to promote their products.

Take a cue from Chipotle, the saucy brand (pun intended) has “almost” exchanged all its video marketing wheels with UGC content. Whether on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, Chipotle regularly runs contests and giveaways and gets entertaining videos in return from its fans. 

video marketing chipotle
Figure 3: Chipotle’s video marketing thrives on UGC. Source: Chipotle

3. Behind-the-scenes (BTS)

BTS videos give viewers an insider’s perspective on your content creation process. Moreover, you can decide whether your behind-the-scenes videos will focus on people or products.

A fantastic example of a product-focused BTS video shows how a product shoot is carried out. This style of video is excellent for educating your audience about your offers.

A virtual video tour of your workplace is another good strategy. These BTS tours can be fascinating with careful editing and top video creation tools.

If you have a team behind you, a video showcasing brainstorming sessions, problem-solving techniques, and other activities can help add more faces to your personal brand. 

4. Product teasers

A short-form product teaser is a quick video that promotes a new release by showing off either certain features of the product or a quick run-through of the entire thing. 

When promoting products for a brand, such videos can become part of your Stories content. People can become enthusiastic when given a brief preview of a new product or its advantages before its introduction, especially if you let them know when they can make a purchase. According to studies, announcing impending releases significantly increases consumer interest in the product and boosts word-of-mouth marketing.

5. FAQs

Are your followers curious about you and asking questions? Respond to them on video. This is another simple application of short video content. 

Make a list of at least 5–10 frequently asked questions (FAQs) that you know your fans want to be addressed, and then create a 30- to 60-second video for each. On the other hand, a brief live video is also an excellent option to engage with the audience in real-time. You can then upload the live stream and post it to your page for any visitors who missed it.

6. Live streams

Most platforms now have native live streaming capabilities, and audiences love them. Live broadcasts are an excellent method to increase interaction and strengthen relationships with your audience while giving yourself a more open appearance. Many creators advertise these occasions in advance to raise interest. However, often, random live videos can also be fun.

You need to prepare in advance to produce engaging short-form live streaming. Unplanned live streams typically last longer than expected for people who know how to perform them well. Stick to the message or topic when you want to keep your live streaming to only a few minutes.

7. Memes

Memes are popular pieces of content that go viral because they are entertaining, funny, and show off your sense of humor. Heaps of memes originated on TikTok and other short-form video platforms. Since they are so popular, people are inspired to remake them to gain attention. 

People use social media to amuse themselves, and short-form videos make it possible for viewers to skip right to the punchline. Go with the flow by concentrating on popular sounds, filters, and other elements, but it’s crucial to add your unique touch to make it stand out. Alternately, use your ingenuity to create something wholly original that presents your views in a fresh light.

instagram meme
Figure 4: Daquan is a famous meme Instagram account with millions of followers. Source: Daquan 

8. Product reviews

Product reviews are high-demand content that wow the audience by generating revenue and positive attention. Your aim should be to strategically present the products or services of the brands and incorporate features that will surprise the audience. The demand curve for brands and companies looking for influencers to review their products is also high, which may become a blessing in disguise. 

The Gen Z audience always research products before they choose to purchase. They’ll look for video-based ads, demos, tutorials, unboxings, or video reviews from influencers to see how well the product works and what it looks like in real life. Make sure that your product reviews are not drawn out and boring. You can also share them in parts, say, pros in one video and cons in another. 

To get the outcomes you want, offering high-quality content is the best thing you can do with any content marketing. The future belongs to video, and you’re probably thinking, “I need to do it more often”. But remember that it’s essential to refrain from making videos only to produce video content. With these ideas and pre-planning, you can post short video content that adds value to your goals. 

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