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Take Your Instagram Channel To The Next Level With These Insider Tips For A Unique Aesthetic

Published On February 22, 2023

Think of an Instagram aesthetic as a way to show your audience a bigger picture but take them there through many small stories sewn together. 

Your Instagram page connects your audience with your story. This is why it needs more thought and planning for influencers and content creators looking to build an audience. Creating a unique and visually appealing aesthetic is vital to gaining more followers and engagement on the platform. But where do you start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

In this blog, we share insider tips and tricks to help you take your Instagram channel to the next level. From choosing a color scheme to curating your feed; we’ll guide you through creating an aesthetic that accurately represents your style and sets you apart. Get ready to take your Instagram presence to the next level!

What Makes An Instagram Aesthetic? 

Creating a cohesive Instagram feed does not require advanced knowledge of editing software like Photoshop or Lightroom. All you need to ensure is that your photos look good individually and as a part of the feed. To achieve this, pay attention to the following elements:

Photo filter

Stick to using one or two filters for your feed. Instagram offers a wide range of options but it’s best to keep them as natural as possible. Remember that nowadays, the audience prefers to see the real you way more than a perfect image. 

no filter definition
Figure 1: Unfiltered photos get more engagement. Source Agorapulse

Photo editing

Highly edited photos may look appealing but your audience won’t be able to relate with you. Also, sticking to an editing process with similar backdrops, color saturation, props, etc., can significantly cut down the time and make your feed look planned. 

Color theme

A color scheme is crucial in creating a visually appealing and cohesive Instagram page. It helps tie together all elements of the profile. So plan photoshoots, clothes, and props, keeping that in mind. Repeatedly seeing similar images from an account enhances recognition in the audience’s mind. 


The tone of voice used in captions can significantly impact an Instagram aesthetic, adding an extra layer of personality to the visuals. Moreover, whether it’s playful, serious, witty, or inspirational, the tone of voice used in captions can add a unique touch and make the posts more engaging for followers. Make sure you choose a TOV that resembles the online persona you want to convey. 


Choosing the right font style, size, and color can enhance the overall look and feel of the page, making it more visually appealing and memorable to the audience. Additionally, consistent typography across all profile elements, including posts, stories, and highlights, reinforces the brand image and creates a more professional and cohesive aesthetic. 

To Create An On-brand Instagram Aesthetic in 2023

Establish your brand

Having a striking Instagram aesthetic is to show the world who you are and what makes your brand stand out. This way, you’ll have a look that’s all your own and set yourself apart from everyone else on the app. Making sure your Instagram profile matches your vibe is a big part of this. The trick is to make your brand feel at home on Instagram so your followers get a good feel for who you are. With a feed that ropes in, you’ll be able to attract and keep more followers and get everyone interacting with your content.

Choose a consistent Instagram theme  

Before focusing on hashtags and engagement, decide on a basic color scheme or palette for your Instagram account. This transforms your images and videos into a curated collection instead of a scattered hoard. Your Instagram theme gives your feed a specific look and feel, making your profile more memorable to users.

Consider various Instagram themes, such as moody and dark, clean and minimalistic, vintage, or tropical. You can experiment with multiple grid styles to take things up a notch. 

mcdonalds instagram aesthetic
Figure 2: Grids add interest to your Instagram aesthetic. Source Easil

String your icon, feed, and Stories aesthetic into one

Keep your page on-brand by paying special attention to every aspect of your profile, including your icon, feed, and stories. 

Your icon should model your brand and be easily recognizable. Additionally, your feed should have a cohesive look and feel, consistent with your chosen color palette and visual style. Your stories can also reflect your overall aesthetic and glimpse into your personality. Consistently incorporating your aesthetic into all elements of your Instagram profile, you create a memorable and professional image that attracts and retains followers.

Plan to execute well

When you’ve decided on your colors and editing style, it’s time to lay out your Instagram feed.

Make your Instagram page appear thoughtful and intentional. You must ensure that your content strategy has been thoroughly designed. The strategy will cover all of the colors and editing styles. When you arrange your feed, you can see which posts appear best next to each other and which do not. You’ll be able to tell where you need more of your chosen prominent colors and where you may use a lighter-hued photo to add interest. 

7 Instagram Aesthetic Ideas for 2023 

1. Unedited, Yet Curated 

You must have noticed the “photo dump” trend among creators. It is all about embracing authenticity and winning your audience’s trust.  An “unedited yet refined” Instagram aesthetic refers to a style that prioritizes natural, raw imagery over heavily edited and stylized content. The focus is on curating a feed that looks polished and cohesive hence curation, but without sacrificing the authenticity of the images themselves. This aesthetic can help build trust and connection with the audience when they see more of a “natural” you. 

2. Instagram’s In-app Fonts 

Instagram’s in-app fonts are a powerful tool for creating a visually appealing and cohesive grid on the feed. These fonts come in various styles, making it easy to find one that matches the tone and personality of your brand. Additionally, by using Instagram’s in-app fonts, you can add an extra layer of style and originality to your feed and make your profile stand out.

later media instagram post
Figure 3: In-app fonts add style and originality. Source Instagram 

3. Blurred Shots

A blurred shot Instagram aesthetic is a style that incorporates slightly out-of-focus or intentionally blurred images into the feed. This can create a dreamy or ethereal look. So next time you have a shaky picture, it doesn’t have to land in the recycle bin. Instead, add some excellent editing and post!

4. Pink Hues 

Instagram influencers have transformed pink with their heights of creativity. Whether it’s all pink outfits or rooms, they catch attention. If you want a pink hue aesthetic on your Instagram, use shades of pink consistently in your photos and overall profile. Pink is often seen as feminine, soft, and romantic. A feed filled with pink tones can make your profile stand out and show off your unique vibe. Just make sure to use pink to fit well with your overall brand image. You want your pink hues to look good and make sense, not clash or look out of place.

pink feed
Figure 4: A pink-hued feed by Pretty Pink Spaces by Tania. Source Instagram

5. The Reels Rule

An Instagram aesthetic featuring Reels is highly stylized and visually engaging. It usually consists of multiple photos or videos set to popular music, a moody filter, and a custom text overlay. This aesthetic allows you to showcase your creativity and add some personality to your feed. By using Reels, you can grab your followers’ attention and stand out in a sea of traditional posts.  

6. Gloomy and Grainy

This style is perfect for you if you are not a fan of colors. An Instagram aesthetic that incorporates a gloomy and grainy vibe is characterized by muted and understated tones, often with a slightly dark or moody edge. This aesthetic often uses filters to add grain and desaturate the images, resulting in a minimal and raw feel. 

7. A Mix of Product and Lifestyle Shots

If you promote products from brands or have your line of products, you can show off your offerings and give your followers a real look at your life by mixing product shots with lifestyle shots on your Instagram. The goal is to strike a balance between showing products and giving a behind-the-scenes view while keeping your feed looking good and put together.

Aesthetically Pleasing IG Accounts To Inspire You


Figure 5: Ashleigh’s Instagram feed. 

Figure 5: Ashleigh’s Instagram feed. 

Travel influencer Ashleigh’s feed gives off a vintage vibe in muted sepia tones. No matter where she is in the world, clicking photos for her lifestyle travel content, her feed’s cohesiveness ties the world together for her audience. 


 Juniper Oats design’s Instagram feed
Figure 6: Juniper Oats design’s Instagram feed

Juniper Oats’s Instagram page stands out thanks to its visually stunning and perfectly curated feed. From a puzzle grid layout to various eye-catching designs, Juniper’s content proves how much impact a thought-out Instagram page can have. They’ve got a winning combination of styles and post formats to create a distinct, put-together look.


Iswarya Venkat’s colorful Instagram feed.
Figure 7: Iswarya Venkat’s colorful Instagram feed.  

For those who can’t pick their favorite color (because they love them all!) Iswarya’s feed is a dreamy land. She is a photographer and content creator. Her feed is a pop of color, with hot pink, turquoise, and neon green taking center stage. If you’re looking for some Insta inspiration or just love a good burst of color, Ishwarya’s account is worth checking out.


Misha is an author who has taken to Instagram to share her passion for wellness and giving back to Nature. Her page is designed for nature lovers and embodies her beliefs through her carefully planned feed.  


Helen Janneson Bense’s Instagram Feed
Figure 9: Helen Janneson Bense’s Instagram Feed. 

Follow Helen for a taste of life by the ocean. Her Instagram is filled with pics of the most stunning spots in Western Australia – think sun, surf, sand, and wildlife. Get ready to see some amazing local sights and tourist hotspots all laid out in color blue!

Ready To Level Up Your Instagram Game?  

With a solid aesthetic in place, you’ll be well on your way to standing out on social media and attracting brand attention. Get ready to make a splash and create content that will get you noticed. 

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