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What Is Facebook Group Marketing, And Why Influencers Love It?

Published On July 28, 2021

Do you know what is the best way to increase your organic reach on Facebook? Facebook Groups! 

People don’t use Facebook just to stay connected with their friends anymore! They’re on this platform to follow brands they love and be a part of Groups that they cherish. So, Groups are an excellent way to boost reach organically. 

As the largest social platform in the world, boasting 2.74 billion active users every month, Facebook keeps updating its algorithm to enhance user experience. By helping you connect with your followers better and building meaningful brand-follower relationships, Facebook Groups will bolster your influencer marketing strategy like no other. 

In this blog, you will find out ways to leverage Facebook Groups to market your influencer brand, and in the process discover why influencers love using these. You will also learn to make the best use of Facebook Groups to add value to your followers. 

Facebook is still the most popular social network with several opportunities to thrive as an influencer! Not sure where to start? Check out our blog: Getting Setup As An Influencer On Facebook.

Facebook Groups vs. Page 

While Facebook Page is the face of your influencer brand, Facebook Group is where you can initiate healthy discussion with the target audience. It’s like taking your business interaction a step ahead, and having coffee with a brand new customer. 

Pages help you post your content and promote your influencer brand. Groups are virtual communities where people with similar interests gather at a single place to interact with other members and the brand. Groups help you establish your brand authority and also gain insights into what your audience cares about and what they’re troubled with, thus, helping you address accordingly. 

Facebook Group

Here’s Why Influencers Love Facebook Groups 

With the latest Facebook algorithm update, influencers are taking advantage of Groups to the fullest to build more and more followers, and stay connected. Let’s take a look at why Facebook influencers love Groups and how it is helping them grow. 

1. New algorithm favors Groups

Posting high-quality engaging content in your Facebook Group drives your audience to interact with your post. When Facebook’s latest algorithm notices that your Group treats posts with high intent, it treats you at par with the posts featured by their friends and positions your posts at the top of their newsfeed. Plan your content effectively, and get greater post visibility with Facebook Group Marketing.

2. Connect with like-minded people

People join a Group on Facebook because they share the same interests and thinking pattern. By creating a Group, you are allowing like-minded individuals to get together at a single virtual place. Practicing this can also help you convert them into your loyal customer base in the future.

3. Nurture brand-customer relationship

Groups are a great way to nurture brand-customer relationships. You can use them as a means to provide excellent customer care service, including getting their feedback on your product/service offerings, answering their queries, and presenting post-sales services. 

Creating different Facebook Groups for different product and service lines will empower you to delight your customers and transform them into your brand advocates. In addition to posting high-quality relevant content, you also need to monitor Group conversations closely to identify their pain points and delight your prospects and customers accordingly. 

4. Foster community building

With like-minded people as your Facebook Group members, you can encourage healthy dialogues between everyone. This paradigm shift from a personal perspective to a Group mindset helps you build a strong community around your product. 

Facebook Group

Step-By-Step Guide To Create Your Facebook Group

Setting up your Facebook Group is as easy as creating your Facebook Page. Follow these steps to create a Group for your influencer brand:

Step-1: Log in to your Facebook account.

Step-2: Click on the ‘+’ icon in the menu bar at the top right corner.

Step-3: Select ‘Group’

Step-4: Enter your Group name. 

Step-5: Set the Group permissions to ‘Private.’

Step-6: Choose your Group’s visibility based on your goals

If you want your Group to be visible to the public,  select ‘visible’ so they can search for your Group and apply to be added. Else, you can choose your Group to be hidden which means it is exclusive to your Group members alone. 

Pro-Tips To Get Best Results With Facebook Groups 

Know your goals

Just like your marketing campaigns, you need to identify what you want to achieve through your Facebook Group and give you direction for the future. Whether you want to boost your engagement, build your brand, or serve your customers better, defining your brand goals will help you design a robust content strategy and ensure that your members are engaged with your posts. Your Group’s goals should also reflect in your Group name and description. 

The holy grail of influencer marketing is to get the highest possible ROI on campaigns. Read more here: How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads for the Maximum ROI.

Set ground rules

Without any rules, the probability of having pointless and unrelated conversations is high. Setting ground rules for your Group helps you foster healthy dialogues, avoid any unpleasant surprises during conversations, and help you stay on course. Facebook allows you to post a maximum of ten rules for your Group. Here are some rules you can use:

  • Respect others’ privacy.
  • Report inappropriate behavior.
  • No inflammatory comments or hate speeches allowed.
  • Avoid posting purely commercial posts.
  • Share posts that are properly branded with proper explanation.
  • Positive interactions with everyone is encouraged.

Go private

Brands restrict everyone from joining their groups to maintain exclusivity. By making your Group private, you only allow your Group members to gain access to your content but also regulate it peacefully. Anyone aspiring to join your Group can fill up forms, and you being the admin can vet their answers carefully to decide if they can join it or not. While Group admins are authorized to change the privacy settings from public to private and vice versa every 28 days, Groups with more than 5,000 people can’t change their settings at any cost. By making your Group private, you’re keeping miscreants at bay. 

Optimize for engagement

To get the best results from your Facebook Group, you need to optimize it. From naming your Group correctly and branding it to creating a great description, and linking your Facebook Page to your Group clearly, you need to pay great attention to the detail. Make your Group’s URL easy to remember so your audience can find you without any hassle. Plus, the most important point is to post at the right time. Studies show that posting on mornings and afternoons during the week gives your posts more visibility. 

Keep it interesting

You want your audience to engage with your content, but how can you maintain that consistency? Designing a great content plan helps you drive away boredom and add life to your posts and helps you attract and delight your audience better. To know the type of content that your audience appreciates the most, study their posts in the Group and identify how to respond to different pieces of content. Hosting contests, prize giveaways, Q&A sessions, polls, and more are another excellent way to engage your audience. Creating a content plan around these ideas will help you serve your audience effectively. 

Appreciate your Group members

The core purpose of creating your Facebook Group is to expand your reach to like-minded people, attract, and delight them into your customers. This is why the Group should always not be about you. Getting your members to talk, interact, and encouraging them to remain active in the Group will help you gain their trust, make them feel heard, and also help you gain more traction from Facebook’s algorithm.

Promote across channels

Once you’ve created your Facebook Group, it doesn’t mean that your target audience will join it right away! You need to promote it across different channels to ensure that your audience sees the promotions and joins your Group. Newsletters, social accounts, websites, and email blasts are few ways to create awareness about your Group. Make it easy for people to join your Group with a single click like adding a button to your website or including a CTA that leads them to your Group directly instead of just pasting the URL in the text. 

Bonus Alert! Grow Your Group With Facebook Ads 

In addition to promoting your Group across other channels, why don’t you leverage Facebook itself to grow your group? Incorporating ads in your Facebook Group marketing strategy is an excellent choice to reach out to more audiences. However, the Facebook ads feature is only allowed through Facebook Pages. This is why having a Facebook Page is the bedrock of your influencer brand. All you need to do is head on to the Facebook Ads Manager and promote your Group through your Facebook Page. 

Be it a Group or individual posts, the better the click through rate, the more effective the ads! Read more: 10 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Ads’ Click Through Rate.

Now that you’ve understood how Facebook Groups can help you advance your influencer brand, it’s time to put it into action. While you’re busy strategizing on how to encourage meaningful conversations with your audience on Facebook, you need a partner to help you get noticed by brands. Our AI-based platform, atisfyre, will match you to brands that have identical audiences as yours and help bolster your influencer growth. 

Sign up and talk to our experts to learn more! 

Influencer marketing is hard work, and now that you’re on your way, take a look at this blog to understand everything you need to know:  Ultimate Guide To Influencer Marketing: Everything You Need To Know.

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