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Growth Lessons From Top 10 Facebook Influencers

Published On August 09, 2021

Facebook, the largest social media platform in the world with over 2.6 billion users, has spawned a multitude of influencers. 

Influencers have a natural talent in communicating with the audience and commanding their attention. This complemented with a knack for crafting compelling and persuasive content, influencers end up doing what companies can’t — drive huge business revenue growth and rapid returns. And that’s exactly why the companies are after them! 

This blog will expose you to the methods and growth strategies of some brilliant social media influencers, who have made it big on Facebook. Take note and boost your presence on Facebook.

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Facebook Influencers Who Rule The Roost 

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Followers: 149 million

The Portuguese footballer who won five Best FIFA Men’s Player awards, four European Golden Shoes, and three Premier Leagues, Cristiano Ronaldo has won a total of 34 titles throughout his career till date. He also captains the Portuguese National Team and is considered the best football player in the world by many. Here are some lessons to learn from Cristiano Ronaldo:

Facebook Influencers Cristiano ronaldo

Figure 1: Cristiano Ronaldo Facebook Page; Source: Facebook

Connect with audience

Wins and losses are a part of an athlete’s career, Cristiano uses these incidents to connect with his audience exceptionally. Take 2021’s Serie A  for instance, though his team lost the Italian Cup, he took it to social media, appreciated the winning team, and boosted his team’s confidence by encouraging them. It is moments like these that melt the heart of followers even more and help connect with them at a deeper level.

Sell your products

In collaboration with Nike, Cristiano Ronaldo launched his own clothing line CR7, and uses his Facebook account to promote products. He doesn’t make all his posts about CR7, but he does post at regular intervals to stay connected with his audiences.   

Endorse brands

Cristiano Ronaldo mastered the art of brand collaborations more than any other influencer on Facebook. Nike, Tag Heuer, and Sacoor Brothers are few outstanding brands that he continues to collaborate with. Though brand collabs are great, don’t allow them to take over your Facebook page. Chalk out a plan to endorse them by weaving them well into your content. 

2. Shakira

Followers: 112 million

Singer, dancer, songwriter, businesswoman, and most importantly a philanthropist, Shakira who hails from Columbia debuted at the tender age of 13. Her first English album, ‘Laundry Service’ was released in 2001 and sold an incredible 13 million copies! But before that, she released four albums in Spanish (her native language) that made her rise to fame. Here are some lessons to learn from Shakira:

Be consistent 

Social media experts advise posting at least 1 – 2 times a day, not more than 7 times a week to gain more followers on Facebook. Shakira found her sweet spot by posting engaging stuff every other alternate day, and kept it real with her audience that made people gravitate to her Facebook page organically. 

Customize your content mix 

Shakira’s smart strategy is what made her amass and engage followers on Facebook. She never went wrong with her move to diversify content by posting snippets of her personal life and virtual backstage tours. Also, she advocates for the causes she stands for and ensures that her audience is a part of it. This personal touch is what makes her account lively and makes people want to engage with her content. 

Choose the right platform

Adopting the right platform means you’re gonna use the platform to stay in touch with your audience by posting content to engage with them at regular intervals. Being where your audience is the mantra for growth on Facebook and Shakira nailed it. 

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3. Vin Diesel

Followers: 107 million

Popular by his stage name Vin Diesel, Mark Sinclair is an American actor, screenwriter, director, and producer. Famous for his role Dominic Toretto in the ‘Fast and Furious’ series, he was first recognized when he starred in the film, ‘Saving Private Ryan’ in 1998. Here are some lessons to learn from Vin Diesel’s Facebook strategy:

Show off your human side

Vin doesn’t limit himself to posting pictures about push-ups and protein shakes but also posts about his personal life, people whom he appreciates, him dancing to Beyonce songs, and more. Sharing a tad bit of the things you love to do and the ones you appreciate goes a long way. People like interacting with humans and not robots. 

Adapt to the trends 

When the Facebook Live feature was launched, Vin quickly tapped into it and live-streamed his birthday celebration with his family, streamed himself watching a political debate, and more; things that have nothing to do with his career at all. Go ahead and try those new features to grab a hold of your audience. 

Be you

Not every platform that you choose would be right for your influencer brand, and Vin is a testament to it. Vin Diesel is one of the top celebrities having millions of followers on Facebook, but his Twitter account merely has none. You don’t have to be present on every social platform out there. Identify the one that works for you and stick to it. 

5. Rihanna

Followers: 99 million

A Barbadian singer, actress, businesswoman, and fashion designer, Rihanna released her very first music album, ‘Music in the Sun’ in 2005. However, it was her third album, Good Girl Gone Bad that made her rise to stardom in 2007.  She is now one of the best-selling artists in the world. Here are some lessons to learn from Rihanna:

Timing is everything

Rihanna’s activities on Facebook are properly timed, helping her engage with followers better. Posting when your audience is awake will help you drive engagement, offer more chances to interact with them, and be more responsive. 

Strategize your moves

When releasing her very own makeup line, ‘Fenty Beauty,’ Rihanna leveraged her personal brand on all platforms to elevate it and take it to another level. While one percent engagement rate is the norm for any product release, Rihanna’s strategy helped her gain a 10.4 percent engagement rate within no time at all. Strategize your moves carefully to make your product promotions excel. 

Plan long-term

Don’t shove in all your content ideas in a single go. Plan your content long-term just like Rihanna does. Create a plan around the big picture and build momentum by posting a series of content at regular intervals.

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Facebook Influencers Rihanna page

Figure 2: Rihanna Facebook Page; Source: Facebook

6. Will Smith

Followers: 106 million

Nominated for five Golden Globe Awards, and grabbing Grammy Awards four times plus two Academy awards, Will Smith is an American rapper, actor, and filmmaker. He rose to fame as a rapper under the name The Fresh Prince in the 80s, and his role in the ‘Pursuit of Happyness’ is one of the most cherished ones from audiences across the globe. From a nobody in the 1980s to $7.5 billion box office hits in 2016, his journey has been an incredible success. Let’s take a look at how he connected with his followers on Facebook:

Stay authentic

Will Smith doesn’t just promote things related to his career all the time. He connects with his followers by posting diversified content featuring snippets of his personal life. Something that audiences are looking for when connecting with influencers is authenticity. Work your content on these grounds.

Add value

Apart from posting sponsored content, and snippets of his personal life, Will Smith also features thoughts about life in general and never fails to give his followers emotional support.

7. Taylor Swift

Followers: 76 million

An American singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift is one of the best singers of all time. Having sold more than 150 million singles and 50 million albums across the world, she won a total of 10 Grammy’s, 23 Billboard Music Awards, an Emmy, and holds six Guinness World Records. Let’s take a peek into her Facebook strategy and how she kept up with her fans:

Facebook Influencers Taylor Swift

Figure 3: Taylor Swift Facebook Page; Source: Facebook

Create interest

Taylor Swift uses her Facebook like any other Gen Z kid posting OOTDs, selfies, and more. You won’t get a whiff of hardcore product promotion on her account at all. However, she cleverly manages to promote her albums without being too pushy with her followers. Her strategies are so good that even her fans start promoting her albums for her.

Use viral content

When ‘No It’s Becky’ went viral on social media, Taylor knew how to use it to her advantage. She responded to that meme by posting a polaroid picture with the TShirt featuring ‘No It’s Becky.’ She definitely knows how to give a twist to things!

Network with other influencers

Be it on stage or offstage, Taylor Swift knows how to network with her fellow celebrities. She is known to tag pictures with either Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran, or others. She doesn’t stop engaging with them because they’re her rivals in the industry. This is why she gets real support from her ‘squad’ every time she releases a song or an album, they promote it for her selflessly which helps her get more coverage and followers. 

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7. Katy Perry

Followers: 68 million 

In addition to being a popular singer and songwriter, Katy Perry is a famous TV show judge. Though she debuted in 2001, she rose to fame with her second album, ‘One of the Boys.’  Holding 5 American Music Awards, a Juno Award, a Brit Award, and four Guinness World Records, she sold over 18 million albums on the global front. Here are some key lessons to take away from Katy Perry’s Facebook strategy:

Don’t be salesy

Though she leverages her account to promote her music albums and singles, her Facebook page doesn’t scream out to her followers to buy them all the time. Apart from them, she ensures that she posts regular content that her followers will enjoy, a video of a cute cat for an example. 

Stay authentic

Katy Perry too, like few other influencers, ensures that she is the one who posts on her account and not anyone else. That personal touch to her influencer brand works wonders for her, as social media is about establishing relationships with real people. 

8. Beyonce

Followers: 7 million 

An acclaimed singer, songwriter, and actress, Beyonce rose to fame as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child in the late 90s. Her album, ‘I Am ..Sasha Fierce’ won her six Grammy Awards and ‘Lemonade’ became the world’s best-selling album in 2016. As a solo artist, she sold a whopping 100 million records globally. Here are a few takeaways from Beyonce that can help you build your influencer brand on Facebook:

Diversify content with videos

The queen of great visuals, Beyonce was quick to incorporate Facebook videos into her Facebook strategy that helped her to engage and amaze her audiences. With the world shifting to heavy video consumption, think of ways you can connect with your audiences better and incorporate it into your content strategy. Do it like Beyonce! 

Build anticipation around your product offering

Beyonce released her album ‘Lemonade’ on April 4, 2016. The number four holds significance for her since  Jay Z’s birthday falls on a fourth. Though she didn’t share her thoughts on the release date, it created a buzz among her followers contributing to the success of her album. So, the next time you’re working on your product launch or promoting another brand, think on these lines to create a spark.

Choose the right platform

For Beyonce, Facebook and Instagram work best. Choose a platform that helps you communicate and connect with your audience. By checking your platform-specific metrics, you can handpick the right platform easily. 

9. Lady Gaga

Followers: 55 million 

Stefani Germanotta popularly known as Lady Gaga rose to fame in 2008 right when she debuted with her album ‘The Fame.’ She also ventured into acting and received the Best Actress Award for the movie, American Horror Story: Hotel. Selling more than 27 million albums and 146 million singles, she is one of the best music artists of all time. Here are some lessons to grow your Facebook Page from Lady Gaga:

Create tailored content

Unlike others who use their Facebook Page to promote products or endorse brands, Lady Gaga uses it to post unique content and connect with her fans. From posting about her thoughts, asking questions, giving them regular news updates, giving away prizes, and more, she ensures that her followers are not bored.

Advocate for a cause

When brands advocate for a specific cause, people tend to follow them more and connect. Lady Gaga perfected this by raising a $1 million fund for the ‘Keep a Child Alive’ charity. Also, she promotes the ‘Born This Way’ foundation consistently on all her social accounts that helps her connect to her followers on a personal level. 

Embrace your loyal fan base

Talk about connecting to fans on a personal level, Lady Gaga comes to mind. Despite being busy with her tight schedule, she ensures to reply to her followers on Facebook. When stardom doesn’t become a hindrance for you to connect to people anymore but brings people closer together, gestures like these mean a lot to audiences.

10. Dwayne Johnson

Followers: 58 million 

Famous as ‘The Rock,’ Dwanye Johnson is an American-Canadian former wrestler, actor, and producer. Considered as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Dwayne Johnson is an exemplary actor with his movies grossing over $10.5 million around the world. Here are a few lessons to learn from his Facebook strategy:

Create a community

By sharing content about what you value and the causes you care about, you can foster and build a community online. Dwayne mastered this by keeping it real with his followers.

Show who you are

Dwyane Johnson’s posts on Facebook give his followers a sneak peek into his life both personally and professionally. From how his cute little dog looks, and how much sushi it can consume to his daughters by showing what his life is like, he keeps his audiences engaged.

Figure 4. Dwyane Johnson Facebook Page; Source: Facebook

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to reach out and connect with your followers or brands. Equip yourself with these growth lessons from the top influencers on Facebook to get ahead of the influencer game. 

While being an influencer is a science in itself, get ahead of the curve by looking at how brands create influencer campaigns on Facebook: How To Run Influencer Marketing Campaigns On Facebook.

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