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YouTube Comments Can Be Your Secret Weapon For Engagement

Published On July 20, 2022

YouTube users use the platform as a one-stop-shop for social media, search, and entertainment. But more importantly, they actively share their opinion (good, bad, and ugly) in YouTube comments.

Audience involvement is the key to getting people to care about your video content. Also, you are simultaneously improving your standing with YouTube’s algorithm.

Any social media plan should include YouTube comments so that others can notice your valuable contributions to the discussion. However, you must get it right. Do you want to master moderation? Continue reading to learn everything you need about YouTube comments to spark healthy conversations.

Why Do YouTube Comments Matter?

Making insightful comments on your videos and others’ shows that you are trying and interacting with your audience, something social media influencers must do.

Additionally, Google uses comments as a critical indicator of how well-liked your videos are. Sometimes comments may fire a debate over your videos and turn into trending content. Many videos have gone viral because of comments, and sometimes the comment has more likes than the video itself! This can be key to growing your subscriber base.

Creators also start a discussion by posting the first comment on every video they submit. This is a good engagement strategy as you may encourage others to respond by doing it first. 

Some top YouTube videos turned into comment magnets. Years later, people still leave comments on these uploads. 

youtube comments magnet

8 Possible Actions With YouTube Comments

1. Viewing YouTube comments

YouTube comments are right underneath the videos you view. For instance, in YouTube’s desktop version, the video is displayed first, followed by information about it, such as its title, views, likes, dislikes, etc. The channel’s name and a brief video description come next; any comments appear below this.

Finding the comments on YouTube for mobile devices may need a few more taps. Look for “Comments” and tap on it. These show up beside the video if you’re viewing videos in landscape (vertical) mode or underneath it if you’re viewing things in portrait (horizontal) mode (vertical). 

Run audits on your old video’s comment sections to garner the kind of engagement you usually receive. Also, it may help to weed out any comments from trolls with malicious intents. 

2. Making comments

On the desktop and mobile apps, leaving a comment on YouTube is quite simple. Visit the video in question’s Comments section. If you are logged in, you will see your profile image just above any currently posted comments in that area, next to the words “Add a comment.” Click to start writing your response. Once you’re done, submit it by clicking the COMMENT button (on a desktop computer) or a similar icon on a mobile device.

With steps as easy as that, starting engagement to grow your YouTube channel shouldn’t be too difficult. Remember to stay relevant and non-controversial to improve your commenting strategy. 

3. Editing comments

Editing your comments on YouTube is very simple, allowing you to remove those pesky typos and other problems you may have missed during typing. 

You can edit comments by hovering your cursor over the upper right corner. To edit your comment, click the pencil button and make the necessary changes.

4. Replying to comments

Your audience will appreciate your efforts in taking the time to respond to their comments. Additionally, it shows that you are more than simply a video producer — you’re eager to engage with your audience.

You can choose to moderate all of the comments before they appear on your channel. Another option is to set your channel’s comments to post automatically without moderation. If you want to do this, read through each remark on the Published tab of your YouTube Studio screen. The Held for Review page is where you’ll see any comments that need to be approved.

The Smart Reply function on YouTube allows you to automate responses to your comments. However, we advise customizing your answers instead of having them appear mechanical.

reply comment

5. Search for comments

If your videos have a lot of comments, you may use the filter at the top of both the Published and Held for Review tabs to look for specific comments. Tap Comments on the left-hand side of the page in YouTube Studio. Enter the text you’re looking for and choose Search from the options on the Published tab.

6. Deleting comments

You may sometimes reflect on your words and change your mind about commenting. To delete a comment, hover over the top right corner of a statement to remove it. Select Delete or the trash icon, and your comment will be removed. 

You can also delete anyone’s remark on your videos. But before you do, consider your options carefully before removing viewer comments. People frequently see that as stifling sincere feedback and concerns (more on this in the upcoming sections). Please do not hesitate to remove abusive or inappropriate comments that violate YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

7. Reporting comments

If a remark violates the YouTube Community Guidelines because it contains threats, spam, harassment, phishing, or offensive language. In such a situation, you may report it to YouTube so they can look into it and, if required, penalize the commentator.

Click the three horizontal dots at the end of the line with the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down on YouTube’s desktop version. Then choose the Report option that appears (with a flag beside it). On mobile devices, three vertical dots will appear in the upper right corner of the video. When you tap on it, a menu with choices, including Report, appears.

8. Pinning comments

When you “pin” a comment, it appears at the top of the list of comments below your video for people to see.

It is quick and straightforward to pin a comment on a video. Once your comment has been submitted, press the menu symbol with the “three dots” next to it, and then select Pin from the drop-down list that appears. Then confirm by clicking the blue button. Some content creators may use pinned comments to draw attention to something fantastic one of their viewers posted. It is an effective way to make the commenter feel special and ensure your admirers don’t miss a noteworthy comment.

You can also pin your comment to promote and grow your channel.

pin it text

Quick Hacks to Get More Comments on Your YouTube Channel

1. Respond to every comment

Respond to your commenters when they post under your video. Use a casual, friendly tone of voice to strike a connection with the commenter. 

2. Leave the first comment on your video

Open the door! People are more inclined to respond to your comment and participate in the conversation when they realize that you’ve started it.

3. Display the feedback from your audience on your end screen

Tell viewers that you will include the best comment in your future video’s end screen!

4. Leave comments on other YouTubers’ channels 

Find other YouTubers in your niche or who you look up to. Leave an insightful or humorous comment on their videos.

5. Support another YouTuber’s channel

Share a YouTube video from another creator you believe your viewers would appreciate. After they view the video, tell them to leave a comment on it, mentioning that you directed them there.

6. Make a Q&A video only to respond to comments

Get your YouTube audience to ask you personal questions, then use a whole video to respond. As soon as you release your video, let viewers know that you’ll be replying to all comments for the next hour on YouTube comments. Your supporters will seize the opportunity to speak with you and get attention. Create a feeling of urgency for visitors by setting a short time limit for comments.

7. Pose inquiries

You can engage the audience by asking them what kind of content they desire.

Bonus: Tips To Deal With Negative Comments

  • Do not disregard negative comments. Turning a blind eye and expecting criticism to go away is never a smart idea.
  • Refrain from making empty promises. Ensure that your response to criticism must be truthful. If you don’t honor it, there is no value in making a promise. 
  • Maintain your composure despite how much someone provokes you. Getting into online controversies only stands to harm your reputation as an influencer.
  • If possible, move the conversation to a more private space. If the negative comment needs further discussion, offer contact information so that the commenter may get in touch with you.
  • Personalized Youtube comments will fare better in growing your channel. People dislike automated responses because they prefer to be seen and heard on social media. 
woman wearing yellow shirt

Remember that YouTube is a social network. It’s currently the third biggest in the world (after Google+ and Facebook)! Adopting social media best practices can help you create a great community around your content and establish the tone for your YouTube comments. You can promote optimism through your content instead of the negativity trolls enjoy by rewarding optimistic commentators with thoughtful answers.

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