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The Perfect SaaS YouTube Channel Cheatsheet

Published On December 14, 2022

Aside from its sheer number of users, what differentiates YouTube from other video platforms is its ability to hit all key steps in a product marketing strategy, from brand awareness to engagement and acquisition to onboarding and customer retention.YouTube is one of the best channels for increased exposure to SaaS content. Product demos or explainer videos are one of the most watched content categories on YouTube. One of your how-to videos could go viral, quickly gaining you a lot of attention. In comparison, it would take longer for your SaaS blog to climb the Google rankings and achieve the same exposure.

YouTube has so many creators on every subject imaginable that it is many people’s first stop when researching a topic. You can easily reach people interested in your products with clever social media marketing tactics. So if you’re marketing for a product-led brand, YouTube is a handy tool because it touches on every stage of the buyer’s journey that a SaaS brand may want to target through influencer campaigns.

saas content
Figure 1: Product demos are the most viewed YouTube content for SaaS. Source: Content Beta

With this SaaS YouTube guide, you can get a headstart on the competition. With a dedicated and active channel, the leads you begin to generate are high quality and can potentially change the game. 

Tips For A Successful SaaS YouTube Page

Channel setup 

1. Use a banner

YouTube banners are an essential component of any creator’s channel. They’re larger than YouTube thumbnails and profile pictures. That means your banner will be seen on your channel’s homepage before anything else. If you want viewers to scroll down and click on your videos, you’ll need a banner that draws attention. Create one that informs visitors about your SaaS channel and what they can expect to learn from you.

2. Add your SaaS profile picture 

As a SaaS creator, you know the importance of branding to your channel’s long-term success and future ventures. This step is crucial as it will help brand your channel while ensuring that your viewers and subscribers stay familiar with it. Keep it simple, and save the elaborate details for your videos and other descriptive sections. 

3. Add social media profiles and website

Link your YouTube account to the rest of your social media accounts. You can link to your YouTube Channel or your most recent video from your Instagram profile, Facebook Page, or website.

This includes cross-promotion on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as anywhere else you have an established fan base. This can be as simple as mentioning your YouTube channel in your Instagram or Twitter bio or vice versa.

4. Create a channel trailer

YouTube’s customization settings allow you to maximize the featured video space at the top of your channel page. You can show one video to existing subscribers and another to non-subscribed viewers. These trailers must be brief (30–60 seconds), compelling, and, most importantly, provide a reason for your visitors to stay.

5. Feature content for returning subscribers

Providing relevant SaaS content to returning subscribers looking for deeper information is an excellent way to re-engage your subscribers. This way, you can ensure they receive the exact message they seek. This can further encourage them to use the service you are promoting.

6. Create playlists

Using playlists to promote your SaaS YouTube channel is highly beneficial. You can keep your audience on your channel by adding relevant videos and creating a series that will help them if you have customers who require a demonstration of your service. Not only are you sharing beneficial information, but it will also help grow your channel rather than just sitting on your website’s videos.

Video setup

1. Create an end screen

Although it may appear obvious, adding an end screen is one of the most effective ways to increase YouTube subscribers.

Whether you want them to go to a landing page, watch more videos, or sign up for trials and demos, you can use personalized image icons and URLs to direct traffic in the right direction.

Furthermore, if you want more subscribers, simply ask. Ask your viewers to subscribe at the end of your video when you include a CTA. This reminds them that you have more exciting content for them to watch.

2. Add cards to your videos

You can add cards to your SaaS videos to improve your engagement. Use them to ask a simple question relevant to your viewer to create buzz around the topic. For viewers who have spent some time engaging with the content, a small “i” symbol appears on the side. This notification highlights the product or service discussed in the video to drive quick results. You can customize it and use it to control the traffic on your video and direct them to the next step.

For example, your viewer has reached the middle and is about to exit your video. The card and question appear, pique their interest, and they watch your video further. This results in a higher video retention rate, and YouTube prefers videos with a high percentage of video retention.

3. Create and apply a thumbnail

The thumbnails of your videos are another factor that can influence your search ranking on YouTube and, thus, your subscriber growth. Because a video’s click-through rate is one of the most important ranking factors in YouTube’s search algorithm, especially during its first hour on the platform, an appealing thumbnail can mean the difference between ranking first and not ranking.

Consider including a talking head to create a visually appealing thumbnail. People are naturally drawn to human faces and may click through to your SaaS topic. Consider contrasting the colors in your thumbnail’s foreground and background to make it stand out.

Figure 2: A thumbnail can improve clicks for your videos. Source: YouTube

4. Apply tags to your video

Tags, once again, boost the discoverability of your videos. We advise filling out the tag section with your most important keywords. You should also look at the most popular search terms that lead people to your videos, which you can find in YouTube’s Search Report. 

If these queries differ slightly from the topic of your video, consider updating them to fill these content gaps and adding these keywords to your metadata.

5. Hashtags work on YouTube too

YouTube hashtags help with video searchability and categorization. You can add them to the title or video description to describe its broad topic. Instead of manually searching for trending and related content, viewers may prefer to click on a hashtag they discovered while browsing a YouTube channel. If you used this hashtag and ranked high in the YouTube search for it, the viewer may find your SaaS video on YouTube.

6. A good video title

When considering a title for your SaaS video on YouTube, you must choose the right one that serves your goals. Include your primary keyword, as well as the year, to demonstrate its relevance to your audience. Capitalize the first letter of each alphabet to improve readability.

If you’re offering strategies or tips, including a number can provide a more specific overview of your content and even help you create a better-planned video.

Include a strong adjective to elicit a psychological response from the audience. Use SEO keywords to make your video stand out in any search engine. 

SaaS YouTube Channels For Inspiration

TK Kader

TK Kader
Figure 3: TK Kader. Source: TK Kader

TK Kader is the person to follow if you want short, snappy videos on every aspect of running a SaaS business. He founded ToutApp and raised over $20 million in venture capital before selling to Marketo, which Adobe later acquired. TK does an excellent job of categorizing his videos into relevant playlists, making it simple to find an answer to a specific question about SaaS pricing or avoiding burnout. 

SaaS Master

 SaaS Master
Figure 4: Jorge Aguilar from SaaS Master. Source: SaaS Master

Jorge Aguilar of SaaS Master offers software industry professionals product testing, SaaS tutorials, and video reviews. He posts videos at least once a week. If there is a specific software tool you want to try, check out the SaaS Master archives because Aguilar has most likely presented his best tips for using it.

The SaaS CFO

The SaaS CFO
Figure 5: Ben Murray from SaaS CFO. Source: The SaaS CFO

Ben Murray is the creator of the vlog The SaaS CFO. Murray is well-known for his minute-long SaaS in 60 videos covering standard metrics. These give new entrepreneurs a better understanding of what to track and how to value early-stage SaaS companies (the Rule of 40). He also makes longer videos for more in-depth discussions about SaaS financial solutions. 


SaaSOptics saaS YouTube
Figure 6: Clayton from SaaSOptics. Source: SaaSOptics

Clayton Whitfield is the co-founder and CCO of SaaSOptics. Several recent segments on the channel are two-minute videos for “Ask Clayton,” in which he answers SaaS-related questions. SaaSOptics is a B2B subscription management platform that assists finance companies and teams. 

Dan Martell

Dan Martell saaS YouTube
Figure 7: Dan Martell from SaaS Academy. Source: Dan Martell

Dan Martell is a serial entrepreneur and a coach to leading SaaS companies such as Proposify and ClickFunnels. With new episodes released weekly, his YouTube channel assists SaaS founders in starting and scaling their businesses. Each typically lasts 15 minutes to an hour and covers a specific SaaS topic. He has also interviewed other SaaS CEOs, such as Aaron Krall and Michael Litt.

Build Your Influence As A SaaS Creator 

Regarding YouTube marketing for SaaS, consistency and intentionality are crucial. Every venture into a new platform must be accompanied by a strategy you intend to follow. The top SaaS YouTube channels, like the best SaaS companies, focus on building a subscriber base that can’t get enough of their videos and watch them regularly.

Worry less about taking the “right” step and start today. Get out there, be active, and try to meet your audience where they are. Work with global brands to promote SaaS products through your YouTube channel. Atisfyre can help you convert your influence into income. 

Atisfyre’s AI-based algorithm connects content creators with the right brands looking for influencers to market their products and services through paid sponsorships. Sign up for free today

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