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How To Become A Crypto Content Writer: Best Practices To Follow

Published On December 21, 2022

Until recently, most people only knew about Bitcoin and thought digital assets were a scam. Surprisingly, on the other hand, it is predicted that blockchain will have its “AOL Moment.”

Cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming adopted in the financial stream. This is evident in the brands beginning to integrate blockchain into their stacks — Disney, Facebook, Coca-Cola, and many more. 

There is a strong emphasis on improving the end-user experience, the speed, ownership, and lower cost that blockchain technology provides. Companies are increasingly implementing cryptocurrency trading and hiring copywriters to write outlooks on a wide range of crypto topics.

crypto content writer news
Figure 1: Brands like Disney are applying blockchain to their business applications. Source: Bitcoin News

So, how do you break into this crypto content writing market? Read on to learn how. 

What Is Crypto Content Writing?

Crypto content writing is the process of researching, creating, publishing, and distributing valuable information to your target audience to attract NFT holders, investors, and community members. Persuasive and informative writing provides an audience with insightful information on cryptocurrency.

The purpose of content writing for a blockchain business is to help its audience with research and navigate the cryptocurrency and NFT markets. Writing cryptocurrency content enables you to educate potential investors and customers while adding value to a business or blog. 

5 Skills You Need To Become A Crypto Content Writer

Understand how blockchain works

Cryptocurrency is a complex subject that requires extensive research. If you aren’t a market analyst or do not trade in crypto assets, you should seek out reliable sources to learn more about the various topics in depth.

The official website of a coin is the most trustworthy source of information about it. There you can find basic product information, history, and internal news. Websites such as CoinDesk provide live cryptocurrency prices and coin descriptions, crypto news, and educational resources. Furthermore, the website shares the most recent analytical research, which can be helpful if you’re writing full-price predictions rather than a simple coin prediction.

crypto content writer website
Figure 2: Cryptocurrency websites are great learning resources. Source: Coin Desk

Develop the ability to make financial analysis

The analysis could be the most challenging part of the article. Most clients expect you to write your own technical analysis. In that case, you should first select your preferred cryptocurrency exchange. Second, you’ll need a diverse set of tools to analyze the market and create a chart that explains your conclusions about price movement.

But what if you need more analytical experience?

If you lack technical analysis skills, you can rely on the opinions of analysts and crypto traders who publish their projections on various websites. However, you should use the ideas of others with caution.

Know about cryptography and securities

Blockchain technology sets up a secure digital ledger for cryptocurrency transactions, keeping hackers at bay (mostly). This does not, however, make it immune to hackers and cyber-attacks. 

Your audience will have many questions! Are cryptocurrencies safe? How can I safeguard my digital investments? What are the cryptocurrency security precautions? All of these questions naturally come to mind. With your knowledge of cryptography and cryptocurrency securities, you must be able to ease your reader’s concerns.

Know how smart contracts work

The term “smart contract” regularly appears in tech, particularly when discussing cryptocurrencies. The term is most commonly used to describe computer code that automatically executes all or parts of a blockchain-stored agreement. As a crypto content writer, you must understand how these apply to cryptocurrency transactions.

Understand how legal regulations and compliance work

With growing cryptocurrency usage, there are also regulations worldwide to govern it. The crypto landscape is constantly evolving, and keeping up with the statutory rules in various global territories takes time and effort. 

You must navigate (in theory) the world’s cryptocurrency regulations, legislative attitudes, and associated activities. Your readers would like to learn how different countries approach coin and exchange regulation and whether they have any upcoming legislation that may change their approach to cryptocurrencies.

Where Do I Market My Services As A Crypto Content Writer?

Social media

Crypto and social media go hand-in-hand. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Patreon, Tumblr, Reddit, and Quora are all great places to start promoting your written content. However, LinkedIn stands out among the rest for freelance writers in general. It is the best place to meet like-minded people and potential clients or employers. “Your network is your net worth” because, ultimately, you will need paying clients or gigs. 


You can keep all your content in one place by creating a dedicated blog or website. You’ll need to register a domain name, purchase hosting space, and promote your work through social media. This way, you own the rights to your work and have a ready-made portfolio to share with clients when pitching or applying for jobs. Additionally, you can approach established blogs or websites and offer to write guest posts. Initially, you might need to do this for free, but later on, you can charge a fee. 


Best Practices For Crypto Content Writing

1. Learn the crypto basics

You must master the basics of this niche. To familiarize yourself with the common terminology and understand these topics in-depth, you can enroll in online courses offered by sites like Coinbase, Coursera, etc.

2. Write sample articles

Build your knowledge blocks by starting with writing introductory articles first. Even though beginner-level topics in this niche are covered endlessly, writing on these fundamental topics allows your future clients to assess your knowledge of the subject. It also provides you with a few pieces of content to publish under your byline. As you move to more complex ones, you will have a range of topics to show potential clients and build your authority on the subject. 

3. Get hands-on experience

Trading in cryptocurrency might not be your strong suit, but learning how coin exchanges work never hurts. Alternatively, you can experiment with crypto faucets to earn some coins and be able to write authoritatively about it. Similarly, mining coins are also an essential factor in the blockchain industry. Learn about mining software to expand your subject knowledge.

4. Create visual content too

Cryptocurrency is a complicated subject. Visual content, such as infographics, charts, tables, and videos, can help you explain even the most complex concepts.

Including a visual element in the text makes it 6.5 times more memorable. Additionally, your crypto content becomes more shareable, thus increasing your chances of reaching the right people. 

crypto infographic
Figure 3: A simple crypto infographic can help simplify concepts. Source: Alamy

5. Target the right content

Staying on top of the news cycle helps to provide fresh content on breaking news and current events in the crypto world. This can vastly increase your reach. For a well-balanced content strategy, your articles should fall into two broad umbrellas: 

Technical topics

Beyond the basics, you can write detailed mining hardware reviews or provide a comprehensive financial analysis and trend report on various coins. Writing on these topics can help you cover the more technical aspects of cryptocurrency mining operations and discuss white papers and ICOs.

Trending topics

Use trending news sites or keyword research tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and others to find the most searched long-tail keywords, questions, and synonyms to target. For more information, subscribe to popular magazines such as Bitcoin Magazine, CoinTelegraph, Crypto Briefing, and other digital publications.

bitcoin magazine
Figure 4: Screenshot of the Bitcoin Magazine website. Source: Bitcoin Magazine

6. Predict without doubts  

Clients and readers expect price predictions from industry experts. When in doubt, rely on rankings. The majority of price prediction websites have rankings. CoinMarketCap, Wallet Investor, and TradingBeasts are among the most reliable. Check the market capitalization and the date they launched the cryptocurrency for double accuracy.

7. Pitch to cryptocurrency publications online

Once you are proficient enough, you can pitch article ideas to significant publications that accept guest posts, such as Binance Academy, Espay Exchange, Changelly, ICO Listing Online, CoinDesk, and others. This will improve your online visibility, aid in organic link building, drive traffic to your portfolio, and raise your social media profile. Remember that your early entries to the most renowned publications will be free. Begin with low-key websites and a few published pieces before approaching larger publications.

8. Apply to crypto content writing jobs

Scour full-time and freelance cryptocurrency writing jobs on Reddit, Upwork, FlexJobs, LinkedIn, Crypto Jobs, Crypto Careers, and other sites. You can also approach clients directly via LinkedIn. Cold emails and DMs to brands and crypto project owners can also come in handy. 

Start A Career In Crypto Influencing With Atisfyre

There are always opportunities for you as a crypto content writer to influence and interact with the cryptocurrency community on social media and provide valuable insights through their content. Most cryptocurrency projects rely on educational crypto content writing to attract newcomers. Brands run blogs, make videos, record podcasts, and foster vibrant communities (Reddit crypto communities are particularly active). It’s a big pool of options to try out.  

You can take your career to the next stage with Atisfyre. Work with global brands on exciting campaigns and get paid for your content. Payments on Atisfyre are automated so that you can focus on content creation. Sign up here

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