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Why Creating Effective BTS Content Is A Great Skill To Own

Published On September 07, 2022

Think of your favorite OTT show. Don’t you enjoy learning about the production process of the show? Or how much fun they had filming the promo for a brand you like? This kind of content has a warm, approachable, and human quality to it.

It prompts responses like “like,” “share,” and “comment”. With that level of engagement, viewers take on the role of promoters.

And today, that is precisely what every social media influencer needs.

The more unique and inventive the content, the easier it is for people to share. 

Behind-the-scenes (BTS) content is powerful and can be produced very quickly. When used wisely, it adds a distinctive and human element to your influence. Below are some reasons why we strongly recommend behind-the-scenes shots and suggestions for how to include them in your content strategy regularly.

What Is BTS Content?

Like the ones occasionally used in movies or TV shows, behind-the-scenes images and videos function much the same on social media. These videos give your curious fans the inside scoop on how their favorite content is made. 

BTS content clips showcase several process phases, including the concept, planning, filming, and equipment used to assemble the puzzle. The originality and authenticity of BTS content are the foundation of increasing viewership and audience loyalty. 

Influencer x brand collaborations are often hotspots for shooting this particular content theme and are widely popular with social media users. 

Here is an example of Jackson Wang, an influencer from Thailand who collaborated with Vogue Thailand to promote a product through behind-the-scenes content. 

vogue thailand behind-the-scenes post
Figure 1: Example of an influencer x brand collaboration behind-the-scenes post. Source: Vogue Thailand 

Tips For Good BTS Content

The kind of behind-the-scenes content you share depends on your niche, team’s daily work, personal brand, or when promoting an event. No matter what you want to show your audience, here are some tips to keep in mind: 

Giving the audience a taste of your day

The best part of BTS content is that you don’t need to stick to a script or set a storyline for your team. Instead, you can document your things like your process, daily conversations, and break times. Over time you will have a collection of footage that you can use to share with your audience. You may have caught a funny moment on camera that would otherwise get lost in the bustle of the day. Let your hair down, post it and share a laugh with your audience. 

fashion influencer bts
Figure 2: Example of a fashion influencer using BTS content. Source: Romee Strijd

Show them your planning process

Take your audience with you if you’re organizing an event or planning to unveil a product. Inform them about the specifics of the production or planning processes. Giving detailed information on what it takes to carry off a great product shoot or event launch will interest your audience. Why? Because satisfying their curiosity encourages them to interact with you. 

Involve your team

You’ve probably heard that how you connect with your audience impacts your engagement rate. Therefore, it is important to show more faces around your content creation. Having team interviews adds character to your brand. Even if you operate a solo show, you might receive assistance from photographers, family members, friends, designers, or store owners. People can see that you are a real person off-screen if they see more faces working behind you.

Tell a story 

We are all inclined to react to a compelling story. According to Forbes, effective storytelling is the best method for creating strong connections with your audience, capturing their attention, and imprinting the message you want them to remember. This phenomenon explains why more brands use storytelling to promote their businesses and increase sales. It is a powerful approach to accessing their emotions as well. Always remember to convert your audio to text for subtitling while you’re at it. 

The Benefits Of BTS Content

It communicates the quality of the product/service

People tend to believe what they see more than anything else, so showing your followers how you select your props, go about production, and edit footage will persuade them that you’re committed to producing high-quality goods.

Remember that it’s okay to show a little pride in your accomplishments. Therefore, it’s also okay to want your audience to know how hard you work to create content. Just be careful not to approach it rudely. 

It forms a human connection

A behind-the-scenes clip or photo displays your team in its natural environment, giving your audience a more candid (and relaxed) view of you. Additionally, it lets each team member’s unique personality come through, which makes them more personable and ultimately human.

Also, your audience will appreciate seeing you hands-on working on your content creation process. For example, many influencers show their audience their natural face without makeup right before a shoot to make themselves more relatable to their audience. Embracing this vulnerability is what social media users want to see from their favored influencers. 

It builds trust

BTS content establishes trust with your audience because it feels more authentic. Your audience is more inclined to believe what you have to say if they think they know who you are and that you are being honest. People are more likely to support your beliefs when they perceive that you are enthusiastic about what you do and that your team shares the same passion.

BTS Content That Works

Video content tops the charts in social media marketing these days. Behind-the-scenes storytelling is one of the best video strategies there is. Here are some popular titles that social media users like watching from their favorite content creators: 

How I did this

This category shows how your final content was made using the setup, the resources, and the team. Since the finished image is so closely cropped, it doesn’t show off the external arrangement. Without sharing this, the viewer would never have understood how much effort you put into getting this particular shot. Because of the nature of their business, getting this kind of BTS content is very simple for photography influencers and other visual artists.

bts content
Figure 3: Example of a photography influencer using BTS content. Source: Pak Muñoz

Before and after

Before and after pictures are used quite a lot in marketing, particularly in the fitness industry. They are widespread because they are helpful. 

You must show that your product or process produces results if you want someone to buy from you. However, convincing the audience that your product can help them is even more important than that. Showing your audience the journey where others came from and where they are now helps prove to them that it can work for them, too. Overall, this is a terrific method to connect with your audience by showing them the raw and imperfect sides of your work.

Day in the life

Bring your community along on your daily travels, even if it’s simply explaining your job process to them. It might not seem like much, but it contributes to creating that bond. It conveys the impression that you enjoyed their company all day long. You can also post snippets to show a glimpse of what you’re up to.

youtube video
Figure 4: Example of a day in the life BTS vlog. Source: Khushboo Rajoriya

Sneak peek

Providing sneak peeks of a finished product or work-in-progress makes your audience curious about what you’re working on and encourages them to return to see what you’ve come up with. As a result, your page receives more views as anticipation grows. Anything that provides the audience with just enough details about something new that is coming up but not enough to show what it is could fit perfectly in this type of BTS content. 

Get Behind-The-Scenes To Get Ahead!

Video continues to be a favorite among social media users of all ages. BTS content is another way you can keep your audience interested in you. Ultimately, it gives your audience a greater understanding of who you are as a person and aids in expanding your influence. Your audience will relate to you and have greater faith in you as a person if you disclose about your life, successes, and setbacks. 

Businesses are now actively working with influencers to create authentic BTS content to give their viewers a more personal experience. You can also connect with brands, create content for them, and get paid. Join Atisfyre, an AI-based platform, designed for content creators so they can be their own boss and find paid collaborations easily. 

Sign up for free today! 

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