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Act Now! Videos Are The Leading Growth Hack For Creators

Published On May 11, 2022

Video content has taken center stage on social media very quickly. Interestingly, 86% of organizations gave the thumbs up for video content and used it in their marketing strategies in 2021. 93% of businesses conquer video content as the core of their overall strategy. 

The lightning-speed evolution of social media resulted in an unstoppable wave of video content. Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, shared that “video is driving an immense amount of growth online for all major platforms.” This is why it is even more crucial to channel your Instagram video strategy in the right direction now. 

If you’re still stuck when navigating your path to video content, get all your answers right here. We unfold all the reasons you should roll up your sleeves and give video content marketing a preference before it is too late for your influencer business.

1. Video Content Offers More Exposure 

Video has grown from video-specific platforms like YouTube to spread across the major social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and TikTok, making video creators’ reach infinite. Even better yet, these platforms’ algorithms love video content as it captures users’ attention for a long time. Today, video content trumps other static content.

Social media platforms have been promoting new video features heavily to encourage users to adapt quickly. Instagram’s Reels is just one of these and was launched in late 2020. Instagram amplified it, and creators were able to magnify their accounts’ reach by using the feature for its incredible exposure opportunities. 

Quick tip: On Twitter, tweets with video content attract ten times more engagement than those lacking one.

youtube video content

2. Massive Popularity Across All Channels 

A study carried out by OptinMonster revealed that 72% of consumers were interested in getting a product or service from watching a video, and 84% got convinced to buy. And in 2019, video consumption surged for online users who spent a weekly average of 6 hours and 48 minutes watching online videos. This huge number was well before the pandemic introduced a huge surge in viewer numbers!

But video content creation demands much more forethought and time than still images. Is it worth the effort? Well, we can say for sure that it is! Let’s see why:

  • Video content can be repurposed across other social media channels for a better ROI. It also positions your content before a new audience with a fresh take.
  • Video content holds the center stage for high engagement and reach. 

The pandemic has also shaped the video consumption habits of the audience. Today, the audience expects the creators to produce more engaging and entertaining content on social media. And video is the preferred content format.

3. Video Content Has A Longer Shelf Life

Video not only succeeds in terms of engagement and exposure, but it also extends the longevity of content. If creating content that stays relevant for a long time is your goal, then work on video content! But why does video content have high longevity?

It is because social media favors it. Social algorithms push videos across viewers’ feeds as this kind of content has a high viewership, and is interesting and engaging. This is not only a benefit for creators, but also for the social media platforms themselves. Once posted, the video content stays in the platform’s ecosystem for longer and generates returning viewers.

4. Gen Z Prefers Video Content 

Gen Z has an attraction toward video content. This format holds a special bond with this younger generation as they have grown up in the social media age – and have been a major part of the top video sharing platforms on the market. There are a ton of stats that illustrate this point. Here are some:

  • A significant chunk of TikTok’s audience falls between 18 and 24. Over 35% of the platform’s 800 million users account for this demographic.
  • A YouTube survey revealed how 50% of Gen Z and Millenials cite video as their favorite form of content. Gen Z has grown up watching YouTube, and it has an influential source of entertainment for them. 
  • Digiday showed that Facebook has over 8 billion video views a day. Interestingly, 85 percent of these are viewed without sound.

Quick tip: Gen Z easily falls in love with brands and creators trying to make a difference with their content. If you want to please this well-educated and attentive audience, work on engaging video content that generates conversation.

Gen Z pink hair

5. Video As A Selling Tool 

Video content marketing has incredible sales abilities. If a picture can tell a thousand words, a video can tell a million. 93% of marketers agree that publishing video content across social media generates new customers for their brand. 76% of them have also claimed that videos have improved their sales.

The popularity of video content will soar as a digital-first experience because:

  • It helps creators experiment with their creativity and present their content in the most dynamic way. 
  • It generates new consumer touchpoints and buyers’ journeys and helps develop a brand story. 
  • It also serves to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Creating a fail-proof video marketing strategy is the need of the hour. Why? You can reach an audience through videos quickly and grab reputable brand collaborations. Also, if you’re tasked with selling something, expect the results to be more promising with video content creation.

6. Video Content Shows Off Your Personality 

The easiest way to humanize your content is through video. You can quickly form an emotional connection with your audience while being authentic – and your audience loves that. They want to know who you are for real, not just what you’re like when in a heavy photo set.

Video is also a more personable way to engage with your audience and unpack your offerings. Anything you offer through video is highly persuasive, and hence the audience is more eager to act.

After all, nothing beats the human connection you make with your community. Video content is the perfect way to create a personality for your brand and earn its trust. Invest in making your videos more authentic to bring the emotional connection that your audience believes you share with them. That’s how you can successfully monetize your video content.

Video Content Is Your Calling!

Video is an excellent way for creators to reach a new audience. When created with authenticity, video reigns supreme among all other content for growth. It can make a big difference in presenting your true personality before the community you have built. If you want to change social media for the better, do it with video. 

Video marketing also is witnessing a new era of tremendous growth. From creating a YouTube how-to video to an Instagram Live, the opportunities to choose from are endless. Try getting more traction through mini videos with Reels and TikTok. To thrive in the innovative, competitive world of creators; you need to leap of faith and start shooting video content. Your imagination is your only limit!

video content on phone

When you create an impeccable video content strategy, you’ve got the opportunity to connect with some fantastic brand collaborations. Our AI-based influencer platform, Atisfyre, will connect you with renowned brands with similar target audiences and styles. Join today to skyrocket your influencer career. 

Sign up to Atisfyre for free and work with brands worldwide. 

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