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7 Proven Tips To Create Incredible Product Review Videos On YouTube

Published On February 21, 2022

YouTube is a giant platform for brands and influencers alike to ace their top-notch branding game with trustable YouTube stars. In the world of vast social media presence, YouTube is still on top of the game. Over 50,000+ years of product review YouTube videos have been watched only on mobile in the past two years. Brands trust YouTube Product reviews for leveraging them with a trusted name. 

But becoming a YouTube sensation or a desired YouTube product reviewer doesn’t come easy. Product review videos are a gigantic business on YouTube. Over 90% of millennials in the age group of 14-18 still rely upon YouTube reviews. However, the product reviews are not limited to the beauty industry or gadget/tech industry only. Even the big shot Nissan turned to this phenomenon to strengthen their market presence.

Why Is There A Sharp Increase In The Number Of Review Videos On YouTube?

Video content comes naturally, unadulterated, and piques the interest of the consumers if it comes from their top content creators. The video content is widely consumed, be it the short form or the long-form. Talking about the skyrocketing success of YouTube product reviews, 79% opt to watch video reviews rather than text-based written content. The written reviews always have the side of getting manipulated, while the original video-based YouTube product reviews are less likely to surrender to any maneuver. Excellent reviews also stand in the demand curve of the brands and businesses from top YouTube reviewers.

Another fantastic fact – the top reviewer for toys is a nine-year-old boy with a channel named Ryan’s World and a mass following of 27 million subscribers! 

Another channel named unbox therapy with 17 billion authentic followers is a tech review channel with a subtle, no ramble approach to give the users what they are looking for.

Why Are Product Review Videos Crucial?

The science behind successful product reviews comes in with the reviewer’s authenticity and honest views. When brands join hands with the YouTubers, the product review does not come with a script but with the reviewer’s authentic experience.

Hence, product reviews are essential because:

  • It fortifies the brand’s credibility and widens users’ interest in their products and offerings.
  • It drags your potential customers on the path of purchasing with the help of good product reviews.
  • Product reviews are most likely consumed by the present users and those interested in them. Shaping positive relationships with existing customers paves the way for a fruitful journey and lets potential customers have a harmonious relationship with the brand.
  • It lends the right opportunity to the potential customers with new avenues to optimally use the product.
  • The product reviews feedback identifies the overlooked loopholes and tailors the experience most acceptably.

The Key Elements To Make An Effective Product Review Video 

The businesses expect influencers to present a relatively positive review equipped with complete authenticity. There is no product review template to follow or YouTube product review sites to seek reference. When paid to speak blatant truth and appeal with the most honest reviews, the influencers promoting the brand products may need to tweak their review videos a little. That could be pretty tricky, but speaking of the space the social media offers, all it needs are some key elements to make an interesting YouTube Product review video. 

  1. It is imperative to brief the audience first-hand on the workability and function of the product. If you want to invest an audience into your review, they should understand the working model. 
  1. Next is the primary product information describing the size, price, and where to source the product. No matter what you’re selling, it harbors audience interest, and they are eager to become customers— the quintessential information wards off any qualms about the product’s features.
  1. What is something that drove your interest to come back and make a review video of it? Talk about the pros and the beguiling characteristics of the product like a high-concept product video. Show and tell like the first graders who are enthusiastic about telling. You can display your 360 photography skills and even share the story behind the brand (an association with a social cause maybe). 
  1. In a full-fledged review video, not everything about the product turns you happy. There could be flaws, glitches in the functions, or the packaging failing to impress you. If any, point out the flaws to stand on your take as a genuine YouTube Product reviewer. 
  1. Share upfront with your audience whether you would repurchase it. A product may fall into  place where there are all the chances you will purchase it back and times where it failed to impress you. Speak about it. More than the sweet, positive review, it should be for the audience, and they need to take the call. Product specs are fine, but today’s consumers are savvy. More than the glossy products, they are after the brands that are on a mission. Mention it too. 
  1. To make your audience well-versed and aware of the product, add a valuable piece of information in the product title and the description. The title and description is a place of content discoverability. Optimize it with hashtags, product links, video content that drive value.

The ace YouTube creator Brittany from VasseurBeauty does an excellent job on products from specific stores, like IKEA and Amazon. Her videos feature reviews are a fine amalgamation of an influential review strategy brands are looking for.

7 Top Tips to Create Like-able Product Review Videos on YouTube 

The long lectured videos with constant rambling may bore your audience. To get the spark of the audience by enticing them with the rightful information and what they are looking for, you need to create product reviews with a handful of tips. 

1. Influencers with a niche audience get better engagement 

It may not be a cakewalk to instantly influence the audience with your brand’s product reviews, but genuine reviews and expertise as a creator will make your audience feel inclined. If your audience is from a niche and you hold authority with a better engagement, it can drag them to make a quick decision. The influencers with a huge following may deluge the audience with everyday unboxing, while a micro-influencer with a genuine reach and audience can turn the tables.

2. Be Yourself 

The audience is invested in you for a reason. The brand promotions and the product reviews are well consumed because you present them. Brands often negotiate using the YouTube Product review script, which may sound like reading out the review, vanishing its true essence. But the audience has a sharp eye to detect the maneuvering from your regular content. Hence, sound naturally conversational, not robotic, while referring to the shooting script. Own your branded content like your regular content giving it a flavorful touch of your content curation.

3. Three Minutes review is ideal!

Reminder to not stretch your video way too long. Otherwise, it will perfectly fit in for a doctoral thesis. There is a reason to keep the video length not over 3 minutes because it may get harder to keep the audience’s attention riveted for longer. Succinctly apt review videos with an easily digestible storyline are better to consume. If your videos exceed the limit, you might need some judicious editing skills.

4. Experiment with the product 

YouTube videos thrive on the unfiltered reviews and personalities vouching for it, so make it count. A creator’s mind is abundantly creative, and there is enough room to experiment with the product uniquely. Experiment with the product and gently place it as the attention-grabbing center-staged muse by talking explicitly about it. 

5. Use Quick, clean edits 

Editing is a fine art in the creator economy. To foster your video quality, use quick and clean edits. A simple thumb rule is that anything going over 3 seconds without a cut is an unnecessary drag. Allow your brand review videos to come out presentably attractive by planning things, doing it right, and working on entertainment and information. 

6. Make the Campaign measurable 

The chaotic world of YouTube reviews surpasses almost every platform, hence making the campaign measurable is one crucial task. Measure success by reviewing the insights and optimizing your strategy based on what the audience liked and didn’t like. It is a sure-shot way to be accountable for the coming campaigns and apply them.

7. Pair with Giveaways 

Pairing a YouTube Product review with a giveaway is a path to success for many content creators, mainly sponsored reviews. It works as a phenomenal strategy to grow the YouTube channel and iron out what you can offer to brands. It also gives an insight to brands on how they can envision their product by collaborating with you. Giveaways combined with reviews offer the brand more exposure and an opportunity to tap into a broader audience. Also, reviews and giveaways serve as a fun content format for creators.

Use this YouTube product review overview effectively, and you can be all set to collaborate with the best brands worldwide. YouTube is a vast platform and still the pact leader where the audience turns up for quick and genuine reviews. Your loyal following on your YouTube channel will mark your success, so make the most of it to generate a conversion. 

Product reviews are a tried and tested strategy that wow the audience by bringing money and positive attention. It is your reputable job to showcase the products or services of the brands strategically and imbue elements that surprise them. So, try these tips & tactics to stand out for your next significant brand collaboration. 

In case you are looking for brand collaboration opportunities, head straight to Atisfyre, our AI-based influencer marketing platform. The platform automates influencer matchmaking with the right-fit brands to match goals and values. 

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