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5 YouTube Product Review Tips That Will Leave Your Viewers Astound!

Published On November 04, 2021

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. As the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube boasts two billion active users who watch more than one billion hours of video. But they aren’t just watching funny clips and music videos. They are also using the platform to research the products they need. 

90% of respondents in a recent survey said they discover new products on YouTube, and 55% said they specifically go to YouTube to learn more about a product before buying it. 

This makes YouTube an attractive platform to post product reviews and build trust with consumers. Influencers looking to generate more income through affiliate marketing should master the art of creating fantastic product reviews to increase brand awareness and generate sales. 

Elements Of A Review Article

Before creating YouTube review videos, you should first write a review article that will guide the video. The article should contain the important issues you want to highlight in the video to ensure viewers get the right information before making a purchase. 

Youtube product review
Figure 1: Why Use YouTube for Product Reviews? Source: VARStreet

That said, here are key elements of a review article. 

  • Article title: Should be optimized with the right keywords to improve discovery. The ideal length is about 60 characters. 
  • Quick-glance table: The table contains quick facts about the product being reviewed. It could have columns for product ratings, specs, best for, and product photos.
  • Amazon affiliate link: A button that takes people to Amazon to buy the product you have featured. You will get a commission when a user purchases through the link. 
  • Review video: The video explains the product features. It’s uploaded on the brand’s YouTube channel and is embedded on the website. 
  • Buyer guide/supplementary info: This section explains the things buyers should consider when making a purchase. 
  • Pros and cons: The advantages and disadvantages of the product.
  • Main product photo: A detailed photo of the product published on a white background to showcase its features. 
  • Quick specs: The unique product features. 
  • Product review: This is where you discuss the product features in detail. 

Tips To Produce Killer YouTube Product Review Videos

Wondering how to do product reviews on YouTube? 

Creating killer review videos isn’t as easy as it seems. One small misstep, and you’ll have viewers leaving your channel even before they get to the juicy part of the review. 

This section will guide you to create excellent YouTube product reviews that convince potential customers to pay for the product you’re recommending.  Let’s get to it!

1. Keep the review short and to the point

Potential customers have come to your channel to watch the review of the latest product in the market. They are not visiting for lessons on quantum physics! So, you need to keep the video short and get straight to the point without wasting much time.

Of course, you can introduce yourself and ask viewers to subscribe to your channel to not miss out on more amazing content. But once this is done, you need to get to the main agenda of the day, which is to give a detailed review of “Product X”. Also, the video shouldn’t be too long. There are reasons why most music videos rarely go beyond three minutes. This is because people have a short attention span, and you’ll lose them if you let your video run any longer. Once you are done recording the video, trim the unnecessary bits to keep the video short and sweet. 

2. Less talk and more product

If you want viewers to watch your review video to the end and click the affiliate link to make a purchase, then the review should focus on the product and nothing else. This isn’t the time to talk about yourself and tell viewers what you have been up to. 

Concentrate on the product and explain the features in detail to help users determine if the product suits them. You can add your personal opinion to humanize the product features, but don’t wander off and start telling personal stories as this is the easiest way to lose the viewer’s attention. Your YouTube ratings and reviews will drop, and you will struggle to attract viewers when you publish videos on your channel.

Youtube product review

3. Concentrate on the primary features & what they do

The product you are reviewing could have a thousand features, but you shouldn’t focus on all of them. You only have 3 minutes to give your review, so pick a few features that make the product unique and concentrate on them. 

Your viewers also aren’t interested in the gazillion features. They just want to know the salient features that could make a difference in their lives. So, don’t disappoint them. 

4. Use quick, clean edits

Editing is important if you want your videos to look good. Gather the different video clips and use video editing software to put them together. When doing this, make sure you don’t go more than a few seconds without a cut. A good rule that will help you with your editing is to ensure you don’t go more than three seconds with a static image on the screen. 

Also, stick to clean edits as opposed to the fancy gimmicks in most editing software. This will give your videos a professional look and encourage viewers to watch to the end. 

5. Don’t sound too salesy

As an influencer, the main purpose of doing YouTube reviews premium is to get people to buy the products you feature. When they do so, you will earn money in the form of commissions for every purchase through your link. 

To get more people to buy the products, you may end up pushing too hard and being extra salesy in your review. However, this is the wrong approach for your review video. You need to build credibility with customers for them to buy what you recommend. To achieve this, you need to give a genuine review by highlighting the pros and cons of the product. This will help you build credibility with potential customers who will be happy to buy the product. 

Don’t Do This!

It’s a bad idea to read out your review. You can have a script that guides you on what to cover in the review, but you shouldn’t read it out when giving the actual review. Your review should feel natural and flow smoothly. Take time to understand the product you’re about to review to ensure you can give a full review without reading from a script. 

Influencer Alert! How To Make Money Reviewing Products on YouTube

You can make money by reviewing products on your YouTube channel. The platform receives many searches for people looking for reviews of the products they are about to buy. With the right strategy, you can create YouTube product reviews and make money. Here’s how to do that. 

1. Start a YouTube channel based around your passion in a specific niche

YouTube riches are in the niches. Many creators make the mistake of being too general with their YouTube content. Avoid this and stick to a specific niche based on your passion. 

Choose a niche like tech, toys, pets, and build your channel around that theme. 

2. Engage with your viewers

Don’t publish your videos then leave. Please stick around and engage your viewers to learn what they have to say about the review. The comment section will provide you with valuable feedback that will help you improve your future videos. Respond to their concerns, answer their questions, and act on their feedback to create a sense of community. 

3. Make it easy for brands to contact you

Brands are always looking for relevant creators to review their products. They will send you free products to review and even pay for the sales you generate. To ensure you don’t miss out on such opportunities, fill in your channel’s about page and include your contact details. 

Pro Tip: Join The YouTube Partner Program

Joining YouTube’s partner program allows you to monetize your channel through advertising. YouTube will publish ads on your video, and you will get a share of the advertising revenue. 

Platforms like YouTube have made it possible to turn your passion into profit – but you need to put in the work. Take our tips to create killer reviews for the next product that comes your way. 

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