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Top 10 Free Video Editing Software For YouTube Content Creators

Published On July 02, 2021

YouTube is an enormous marketplace to consume and share videos with the potential to connect the whole world. When it comes to creating videos for the platform though, there’s a lot more that goes into it than just uploading and waiting. While analytics, marketing, and promotional strategies are ancillary strategies that do matter, viewers have now come to expect a certain level of production quality from videos on YouTube. Along with engagement, videos need to be aesthetically pleasing as well. There are, fortunately, multiple free editing software that content creators use to spruce up their videos. The choice of software varies based on the devices that videos are targeting, compatibility with the OS being used, and the value provided by the software based on costs and add-ons. We’ve listed for you the Top 10 Free Video Editing Software for YouTube Content Creators.

Open-source & Online Software

1. Shotcut

For creators looking for software that is completely utilitarian without any of the additional bells and whistles, Shotcut is the way to go. As an open-source software, you get exactly what you’d expect from it – a high-performing platform that is ideal for trimming and exporting videos. The exterior and user interface might seem a little clunky at first but gets extremely to use as you continue.

While the number of available transitions is limited, it gets the job done for making great YouTube videos. With the help of FFmpeg, it supports all types of audio formats, video formats, and codecs. With multiple devices and transport options, it supports a resolution of up to 4k from SDI, HDMI, IP stream, and all other input options.

2. Openshot

With an interface and functionality that is fairly similar to Shotcut, Openshot is a free YouTube video editing software that is a tad more user-friendly. It is an extremely simple tool that can do wonders for YouTube creators even despite the limited animation options. Compatible with Linux, Mac or Windows, the editing features and environment vary slightly from other on-screen editing software.

With its unique mode of floating windows, all the edits take place through different layers. These layers are present in the form of tabs or screens within the software. The user has the option to add as many layers as needed, be it for watermarks, background videos, or audio tracks. With multiple keyframes, 3d effects, and waveform options, Openshot is a surprisingly powerful video editor.

3. Clipchamp

Going one step beyond free, open-source software, Clipchamp is an editing platform that is online and doesn’t even require the user to download software. While the main drawback is its incapability to work on HD videos, it is an exciting software for creators willing to look past that and work on MP4, audio, and images. All one needs to do is drag their files onto the online platform and get started.

Users have the option of varying the speed, crop, flip, rotate and fade their files in and out. The dozens of filters available add an extra touch of creativity to the videos. The seamless platform allows easy collaborations between creators by allowing them to create teams and invite users to collaborate on the same files.

Top 10 Free Video Editing Software for YouTube Content Creators

OS-dependent Software

4. iMovie

iMovie has been a mainstay for years among iPhone and Mac users for its ease-of-use and ability to generate aesthetically pleasing visuals on the go. Trusted by many YouTube influencers around the world, it helps cover many bases, be it cropping, clipping, trimming, titling, audio files, or visual effects. As the latest iPhone cameras already capture videos in HD and 4k clarity, it gets easily integrated through the Apple device being used.

Creators don’t have to worry about the hassle of multiple devices as edited videos can be directly shared to any platform such as YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. The camera quality and ease of editing have made filmmaking easier than ever before, rendering many other devices and platforms obsolete.

5. Windows Movie Maker

A software that has been around for decades, Windows Movie Maker is the flagship editing software for the Windows OS. Its latest iteration, Movie Maker 10, covers all the bases needed for effectively editing videos and supports all the popular file formats. It covers all possible video editing needs from video joining, adding background music and text caption, to more advanced features like image filter, transition effects, pan-tilt-zoom effects.

To top that off, Movie Maker can be used to overlay any graphical need onto the video, be it text, emoticons, picture-in-picture, title slides, transitions along with the music editor for trimming and fade effects.


A software that is gaining increasing traction amongst YouTube vloggers who use the Windows  OS, VSDC provides state-of-the-art editing capabilities to pre-existing videos as well as newly recorded ones. As far as catering to the needs of YouTube creators, few software come close to VSDC. With the simplicity of Instagram edits recreated for videos, VSDC allows users to directly export their edited videos to YouTube at the click of a button. Apart from the multi-functionality, it is also smoother and faster than most other editing software.

The platform offers users several intuitive tutorials and training videos for beginners to catch up. The in-depth nature of the software has made it a favorite among drone video enthusiasts as well.

Top 10 Free Video Editing Software for YouTube Content Creators

Premium Features

7. Wondershare Filmora

With close to zero professional editing skills, YouTubers can now create content that looks professional and spotless with Wondershare Filmora. With an intuitive platform that is built for YouTube videos, it offers beginners the chance to create high-end videos even without the necessary editing skills. The end product is always stunning and guaranteed to engage viewers.

Apart from the standard options like trims and cuts for audio and video files, it seamlessly allows users to tap into advanced skills such as video stabilization and de-noising. With a vast library of effects to choose from and one-touch color grading options, it allows creators to elevate their editing game. The green-screen and split-screen options are the icing on the cake when it comes to this all-encompassing video editor.

8. HitFilm Express

When it comes to free editing platforms that go over and above to give users premium options, it’s hard to beat the value of HitFilm Express. While it does have a section for premium add-ons, the software in itself gives users more than enough editing options without the need for investment.

This is the main reason why YouTube creators have been migrating to this platform in considerable numbers. It provides all the necessary amenities that top-tier editing suites provide, including 4k video, 360-degree editing, and thousands of free effects to choose from. Its compatibility with Adobe Premiere Pro and Studio just adds to its value.

Top 10 Free Video Editing Software for YouTube Content Creators

Additional VFX Features

9. Blender

Numerous editing software in the market are restrictive in terms of their capabilities and require users to use a separate platform for animation and rendering. Not Blender.  Combining the best aspects of modeling, rendering, VFX, and game creation in one simple tool, Blender allows users to edit and trim videos with ease.

With audio, video, and image files on a single timeline, it adds a whole new level of ease to arranging files. The options of live previews, chroma displays, and a histogram add a whole new dimension to the process of video editing. Last but not least, audio mixing, waveform visualization, and speeds increase the level of creative freedom available.

10. Lightworks

Do not be fooled by the platform’s outdated website as the software itself is anything but that. Lightworks keeps every need of a YouTuber in mind through its features and updates. The lightweight software helps create stunning videos and also optimizes the editing process by not wasting time on rendering and exporting chunky files onto the system.

For those who want to move away from an archaic one camera setup, Lightworks offers users the option of using a multi-cam editor. Lightworks is a great option to begin one’s editing journey with and the fresh interface is as addictive as it is easy to use.

Coding lightworks software

The world has transitioned from static images to video content and any YouTuber today needs to be on top of their editing game to create content that is visually stunning and up to a certain mark. While the journey is long, even beginners can elevate their editing skills and capabilities with these softwares. Based on your budget, your current level of expertise, and time, these softwares can help you accelerate your journey as a YouTuber.

For a bonus read, head to Ultimate Guide To Becoming A YouTube Content Creator, to learn more.

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