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Top 30 Instagram Influencers In The World

Published On July 05, 2021

When it comes to brand marketing on Instagram, influencers are like super foods. Through their authenticity, shared values, and online reach, they can transform a brand’s performance. With the market size set to hit close to $10 billion in 2021, it is an industry that demands we stand up and take notice of them. Here are 30 of the biggest and most influential Instagram accounts that have transformed the influencer industry. Go ahead, and follow this list of top 30 Instagram influencers and see for yourself!

From Vine To Instagram

1. Amanda Cerny (@amandacerny)

From hilarious short comedy sketches on Vine to 25 million followers on Instagram, Amanda Cerny is one of the most popular actresses on the platform. She transcends genres with comedy, music, acting, travel and fitness. Her massive following has seen her land prime roles like Cardi B music video. Moving from shorter to longer videos, she’s amassed quite a following on YouTube while simultaneously blitzing the influencer marketing space on Instagram.

2. Zach King (@zachking)

Vine, as a platform, might be dead but we all need to be indebted for the influencers it gave us, who continue to thrive today. Zach King, who calls himself an art illusionist, is the perfect example of someone who produces short, engaging content for users to consume without too much investment. A master of bringing ‘sleight of hand’ to the digital world, his magic has won him numerous awards.

3. Liza Koshy (@lizakoshy)

Another graduate of the Vine school of comedy, Liza Koshy’s quirky sense of humor has always stood out and it shows with her rapid online rise. Apart from equally successful Instagram and YouTube channels, her acting career has grown by leaps and bounds, including an Emmy-nominated hosting role with Nickelodeon. Her witty humor saw her amass 6 million subscribers in 2016, followed by another 6 million in 2017. Her Instagram presence has made her a mainstay among young followers.

4. Rickey Thompson (@rickeythompson)

Hailing from North Carolina, this Vine veteran has grown rapidly on Instagram over most other social media platforms. His comic timing landed him a lead role in the web series ‘Foursome’, one of the first shows to be premiered on YouTube Premium. Thriving on being edgy and teasing the line of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) comedy, his risqué style is the perfect balance that appeals to, both, users and brands.

5. Matt King (@mattrking)

Matt King is the prime example of a creator who has cracked the balance between high investment YouTube content and low investment Instagram content. Having shot to fame with viral comedy videos on Vine, his Instagram and Twitter pages have gone viral too since 2013. With just a simple 7 second video that parodied Beyonce, his vine garnered 54 million loops on Vine – an example of understanding what the audience wants to consume on social media.

Figure 1: Matt King Instagram profile. Source: Instagram

‘Make Up’ Your Success

6. James Charles (@jamescharles)

With DIY makeup tips being a genre that has spread like wildfire, James Charles’ skills as an artist and model have made him one of the most sought-after Instagram influencers in recent years. Having begun with a tutorial-style channel on YouTube, his videos on make-up tips garner billions of views. His online successes have led to the honor of being the first male representative of CoverGirl as well as a Streamy Award.  

7. Nikkie Di Jager (@nikkietutorials)

An internet-proclaimed makeup guru, Nikki Di Jager has paved the way for Instagram influencers in the beauty and cosmetics space. A pioneer who is always ready to share her tips and tricks, she brings together the best from the worlds of beauty and vlogging. If her followers across Instagram, YouTube and Twitter aren’t enough to convince you, it is reported that she earns around $1 Million a year from her videos on average.

8. Gabrielle Alexis (@gabxxrielle)

Gabrielle Alexis is an extremely talented makeup artist on Instagram and has built a niche for herself with her unique tutorial style – instead of going through the ordeal of styling her own eyes on the camera, she replicates the effects on her arm. Having picked up the skill at the age of 13, she is a bonafide expert and excels at unique three-dimensional makeup art, garnering a lot of followers.

Figure 2: Gabrielle Alexis Instagram Profile. Source: Instagram

Funny Side Up!

9. Lilly Singh (@lilly)

One of the most popular faces in the world of comedy, Canadian personality Lilly Singh, formerly iisuperwomanii, is probably the most successful example of a niche internet personality going mainstream. Being a vlogger, comedian, and actress all rolled into one, she’s been one of the highest-paid YouTubers, a top influencer, and a successful host with her NBC late-night show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh.

10. Ghetto Spider (@gehtto.spider)

The internet loves a good mystery, and Ghetto Spider is one of them. No one knows the man behind the mask for sure, yet his many viral dancing videos in extremely public spaces on Instagram are entertaining enough to amass a following of its own. The sheer silliness of the videos enthrals viewers, both in real life and online, like his rendition of the song ‘Take On Me’ which alone garnered north of 12 Million views online.

11. Kevon Fredericks (@kevonstage)

Having started off his comedy career at the grassroots with open mic appearances, Kevon Fredericks moved to the online world of social media and quickly gained a following as an entertainer. Being a part of “The Playmakers” with his brother, he combines comedy with impeccable joke writing skills, getting him writing gigs on popular shows. His Instagram has a loyal following that constantly tunes in for his content.

Figure 3: Kevon Fredericks Instagram Profile. Source: Instagram

Fashion Is Passion

12. Negin Mirsalehi (@negin_mirsalehi)

This blogger from the Netherlands is one of the online influencers who started off with Instagram and converted the following garnered there into a successful fashion blog and YouTube fashion channel. Taking her online success forward, she embraced entrepreneurship and founded Gisou Hair. Esquire has profiled her and has included her under the title ‘Women we love on Instagram’ for her social media acumen.

13. Lily Maymac (@lilymaymac)

In a fickle world where everyone is drawn to the unique, Lily Maymac has gained an online following on social media due to her distinct looks, courtesy her part Australian and part Filipino heritage. This has led to a successful modeling career in addition to Instagram success. Top this off with her side hustle as a Law Clerk and she is the entire package. Follow her for unique makeup tutorials that have gone viral across the internet.

14. Kelsey Calemine (@fatherkels)

Kelsey Calemine gained far reaching attention on Instagram for her model-like features that many have compared to actress Lucy Hale. Bringing her passion for tousled hair and matte lips to Instagram, she won the title of ‘Instagram babe of the week’ by Galore  Magazine. Her Instagram display picture and constant posts of her dog Mochi has won the hearts of many users across the internet.

15. Summer Mckeen (@summermckeen)

Having first posted a fashion video online under the handle @lookyheregirl, inspired by a Bruno Mars song, Summer Mckeen has gone to collaborate with Style Haul, a YouTube collaborative channel that partners with social media influencers. She has also gone on to make appearances on the web series ‘Afterschooled’, furthering her online fan base. She describes herself as an enthusiast of make up, fashion and all things ‘girly’.

16. Luka Sabbat (@lukasabbat)

There are many places you might have seen Luka Sabbat on the Internet. It could be from his role in the show ‘Grown-ish’, or his appearance on the runway for Kanye West at New York Fashion Week, or his campaigns for high end brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana and Vogue. Having been discovered in 2015, Sabbat’s distinct fashion sense has taken Instagram by storm. His fashion line, ‘Hot Mess’, is a testament to his Instagram success.

17. Ling K Tang (@ling.kt)

As much as we talk about building connections and online collaborations, nobody does them better than Ling K Tang. Having started her influencer journey as recently as 2016, she propelled into overnight popularity through shout outs from other popular Instagrammers, a classic example of network building online. Give her a follow for an interesting take on product walkthroughs and reviews.

18. Sammy Robinson (@sammyrobinson)

Sammy Robinson is an Australian fashion guru on Instagram who rose to fame through her beauty related videos. Often compared to Gigi Hadid, she has worked on campaigns for some of the biggest fashion and beauty brands in the world. A familiar face at many prestigious events, she’s often seen jetting around the world for projects and her loyal followers love her beauty hacks and regimens.

19. Luca Whitaker (@itslucawhitaker)

This Instagram and YouTube personality has built a two-pronged online following with her parallel fashion and lifestyle videos. On one hand, fashion enthusiasts love her beauty regimen tips and fashion haul advice, while her other channel focuses on lifestyle vlogs that focus on travel and her normal voice. Her quirky videos add a hint of fun to her content, like the popular video with her dad titled ‘Dad does my make up’.

Figure 4: Luca Witaker Instagram Profile. Source: Instagram

Blogs, Vlogs, And More

20. Julia Sarinana (@sincerelyjules)

What started off as a humble blog called ‘Sincerely Jules’ in 2009 by Latina influencer Julia Sarinana has grown into a popular destination on Instagram for fashion and travel enthusiasts. The sheer growth of her blog into an online viral presence has been featured in many major publications like Glamour, Teen Vogue and Elle. Her line of accessories is sold at big box retailers like Target and her hand-printed merchandise is sold across the world from her website.

21. Andrea Russett (@andrearussett)

You probably remember her from her previous online avatar – GETTOxFABxFOREVER, this young vlogger from Los Angeles has built a niche for herself with her immersive videos that have a large fan base. Having started vlogging at the age of 13 without much success, she kept at it and honed her craft before growing into an undeniable online presence that reaches more than 4 million followers.

22. Carrington Durham (@carringtondurham)

While most bloggers and Instagrammers hope to translate their online social media success into successful acting careers, Carrington Dunham is an American star who moved the other way. From starring in hits like ‘Teens Wanna Know’, ‘90210’ and ’10 seconds’, she has also built an Instagram following where she constantly engages with her fans through travel, makeup, fashion and comedy videos.

23. Olivia Rink (@oliviarink)

A Chicago-based blogger who describes her niche as ‘petite fashion’, Olivia Rink is an influencer who converted adversity into opportunity. At a mere 4 feet 11 inches tall, she understood the gap in the market when it comes to finding the right fitting fashion for smaller consumers and drove her to share her expertise on petite-friendly brands. Her seasonal fashion advice is more concentrated on Instagram rather than YouTube.

Figure 5: Olivia Rink Instagram Profile. Source: Instagram

Wanderlust & Sports

24. Jack Morris (@doyoutravel)

When it comes to travel influencers, few can boast of an online presence like English Instagram superstar Jack Morris. Having followed his heart at a young age, he lived out an internationally binding fantasy of quitting his 9-5 job and traveling the world. How does he pay for the lifestyle? By sharing his picturesque journey with fans who have propelled him into a leading influencer and an enticing option for brands who are looking to collaborate.

25. Elise Sterck (@roundtheworldgirl)

As self explanatory as the handle is, what makes Elise Sterck unique from the rest of the pack of travel influencers is her ability to use her backcountry prowess to reach obscure locations that few can. Her stunning photos that combine magnificent locales with wildlife photography have a separate fan base on Instagram. Her portfolio of images is mesmerizing, poignant, and sometimes downright scary.

26. Cohl (@cohlsworld)

Gymnastics and makeup don’t necessarily come together when one thinks of combinations of interests, until the internet met Cohl. This multi-time national cheerleading champion started off with a single tumbling video before he built a following who eagerly tracked his gymnastic and beauty tips. Being a man in the world of cheerleading, his grace and poise on the mat seamlessly translate to his skills with the makeup brush.  

Against The Odds

27. Caspar Lee (@caspar_lee)

Despite being an online platform that is known to attract more than the occasional hate, Instagram does surprise you sometimes with personalities like South African-British vlogger Caspar Lee, known as one of the most-liked Instagram influencers in the UK. Having coped with and overcome the odds of Tourette’s syndrome, this savvy influencer has a loyal following that regularly tunes in to consume his expertise in the fields of vlogging, entrepreneurship and acting.  

28. Demi Bagby (@demibagby)

The ability to overcome life threatening obstacles has always been a narrative that resonates with audiences and Demi Bagby stands tall here. While most people would have given up on a fitness career having been in a freak cheerleading accident that hampered their chances of walking again, Demi became a leading CrossFit athlete through sheer determination and takes her fans with her for the ride. Her videos are engaging and inspiring.

29. Talitha Girnus (@mr.pokee)

Imagine trying to traverse the complicated world of Instagram influencing while being a hedgehog! With the help of his owner Talitha, this 3 year old furry boy travels the world and shows his fans his exploits on Instagram. From beaches and castles to monuments, this hedgehog has seen the world and is, without doubt, the world’s cutest adventurer.

30. Sina (@happygreylucky)

While being a mom is often described as the world’s toughest job, Sina seamlessly balances this with her penchant for being an Instagram influencer. Her posts on minimalism, design and tips/tricks have built her a fan base online who clearly recognize her passion for motherhood and interior design. While her YouTube channel does have some traction, Instagram is where her happy place is.

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Figure 6: Sina’s Instagram Profile. Source: Instagram

Influencer marketing is here to stay and it is up to you to capitalize on this lucrative bandwagon. With the right niche content, you can inspire people, educate them and solve pain points of users around the world. All this and more while making a killer living doing it!

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With the right balance of passion, motivation, and creativity, you too can follow in the footsteps of these 30 super popular influencers and build an engaged fan base. Want to be one? We can help! Our revolutionary platform Atisfyre enables influencers of all sizes to earn money by completing promotions in the simplest way possible. Our AI system takes care of matching you to brands that suit your audience, ensuring you have a contract in place, and also makes sure that businesses put money into the “vault”, so you get paid if you get the job done.

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