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Instagram Reels: The OG Way To Fine Tune Your IG Presence

Published On July 13, 2022

IG users can’t help but watch Reels whenever they open Instagram. These videos are attention-grabbing, and people can watch them for hours since their short length makes them even more gripping! This is good news for all IG influencers. Since people engage with Instagram Reels more than static feed posts, Reels can massively increase your follower count and hone your IG presence. Instagram even offers an array of creative tools to make a Reel enjoyable. Using these tools the right way amplifies the engagement rate.

Let’s explore three key reasons to use IG Reels and eight hidden ways up your Reel game in this blog.

different ig reels
Figure 1: IG Reels. Source: Search Engine Journal

The Top 3 Reasons to Use Instagram Reels

  1. It’s one of the best ways to increase visibility

Influencers invest time in conducting IG Lives and uploading aesthetic photos. Though doing this is crucial to having a cohesive IG profile, nothing can boost your visibility like Reels. Why? Because the added music, text, animation, and immersive transitions make Reels more interesting to watch. Posting Instagram Reels is the way to get more exposure and followers and land high-paying brand partnerships.

  1. Reels last longer
profile reels
Figure 2: Reels remain on your profile forever. Source: Follow Chain

Unlike IG Stories that disappear after 24 hours, Reels stay in the IG ecosystem for a longer time. They’re more discoverable regardless of when you uploaded them. Since they’re permanent, they’re more shareable and visible to your new followers. 

  1. They show up in the Explore tab and more
explore page
Figure 3: Reels feature on the Explore page. No source

Your IG account gets popular when your Reels feature in the Explore section. Your potential followers often go to the Explore tab when searching for new content. And your Reel in the Explore tab can lead them to follow you and become loyal fans. The target audience can also see popular Reels on pages dedicated to hashtags, songs, and effects you use in your videos.

Eight Effective Ways To Elevate Your Reel Game!

  1. Don’t focus on virality

Are your Reels going viral? Great. Are your Reels NOT going viral? Still great! The Instagram algorithm is quite volatile, and you may not bag thousands of views on every Reel.

Fun fact: You don’t have to worry about going viral.

Unfortunately, we post Reels aiming to go viral and become a sensation. And if this dream doesn’t manifest, we conclude, “Instagram Reels are not working for me.” But when creating Reels primarily for virality, you’ll likely lose focus and authenticity. To that end, your content doesn’t connect with your audience anymore. This is because you’re not uploading Reels that address your followers’ interests and add value. This negatively impacts your follower count and IG presence. 

Don’t create videos for more likes and views; create to entertain, inform, and help your audience! Besides, informative and engaging Reels will help you create a community of interested followers.

  1. Create a content pillar strategy

Having a content pillar strategy is crucial to creating valuable content on Instagram. Content pillars are categories of content you develop Reels around. These can be 3 to 5 broad topics that you can break into subtopics.

For instance, the niche of a food influencer can be diverse dishes countries serve. So, the first content pillar can be famous foods in Canada, and the second can be famous dishes in the US. Many users often add relevant hashtags on Instagram Reels for more visibility.

A strong content pillar strategy helps the Instagram algorithm identify your niche, which increases your visibility. Content pillars also help your audience know what to expect from your Reels. They also come in handy in difficult times when you’re clueless about what to post and lack interesting ideas — your pillars will inspire you to create engaging Instagram Reels.

  1. Don’t miss out on trends
trending IG music
Figure 4: Trending IG music. Source: Plann

If you want to scale on IG, make friends with trends! Before grabbing your camera to shoot a Reel, investigate what’s trending. The Pet Scout Shop is an excellent case in point. They constantly upload trendy, TikTok-style Reels showing off their dog bandanas.

But don’t simply regurgitate the trend. Instead, add your own twist. Analyze how you can tweak the trend and make it relevant for your niche. See if the trend’s content adds value to your target audience. This Reel will encourage viewers to visit your profile and see other Reels. Eventually, you’ll gain more followers.

Additionally, pay attention to the trending music and sounds on the Gram. Using these in your Reels can also increase your discoverability.

  1. Remove watermarks
Tiktok watermark
Figure 5: Watermark on TikTok videos. Source: CNN

The resemblance between Instagram Reels and TikTok videos can be uncanny! However, a striking feature distinguishes Reels from TikTok — TikTok videos come with a distinct watermark. This watermark is noticeable even when you share TikTok videos on Instagram.

Though repurposing content is standard, ensure your IG videos don’t have watermarks from apps like TikTok. Avoid uploading Reels that are visibly recycled from other apps. Instagram announced it wouldn’t promote videos from other apps on its platform. Though IG won’t remove them, the algorithm won’t place them on the users’ screens.

Instagram wants its users to upload original and fresh content. And your success lies in following these rules!

  1. Create an engaging cover photo
gary vee instagram
Figure 6: Gary Vee’s customized, compelling cover photos. Source: GaryVee

How many times did you click on a YouTube video just because of the attractive thumbnail? We’re sure you have many times! The same goes for Instagram. Attention-grabbing cover photos are one of the main reasons people will click on your video.

Remember, people will visit your profile and the Reels tab to get to know you more. And engaging, customized cover photos will compel them to watch the Reels. Additionally, your users will visit your profile to get an answer to specific questions, and the text on the cover photos will ease their search.

You can easily create cover photos using IG Stories. Edit the image, add text, and save it to your camera. Upload it as a cover photo later for your Reel.

  1. Shoot vertical content

Do you use your laptop to log in on Instagram? Not always, right? Neither does your audience. Most users watch Instagram Reels on mobile phones. Therefore, creating your content mobile-friendly is imperative. And one of the ways to do that is by creating vertical content. 

No phone user likes tilting their phone repeatedly to watch videos. To make your content immersive, ensure your Instagram Reels’ size is 9:16. Regarding the resolution, your Instagram Reels should be 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels. Download your Reel using an Instagram Reels video downloading app and check its size and resolution to ensure you’re uploading your Reel in the required format. 

This way, your Reels will fully fit on the users’ screens, and they can quickly scroll upwards for more content. Besides user-friendliness, vertical videos are also conducive to a higher view count. Research revealed that 187% more people watched at least half of the video shot in the vertical mode.

  1. Go behind-the-scenes!
terminator movie on social media
Figure 7: BTS of the movie Terminator 2 on social media. Source: StanWinstonSchool

Behind-the-scenes content is soaring in popularity on social media platforms. 87% of customers revealed they’d love to see more BTS content from brands and influencers. And giving the audience what they want is the way to go!

BTS Reels will help you appear more “human” and build a stronger bond with your audience. It is a more relaxed type of content, often humorous, bringing a smile to the followers’ faces. This will help your audience realize that you, too, are vulnerable to errors. Besides, it exposes the efforts you put in to entertain your audience. Together, this will build your audience’s trust in you.

And better trust and connection will translate to more tangible results, such as a higher follower count, likes, comments, and shares. This, in turn, will help you land high-paying brand partnerships. 

  1. Answer questions
live q&a
Figure 8: IG allows you to turn question stickers into live Q&As. Source: Engadget

Running short of interesting Reel ideas? Skim through the common questions your audience asks in your Stories, DMs, and comments. These questions are the mother lode of ideas. They will help you post consistently and post content your audience expects.

Look for the audience’s common questions related to your niche. And create an engaging Reel answering that question in a simple, digestible manner. These Reels will help increase your follower count as they are more shareable and likable.

We recommend answering questions in Reels — and not Stories or Lives — because they won’t disappear after 24 hours. They remain for however long you let them be on your profile. Besides, you can add a cover photo on the Reel, adding the question as text. This will give your Reels even more views. 

Get Ready To Partner With Reputable Brands

Creating engaging Reels will get you more visibility, which, in turn, will attract well-known brands. You can earn a fortune by promoting their products and services.

But this path to earning brand partnerships can be time-consuming. So, here’s a more friction-free, quick, and effective way to collaborate with top-notch brands: Atisfyre. Atisfyre is an AI-based influencer marketing platform connecting influencers with brands. 

Sign-up today to get an exclusive list of notable brands in your niche actively looking for experienced influencers like you! 

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