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8 Quick Hacks To Make Your Instagram Reels Go Viral

Published On May 04, 2022

Since its inception in 2010, Instagram has been one of the most popular social media platforms. As many as 25,000 users joined the platform on the first day of its launch. This social platform is equally famous amongst marketers, as 71% of US marketers leverage it to spread the word about their business. It is also an ever-evolving platform, frequently adding new updates and features. The most attractive feature to date has been Instagram Reels. 

Every Reel is subject to the algorithm’s terms and conditions and failing to understand this can shatter your dreams of becoming an IG star. 

But don’t worry! We’ve curated eight mind-blowing hacks to overcome algorithm-related problems and get your Reels millions of views. But first, let us understand how the IG algorithm functions.

How Does The Reels Algorithm Work?

The Instagram algorithm is a set of rules that dictate which posts and accounts get more visibility. The primary purpose of a social media algorithm is to foresee the kind of content a user is likely to interact with. The algorithm places specific posts from particular creators on the user’s feed as per the user’s activity. If a user watches Instagram Reels all the way through, it signals that they like that content. Consequently, they will see more of it and its creator.

To show relevant and engaging content for the users’ interests, Instagram monitors:

  • The user’s activity 
  • The user’s interaction with the Reels creator
  • Information about the Reel
  • Information about the content creator 

The recent Instagram Reels algorithm update will only prioritize high-quality and original content. This means that users can no longer cross-promote content from other platforms. So, a TikTok video on Instagram is highly likely to get deprioritized by the Instagram algorithm. Instagram also informed that the algorithm will primarily prioritize funny, engaging, and entertaining Reels.

Tips To Hack The Instagram Reels Algorithm

If the shifting rules of Instagram have struck you and you’re not receiving the anticipated engagement, you have landed at the right place. Here are some quick adjustments to get a satisfactory return on your social efforts and conquer the algorithm.

1. Make content shareable

makeup tutorial reel
Figure 1: Makeup tutorial reel. Source: Awario

Instagram users often share relatable Reels to their network, following the creator if they find their content interesting. More shares generate more traffic, which in turn leads to more engagement. The point is that creating shareable Reels will make you an Instagram sensation!

Users often share innovative and informative Reels, such as DIYs and tutorials. If you want to create a buzz around your Instagram Reels, make sure people resonate with them. Create content around the values your audience respects, and don’t shy away from asking people to share — many content creators ask outright. Add a call to action at the end of your Reels, encouraging people to like, comment, and share the content.

In addition to creating relatable Reels, also make them useful. According to a study by the New York Times, nearly 90% of the users evaluate the usefulness of the content before sharing it. To create valuable Reels, first determine the problem you address and the people you talk to.

2. Never miss a trend

trending ig dance
Figure 2: Trending IG dance on ‘Love Nwantinti’ by CKay and DJ Axel. Source: iDiva

Creating content is one of the best ways to increase your reach and stay relevant in the fluid digital space. The Instagram algorithm prioritizes trending content; therefore, trending Reels get more views. Creating Reels on a trend can even feature you on the Explore feed. These ebb-and-flow trends can be anything from a daring challenge to a cutesy dance. You can even create a trend and ask your followers to hop on the bandwagon — but don’t forget to include a unique hashtag for visibility. 

Do not sacrifice your professionalism and brand identity while creating fun-filled Reels. Though Reels are all about enjoyment, ensure that you don’t jump on trends that will taint your reputation. Stick to relevant trends to your target audience and comply with their values. Otherwise, a happy-go-lucky 60-second video may cost you your followers. 

Here’s a secret tool to find trending topics when running short of ideas to create content: Google Trends. This tool can offer you all the trending topics of the day. Choose one related to your industry and create content around it.

3. Make vertical videos

vertical mode Instagram reels
Figure 3: Shooting in vertical mode offers an enhanced visual experience. Source: Miss Malini

Almost 80% of all social media video viewers browse through their smartphones! Considering this, Instagram is bringing changes to enhance the experience of mobile users, and the vertical video trend is one of them. 

From TikTok to Instagram to YouTube, most popular social media channels encourage creators to create videos in vertical mode. This mode is more mobile-friendly than landscape, cutting the additional step of tilting the phone for a better visual experience. The ease of scrolling through the Reels, double-tapping to like them, and watching them without tilting enhances engagement. 

Interestingly, AdNews, an e-newsletter, stated that around 70% of Millennials don’t flip their phones when a landscape video pops up. This user behavior shows that not utilizing vertical videos can cost you your audience. Another study by Buffer reveals that approximately 187% more people watched at least half the vertical videos. In contrast, they did not accept other formats as much. Therefore, make sure you shoot your Instagram Reels in vertical mode. Also, keep in mind that the ideal Instagram Reels size is 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels. 

4. Stick to community guidelines

instagram guideliness
Figure 4: Consequences of violating IG guidelines. Source: The Verge

You must stick to Instagram’s Community Guidelines for enhanced Reel visibility. Violating the community rules is the easiest way to get your content banned! So, avoid creating offensive content since Instagram is accessible to all users aged 13 and above.

  • Avoid strong language: Instagram users come from various walks of life. Therefore, Instagram is particular about the language and tone of the content on the platform. Your safety lies in creating content free of hurtful and abusive language. Besides, clean content will help you maintain your brand value.
  • Create age-appropriate content: Avoid nudity in your content since the younger audience is more active on Instagram. Participate in making Instagram a clean and neutral space, safe for people of all age groups.
  • Limit spam: Focus more on building meaningful relationships instead of spamming. Avoid purchasing bots to collect likes and comments artificially. As Instagram removes such content, avoid creating content containing threats and hate speech.

5. Add music

audio library
Figure 5: IG audio library. Source: Later

Imagine watching videos with no sound! Unless it’s a Charlie Chaplin movie, your viewers will be bored. Music helps create immersive videos, meaning that you’re likely to get more views if you add this to make your videos more engaging. Besides, you can increase your Instagram Reel’s reach by adding the trending sounds or songs available in Instagram’s music library.

Making Reels using trending music can potentially increase your engagement. If you want to find out if a song is popular enough to add to your video, tap on the song from the bottom of the video. Instagram will show you how many Instagrammers have used that sound for their Reels. If many people have used the sound, you will get more views using it.

6. Always edit before posting

instagram reels on adobe rush
Figure 6: Editing IG reel on Adobe Rush. Source: Plann That

The most straightforward way to create engaging videos is to edit like a pro! Remember, Instagram is all about aesthetically pleasing content. Raw, unedited videos fail to look Instagram-worthy — sometimes, the camera quality is not at-par, or the lighting is inappropriate. Fortunately, you can correct these flaws in today’s digitally advanced age. All you need is to download the Instagram Reel’s video to your phone, edit it in an app, and re-upload it!

Here are some top Reel editing tips you can use: 

  • Create multi-scene videos to make your Reels dynamic. Instagram offers a feature to stitch different clips together and create a mini-movie. Combine clips shot in different backdrops to make your videos engaging. But make sure the videos you trim and combine conform to the Instagram Reels’ length of 60 seconds.
  • Create a fun appearing-disappearing effect using the Align tool. This tool can remove or add an object or person between the scenes. Usually, creators leverage this tool to shoot outfit changing or makeup videos and magically pop on the screen with a different avatar.
  • Collaborate with other creators using the Remix tool to record your Reel alongside another one. Sing melodious duets or react to an intriguing Reel using Remix.

7. Always be original

Your discoverability will plummet if you plagiarize content. As mentioned before, you cannot get views on uploading videos from other platforms. Even if you’re following trends, add your own twist. When creating original content, incorporate Instagram tools, like filters, gifs, and stickers to get more views and engagement.

Creating original content has multiple benefits. Firstly, original Reels will attract the right audience. They would consider you an expert in your niche and engage more with you, liking, commenting, and sharing your Reels.

Moreover, original content will drive the interest of reputable brands, helping you gain high-paying brand partnerships. Remember, your Instagram feed is no less than a portfolio. Therefore, brands looking to collaborate will assess you based on the content you upload, and authentic content will win their hearts! 

  1. Quality content to the rescue
instagram option of high-quality videos
Figure 7: IG option to upload high-quality videos. Source: FozTech 

Low-quality content will take you nowhere. If you’ve decided to become a content creator, be loyal to your profession and don’t look for shortcuts. Put in the hard work in creating content, and results will follow. High-quality content will give you the followers you have dreamed of, and eventually the glorious blue tick! Therefore, never compromise on the quality of content you publish.

To create high-quality content, understand your audience. Here lies the key to creating content that gets views. Your audience will tell you what they want and when you give them that, you get closer to attaining your social media goals. In addition, use a high-quality camera to record videos and upload them in the appropriate format and resolution.

Most importantly, always upload on wi-fi. Instagram deteriorates Reel’s quality under low-network conditions. You could end up with pixelated videos if your network is weak.

There you have it, folks! You can create incredible Reels with these hacks under your belt. Creating viral Instagram Reels will easily convince brands that you are a worthy content creator. However, the gap between brands and influencers is often difficult to cover. But Atisfyre is here to build a bridge. While you create content that gets more eyeballs, allow us to offer you what you deserve: top-notch brand partnerships. 

Atisfyre is an AI-based platform that connects deserving influencers with brands in similar industries in a frictionless manner. Sign up with us today for free!

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