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Influencer Kit: Here’s How To Create A Rockstar Media Kit To Impress Brands

Published On June 01, 2022

Social media platforms have become the easiest route for “normal” individuals to share engaging content and become famous influencers. This accessibility leads to higher competition — there are over 500,000 influencers on Instagram alone and between 3 to 37 million in the world! Thus, standing out becomes challenging. However, a powerful influencer media kit ensures you create a positive impression on the brand you pitch to and builds lasting relationships in the industry.  

influencer statistics
Figure 1: Share of marketers using social media and influencer marketing. Source: Tinuiti

Wondering what exactly an influencer kit is? In simplest terms, it is your digital portfolio. A media kit is the most professional way to showcase your work to the brands. It tells your clients everything they should know to decide if you’re the right fit. An ideal media kit has everything, from your USP to follower count to capabilities to personality. These kits will not only introduce you to the clients but raise awareness about your brand.

Get along with us in our journey today as we discuss why you need an influencer media kit, elements of a perfect kit and tips to create one right away!

Benefits Of Having An Influencer Media Kit

You decide what brands see

The most important reason to create a media kit is that it gives you liberty over what your potential partners see. Strategically building a kit will help you highlight only the ups of your career, encouraging brands to partner with you. You decide what message is delivered and in what tone. You don’t get this liberty when brands look you up on the internet, where they may get to know about your failed campaigns too. But sending a media kit when you meet the prospect for the first time creates a positive impression. 


An ideal influencer media kit will contain all the crucial data about you that brands would want to know. Since you’d have sent this information already, they’ll make their decision faster. This saves time for both the parties involved in the partnership. This also facilitates seamless conversation and prevents miscommunication, as there isn’t a lot of back and forth.

Show how prepared you are

Sending a pre-prepared media kit without even asking is the best way to show how eager and serious you are about working with the brand. It highlights your professionalism and proactiveness. Such efforts go a long way and positively impact a brand’s hiring decision.

Encourage collaboration

Giving in-depth information about yourself in the media kit facilitates quicker decision-making. And your professionalism will encourage the decision-makers to choose you over thousands of influencers who may have applied but forgot to make a media kit. This sets you apart and gives you an edge over others.

What Are Brands Looking For In A Media Kit?

Coming to the meat of the matter, here are 7 unmissable elements of an ideal influencer media kit that motivates brands to hire you. 

#1 Key Info About You

influencer description
Figure 2: About Me section example. Source: Later

If you think brands are not interested in who you are but only in how many followers you have, you are incorrect. Remember, brands would rather partner with nano-influencers having a welcoming attitude than a popular, disrespectful individual. They already have many chores to do and wouldn’t want an additional one in the form of handling your tantrums. Therefore, they are very much curious about who you are and your influencer journey.

So, an “About Me” section is one of the key elements of an influencer media kit. This is where you show your personality and create an instant bond with your client. Highlight your values and the fact that they align with the brand’s values — this will boost your chances of getting hired. Tell them about yourself, your lifestyle, location, niche, passions, and relevant experience. At the same time, avoid oversharing. For example, don’t go on telling stories about your kids unless you’re pitching to a brand selling mom-specific products. And do not forget to include a happy picture of yourself! 

#2 Audience Size (Channel-specific)

instagram influencer
Figure 3: Follower count on Instagram. Source: Hootsuite

Not all brand campaigns are for nano-influencers. The same goes for macro-influencers, too. In other words, every brand campaign is different, targets a varied demographic, and has a different budget. Therefore, audience size matters, allowing the brands to assess if you are the best choice as per the campaign goals.

Thus, include a section that clearly states your current follower count, the location of your followers, and followers per country. This will bring to the fore how powerful you are in the social media landscape. Don’t shy away from sharing your impressive engagement rate, average comments in the last six months, and the frequency of your posts. Describe this information in the form of a digestible infographic, chart, or graph to boost the curb appeal of your media kit. 

#3 Audience Demographics

social demographics
Figure 4: Audience demographic analysis on a third-party app. Source: Cision

Once you’ve told how many followers you have, the brand would want to know who follows you. This is where audience demographics come in. Brands won’t hire you only because of your wider follower count. They want to know if you are serving an audience they target. This ensures their marketing campaigns are successful and their products reach relevant customers. If brands miss this crucial element and choose the wrong influencer, they’d be selling a baby toy to the Millennials! And you’d go home with a tainted reputation of being a failed influencer who doesn’t generate leads. 

Be clear about your audience demographics to save yourself from such a disaster and make sure the partnership is mutually advantageous. Tell brands your audience’s age, location, passion, and gender. You can even include the most active platforms to help brands make the right choice.

#4 Analytics Data

Youtube analytics
Figure 5: YouTube analytics dashboard. Source: Single Grain

The sad reality is that brands may not trust you are the best influencer for them, even if you say it in the fanciest language. They need proof. Therefore, analytic data is a key element in your influencer media kit. Adding the data shows that you can bring tangible results and are not making false claims. This transparency also increases your chances of getting hired.

We recommend including influencer Instagram analytics as 93% of influencer campaigns take place on Instagram. Go to the Instagram app and look at the Insights section. You will find important metrics, like Profile Visits and Interactions, that proclaim how good an influencer you are! Take a screenshot and include it in the media kit.

Additionally, you can include your website analytics if you have one. The numbers prove the kind of reach you have. You can find everything about your website, from website visits to page views, on Google Analytics. Lastly, including YouTube analytics data is also not a bad idea.

#5 Engagement Ratios

social media analytics tool
Figure 6: Social media analytics tool measuring engagement. Source: Sprout Social

Highly engaged audience results in more conversions. Because the audience is “awake” and responding to your posts, it will most likely take action when you endorse a brand. For this simple and logical reason, brands look for influencers with not only more followers but engaged followers. And since engagement rates help brands determine your social media success, including it in the media kit is a must.

Besides, higher engagement rates also show your strong bond with your followers. And if your followers trust you, they are highly likely to trust your recommendations, which ‌means higher conversions. A high engagement rate also highlights your excellent content creation skills, satisfying the audience. It shows you know what your audience wants and how to package your content appealingly. Therefore, brands prefer influencers with an engaged audience.

#6 Brand Mentions and Affinity

The brands you mention in your posts have close relationships, signifying the kind of audience you cater to. The audience of an influencer talking about Gucci, Chanel, and Michael Kors will differ from the one speaking about thrift stores! Therefore, showing the Brand Mentions in your posts will allow prospects to peep into your and your audience’s online personality. This will further help them determine if their product is relevant to your audience.

#7 Previous Campaigns and Wins

influencer campaign
Figure 7: A successful influencer campaign. Source: The Fashion Law

Again, adding proof of your success will bring you closer to bagging that partnership! Therefore, include the previous campaigns you were a part of and highlight the results you brought. This will boost your value before the brands you pitch, as they prioritize experienced influencers rather than naïve ones who’ve just entered the space.

Adding campaigns will also help you flaunt the brands who’ve paid you to create content for them. Utilize your most engaging posts featuring a brand’s product. And do not forget to mention the brands that consider you as their go-to influencers. Recurring clients showcase that you are a competent influencer.


influencer kit
Figure 8: A clutter-free media kit design. Source: Ampjar

Would you like to read a cluttered document with insufficient paragraph spacing and thousands of unwanted visuals and emojis? No, right? Neither would your prospective brand. The least you can do to ensure the brands keep reading your portfolio until the end is to choose an appealing design. Here are some tips to remember: 

  • Do not write everything in the same font and color. To enhance readability, choose a different font for headers and body text. While the Serif fonts look more traditional, Sans Serif gives a modern look. Choose the font as per the aesthetic you are aiming for. But remember to maintain consistency. For example, don’t write all headers in different fonts.
  • Remember that you are hired for your ability to create appealing content and graphics. Let this skill reflect in your media kit and pay attention to the images and graphics.
  • Ensure the design is appealing and suits the platform your potential brand is targeting. The same goes for your portfolio’s content — choose pieces showcasing your finesse on the platform brands would run influencer campaigns on. 
  • To avoid boring the brands, create engaging and easy-to-understand graphs and charts wherever possible. 

Finally, Don’t Overlook These! Things To Consider When Creating An Influencer Media Kit

  • Brevity is crucial. Remember, brands don’t have time to read every word of your 20-page media kit. They usually skim through the document to get your overview. So, do them — and yourself — a favor and keep things concise. Don’t go over 3 pages.
  • Focus on improving the readability of the document. Be careful of the format and make each page look ‘cleaner.’ Clear headlines, bullet points, and fonts will enhance readability.
  • Consistency is also an important element, helping brands remember you. Therefore, align the aesthetics of your portfolio with that of your profile. This includes using the same profile picture, editing style, typography, and color palette.
  • Saying you have 37,996 followers and 2,981 site visits can confuse people. Therefore, round numbers wherever possible. Prefer saying 38k followers and 3k website visits. This will give brands a clear idea of your social standing and also take less space.
  • Most importantly, let your media kit flow from one topic to another. Neatly organize every section to make things more ‘logical.’

Already Have An Influencer Media Kit? Here’s The Next Step. 

For those smart influencers who already had an influencer media kit, now is your time to shine! You may send the kit directly to the brands, but you’d never know who would be your ideal partner. Let us relieve you of the responsibility of finding a brand fit for your target audience and who pays well.

Simply register at Atisfyre to get connected with reputable brands with similar interests. Atisfyre is an AI-based influencer marketing platform for content creators in search of brand partnerships. You join with us and we join you to the brands actively looking for influencers like you. 

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