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How To Market Yourself Online As A Gamer

Published On January 11, 2023

If you’ve always loved gaming and want to earn extra money, consider becoming a gaming influencer. Influencer marketing is incredibly successful in this sector, which is why many brands use it for advertising games or products. You’ll have the chance to earn money by getting in touch with other gamers and offering your recommendations.

Although being a professional gamer is demanding, more and more people are making a career in gaming. Being a successful gamer requires talent, but you must know how to market yourself. Read on to learn how to market yourself if you’re interested in a career in gaming.

Content Formats To Market Yourself As A Gamer


A blog is a terrific platform to express your ideas and opinions, and you can also use it to build your brand and generate income. According to a survey by Orbit Media, 80% of bloggers find that blogs drive strong marketing results. 

You can use your blog to share gaming news, new releases, console reviews, and more. It is a great medium to build your authority in the games you play by providing players with guides, tutorials, and reviews.

blogs graphic
Figure 1: Most bloggers feel blogs drive results. Source: Orbit Media


Don’t sweat if writing isn’t your forte. Vlogs offer a potent alternative to promoting yourself and showcasing your best qualities.

People today enjoy watching videos. They have quickly risen to the top of the list of media used by humans to process information. You won’t go wrong if you consider each vlog you create as a type of “digital interview” with possible employers and investors. You can also start livestreaming on platforms like Twitch to build your audience and let people watch you play games. They are also great as video content you can later repurpose to market on other platforms.


All game streamers must establish their presence on the YouTube platform. The amount of exposure that YouTube can provide is hard to underestimate. 

And while you continue to develop your gaming content and establish your brand, there is excellent potential for income through ad monetization, community fundraising, or content subscriptions if you promote yourself well.


Discord is the world’s most actively used text and voice talking program. If you’re a gamer, chances are you interact with other players on a few servers or exchange memes there. Once limited to game talk, Discord is now home to more than 250 million users who use its capabilities for various communities and purposes. 

However, you shouldn’t just use Discord channels for promotion. Instead, use the platform to engage with fans directly. Pop into your channel and have a casual conversation. If the show’s star participates, followers will be more interested in engaging with the influencer’s channel.

Facebook Groups

The key to building a vibrant Facebook group is to promote discussion through the information you share and effective community management. You can join an existing gaming community or start your own and expand it.

Post comments, respond to other comments, inquire about members’ needs, and address and resolve any issues they may be having in your Facebook group!

8 Strategies To Level up Your Video Gaming Marketing

Below are some great strategies you must adopt to make a noticeable impact in the gaming industry:

1. Hype up live events such as streams, announcements, and competitions on social media

The popularity of livestreaming is rising. Twitch receives millions of viewers on average each day. Players always look for fresh content to check out, ideally in real-time.

Because of this, a large portion of gaming-related social media is dedicated to building anticipation. After all, creating suspense causes conversation. Similarly, breaking news and announcements keep gamers engaged on social media. In other words, gamers always look for new content to consume, engage with, or comment on. Be sure to provide them with what they want. Twitter is an excellent place for this, but you can always use Discord or Instagram. 

fortnite tournament
Figure 2: Screenshot of a gaming tournament announcement. Source: Facebook

2. Partner with streamers and up-and-coming gamers

We recognize that working with others and streaming requires a certain amount of vulnerability. But to succeed in this field, you must communicate with other gamers and streamers. Whether you decide to market your streams or not, expanding your channel is your primary goal. 

Any business, including your channel, must have strong networking relationships to survive. Every day, set aside some time only for networking. Choose who you collaborate with carefully. You don’t want to get into any unhealthy partnerships. 

3. When in doubt, lean into humor and memes

Humor is the perfect bridge between gamers and social media. It caters to a younger audience and those looking for fun. A lighthearted marketing voice that doesn’t take itself too seriously is a great trait to build. Just make sure it flows naturally and is relevant to your audience. 

Memes make marketing more relatable and have a high shareability potential. Building a sense of connection with your audience requires having fun together, so get laughing!

Figure 3: Memes can add a fun element to your content. Source: Hackernoon

4. Boost your knowledge about digital marketing

To be counted as a gaming influencer, you need to promote your brand on multiple sites to increase your online visibility. Be active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Update your accounts frequently, and share exciting and timely content. It can be worthwhile to brush up on your knowledge of digital marketing and the fundamentals of using various streaming platforms for multi-streaming in the future.

5. Pay attention to the small details

Your brand is cumulative of everything, including the visuals in your videos or posts, your outfit, and your tech. Think about how you want to project yourself. Then choose what to include in the videos and images you post on your feeds.

Let’s say you’re trying to get sponsorships from video game companies. Using top gaming gear can help you prove your expertise. 

Additionally, better hardware enhances your response times while playing, allowing you to wow your audience with your prowess and technological know-how.

6. Maintain a thick skin when dealing with trolls

Call-outs. A bad review flops. Meaningless trolling. The list is endless.

You only need to look at gaming-related Twitter discussions or anything remotely relevant to “console wars” to see how gamers love to argue. If you aim to represent brands, heated conversations like these can jeopardize your career as a gaming influencer. So stay calm and avoid any internet battles.

7. Start a trend

It’s no secret that influencers are the primary source of trends. 

Although it’s not a given, the possibility of going viral on social media does exist. Think of unique things you can try that no one else has done before. You can also try old trends with new twists and see if it catches on. This tactic works well on TikTok and Twitch, as many viral gaming influencers can vouch for.

8. Reach out to more brands

You need to contact the right brands to make sure you keep making money from your business as a gaming influencer. Using platforms for gaming influencer marketing like Atisfyre is one way to achieve this. 

Our platform gives game brands and influencers a safe space to communicate with one another. There is a lot of competition, so these will help you come across as a professional if you want to stand out in the crowd. You can market yourself as a trustworthy gamer online and attract only the brands and jobs you want to work on. 

Check out Atisfyre’s features for influencers. 

Learn The Trade From The Best Gaming Influencers


Valkyrae gamer
Figure 4: Valkyrae is a gaming streamer and content creator. Source: Instagram 

YouTube channel subscribers: 3.8M

Twitch channel subscribers: 1.1M

Rachell Rae Hofstetter, aka Valkyrae, is an American streamer, content producer, social media influencer, and co-founder of 100 Thieves. Rae has been the most-watched female streamer since 2020 and even participates in all-female team competitions. She is also the global ambassador for Gymshark, the athletic clothing brand. 


TobyGames gaming influencer
Figure 5: TobyGames creates humorous gaming content. Source: Twitter

YouTube channel subscribers: 6.2M

Twitch channel subscribers: 66.9K

TobyGames engages his audience with live streams and his fantastic sense of humor. Subscribers adore TobyGames for his videos on all the difficult games, including Skyrim, Fallout, and Doom. But that’s not all; TobyGames also engages new players by playing Mario Kart and Minecraft.


KSI gaming influencer
Figure 6: KSI is an entertainer and gaming streamer. Source: Instagram

KSI is one of the biggest gaming influencers in the UK. KSI has recently shifted his focus to his music career, but he still posts incredibly amusing videos to keep his fan base entertained. This gaming influencer uses live streaming to talk about reaction videos, music, and games like Among Us and FIFA. Because of his blunt demeanor and drama-filled streaming, KSI frequently receives positive feedback from viewers. 

YouTube channel subscribers: 24M

Twitch channel subscribers: 417K


SSSniperWolf gaming influencer
Figure 7: SSSniperWolf is a leading figure in esports. Source: Instagram

YouTube channel subscribers: 33.1 M

Twitch channel subscribers: 338K

SSSniperWolf is one of the top female gamers. She fell in love with gaming as a young girl and continues to share her love of it with millions of admirers worldwide. She is currently a prominent YouTuber and a star personality in esports, and her impact is only increasing.

Launch Your Career As A Gaming Influencer

We have everything you need if you want to expand the prospect of your networking skills to fit the needs of the contemporary marketing world. No matter where you are, Atisfyre allows you to connect to global businesses and work exclusively on the projects you select. Also, contracts are automated, and payments are guaranteed. 

Signing up is free, easy, and one of the best ways to take your gaming career to the next level. Get going now!

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