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Here’s How To Crack TikTok’s Algorithm To Go Viral

Published On June 15, 2022

How to beat the TikTok algorithm in 2022?

The penultimate on TikTok is to go viral. But the ultimate is great content. 

The TikTok algorithm is a recommendation engine that selects which videos to display on your For You page. On this tab, no two users will get identical videos. The videos you see may change depending on your viewing choices and even your present mood. The algorithm then suggests content based on these likes and interests. 

The TikTok algorithm is fairly easy to hack, which is one of the major reasons businesses and creators adore the platform. You don’t need a large following or any past success to reach thousands of people. 

As a result, it’s critical to understand how the algorithm works and what best practices will help better your TikTok approach. While there is no secret sauce for becoming a TikTok sensation, working with the algorithm’s preferences can undoubtedly help you reach a larger audience. 

By the end of this blog, you will have a better understanding of the TikTok algorithm and know some hacks to make it work in your favor and push your content to more audiences. 

The (Not So) Secret Factors That Influence TikTok’s Algorithm!

Most platforms have divulged the core workings of their algorithms as users have become more distrustful of social network algorithms. Fortunately, we now have direct access to some of the TikTok algorithm’s key ranking signals. They are:

1. User interactions

The more a TikTok video’s engagement and views, the more likely it is to be shared with a bigger audience. Some positive markers are:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares

Re-watches and longer videos you watch till the end

2. Audios

TikTok has made many songs go viral. When more creators use the same song in their videos, it is likely to get more views. 

3. Engagement 

The more your audience engages with your videos, the more it gets promoted to their wider networks. 

4. Hashtags and captions

Including hashtags and captions improves the algorithm’s understanding of your content and helps in better indexing. 

5. Subject matter

TikTok classifies content based on user preferences. Thus the subject matter plays a vital role if you want to succeed on the platform.

TikTok chooses its topic for recommendations by looking at:

  • Keywords for captions
  • Sounds
  • Hashtags
  • Effects
  • Content (i.e. video transcripts)

6. Location and language 

The algorithm also considers the post’s location, language preference set by the user, and the type of mobile device used for viewing the videos when making suggestions. 

man on map

Factors That Do Not Influence The TikTok Algorithm

A few elements have no bearing on how TikTok ranks your content. Among them are:

  • Number of followers
  • Whether you’ve already produced successful videos

This implies that even if you are a beginner at Tiktok or have a few thousand followers, your video has a chance to go popular. Good news for small creators on TikTok!

8 TikTok Algorithm Hacks You Need To Try Today!

TikTok is constantly evolving and adjusting in response to user feedback. You must adapt to any change in the TikTok algorithm. Here are some TikTok algorithm hacks for going popular on the platform:

  1. The 3-second rule 

TikTok moves quickly. This is not the place to put an intro before getting down to business with your video. Your video’s hook should stop your viewer’s scrolling. In the first three seconds of your TikTok, grab attention and show them the value. 

This statistic comes from TikTok ads, but it might be useful for your organic content: When a TikTok video started with a strong emotion like surprise, it received a 1.7x boost over content that began with a neutral expression.

  1. Focus on your niche

The development of consistent content in your field of expertise is one of the major variables impacting the TikTok algorithm. The TikTok algorithm will identify your skill the more videos you post in your niche. It will then start delivering your content to the right people. You must choose a niche to focus on initially since this will help you tap into an existing community and increase the visibility of your content to the relevant audience. The good news is that you are not constrained to choose just one. You may even focus on a couple of subcultures and change them up a little.

  1. Use trending audios

Because the TikTok algorithm prefers videos with popular sounds, take advantage of them while they’re fresh. Following any trend when it comes to ranking on the ‘For You’ page is a good bet.

So, how do you figure out which songs are popular? On the Record Video tab, tap Sounds after tapping the Plus button at the bottom of the TikTok home screen. A list of the most popular sounds will be listed here. TikTok Analytics will also show which sounds are popular among your target demographic. This information is available under the follower tab.

  1. Use relevant hashtags 

Hashtags on TikTok, as on Instagram, help categorize content and make it simpler for users to find it.

However, it is important to utilize hashtags meaningful to your video. Consider them as keywords that will tell the TikTok algorithm what your video is about. Under the Discover tab, look for current hashtags. Even better, keep an eye out for hashtag challenges that you may join. Participating in trending challenges gives you not only content ideas but also increases your chances of being noticed by more people. 

  1. Try newer features on TikTok 

TikTok is all about experimenting with new ideas and pushing the envelope on creativity.

Being a “beta” user for new features might help you attract more people to engage with your content. Especially since TikTok indicates whatever tools and features you used to customize your video when submitting it. Keep a watch out for new feature releases; you might want to give them a go-to to obtain greater exposure!

  1. Find the best time to post 

While the TikTok algorithm ranks content depending on various parameters, it’s worth experimenting with uploading at your most optimum time.

The logic is simple; if you publish when most of your community is online, you’ll immediately reach more people. You may identify common correlations between when a video was released and how well it did by keeping track of your TikTok content performance.

Of course, there’s still some guessing involved, but this should give you a good idea of when you and your audience are most active.

  1. Write compelling captions 

Your TikTok caption is limited to 150 characters, including hashtags. But that’s no reason to overlook this promising space. A good caption reminds viewers why they should watch your video, enhancing engagement and signals to the algorithm for video completion. Use your caption to pique people’s attention or ask a question to start a conversation in the comments. Much like a tweet, say more in fewer words!

  1. Hop on to try new trends 

On TikTok, trends aren’t only the whims of its users, but they do influence them. The TikTok algorithm picks up various video and discussion styles among different content groups and grows tremendously. So if you want to expand your reach, surfing that wave is a terrific method to accomplish your goals. TikTok moves at a breakneck speed, which means that new trends emerge daily. Being the first on the scene is important. Users who are interested in a trend may immediately recognize its creator thanks to TikTok’s interface design. You’ll be exposed to a large number of people if you can become the “originator” as the trend gains pace. Joining the trend late is much like joining a party late, the excitement is already fading. 

man taking a selfie

Crack The TikTok Algorithm 

TikTok may be a dynamic social media tool, but it also allows anybody to go viral.

We recommend thinking outside the box, experimenting with fresh creative content ideas, and generally having fun with it to improve performance. It’s not about making “perfect” content on TikTok; it’s about providing your audience with something enjoyable and refreshing. Whether you’re a first-time user or a rockstar TikTok content creator, with these hacks, you’ll be in a far better position to break the TikTok algorithm (2022) and reach the platform’s billion users.

You can also work in tandem with brands to earn from your content. Atisfyre helps you connect with brands worldwide from the comfort of your home. The AI-based platform prioritizes your preferences when looking for prospective brand partnerships, making it easy for you to find the work you love to do! 

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