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5 Hottest TikTok Trends (Plus How To Own Them)

Published On August 25, 2021

TikTok has become a way of life for Generation Z ever since its launch in 2016 in China and globally the following year. What was once considered an app for youngsters, has now got even 50+ people hooked on to it. In the influencer marketing world, TikTok has proved that it is not just a platform for fun, but even for business, and is here to stay.

According to a report in CNBC, in January 2021, as many as 689 million users were active on the app. And the Sensor Tower reported that people around the globe downloaded the app 2.6 billion times.

In case you are new to influencer marketing and have been wondering what makes some of these 15- to 60-second long videos popular, while others go unnoticed, the answer is simple, it’s trends! The ongoing banter among the influencers on TikTok creates waves in the social circle and dictates the trends. TikTok users follow the trends and give them their creative spin. And guess what, copying someone else’s content isn’t illegal here!  

Before we dive deeper, here are some mind-blowing TikTok stats to give you an added perspective!

But wait! Let’s first find out why you need to follow the trends?  


  • They extend your reach.
  • They make you relatable and cool.
  • They can make you a star overnight. 
  • You can share your perspective on the topic.
  • You can network with people. 
  • You can promote a cause or music.
  • You can ride the trend wave before it crashes.

And the cherry on the cake is TikTok’s unique culture

What Are The New TikTok Trends?

Many factors play a role in deciding the trends. Here’s a list of the top five trends that are currently reigning. To grow and extend your reach, continue to read our blog.

1. TikTok influencers will move on to new content formats 

TV show-like content that is easily accessible through hashtags, is still ruling. Unlike other platforms, a TikTok influencer with the clever use of hashtags can keep their audience waiting for videos that are not more than 60-seconds-long. Last year, using this trend, many videos went viral and this year, too, the trend isn’t going anywhere. 

Own It!

Make a long video and chop it into various episodes. But keep in mind that you need to leave the followers on a nail-biting end so they look forward to the next in the series. Using your talent for video-making and storytelling, you can keep your fans rooting for you!

TikTok Trends filming video

2. User-generated content to up your game on TikTok

Users create content for many platforms, but only TikTok lets them “remix” the user-generated content or UGC. TikTok talent loves the idea of giving their spin to the already trending content created by someone else. This gives the influencers freedom of expression. Another feature, “Duets” is quite popular among the users of TikTok these days. Using this feature, they can make their video and play it along with the original one. 

Own it!

Make use of the editing tools and use your personality and expression to create new content. There are many built-in features like AR that can lend special effects to your videos. You can also interact with other influencers or brands using “Duets”.

User-Generated Content on TikTok is an invaluable tool that you can stand to gain from!

3. More and more brands will use TikTok influence

Brands today wish to take advantage of the user-generated content to promote themselves. This helps them convert the followers of the influencers as their customers. TikTok influence has been such that brands too have started using Duets to create their challenges. This shows the massive sway the user-generated content holds over the potential customers. More and more brands will jump onto this bandwagon to reach out to the followers of the influencers. 

Own it!

As brands have started to realize the real potential of TikTok, it is your time as an influencer to make the most of this opportunity and become a brand ambassador. Make your content, increase the fan base, and get ready to make some moolah as you accept the challenges thrown by some huge names in the corporate world. 

4. Music promotion will take you to a new high

Ever since TikTok launched “Stitch”, a feature that lets users reuse a part of someone else’s content in their own videos, it has opened doors for many promotional activities. Musicians especially have latched on to this feature and are trying to reach the untapped market for music lovers. Many other businesses are on the lookout for such potential promotional opportunities, but musicians stand a better chance.

Own it!

Collaborate with musicians of your choice, so that your followers relate to it and “Stitch” their songs in your act. Besides making money, you can also end up getting invited to music release events! 

5. Pandemic to further push TikTok influencer marketing

The year 2020 put a pause on our lives outside the homes but opened a whole new virtual world to us. Downloads of social media apps, especially TikTok, skyrocketed during the lockdown giving the users a chance to showcase their talent to a huge audience that needed some excitement and fun in their lives. The pandemic is going to die down soon, hopefully, but the upward trend for TikTok is just the beginning. 

Own it!

No one wants to cash in on a grim situation, but you can always ride the wave. Since the popularity of TikTok was growing even before COVID-19 hit our lives, it is almost certain that the upward trend is here to stay. So, what is stopping you? Join in to be a part of this fun-loving trending community.

It helps to get a look at things on the other side, particularly when it comes to TikTok for businesses.

TikTok Trends Music

Cash In On These Pro-Tips For TikTok!

The TikTok influencer marketing space is currently riding high on these top five trends, but these are just the tip of the iceberg. Dive deeper and you will learn a lot about how things work in this amazing world of short videos. But while you’re here, get a few pro-tips for cashing in on Tiktok influencer trends.

Make tutorial/hack videos 

Tutorial and hack videos are immensely popular among the masses, and these videos can increase your fan base in no time. Kitchen hacks and exercising tips are also in vogue as some of the countries are yet to open their restaurants and gyms. How-to videos, too, have many takers. 

Keep the focus on specially-abled

Being able to aid the specially-abled in the virtual world is a major plus. It is extremely critical for many of your followers. Adding captions for the hearing impaired and text-to-speech descriptions for the visually impaired can up your game. These small efforts will go a long way in building your image. 

Tie-up with brands

It’s high time that you join hands with brands. Making videos is always fun but how about mixing pleasure with business? Having a handsome fan following gives you the advantage and you can ink deals with the brands that come under the same genre around which your videos revolve.

Brand shout-outs

Make use of the TikTok influencer marketing technique and give shout-outs to brands. Sharing your thoughts on the products and brands while showcasing why you think – what you think, can bring in more audience. Thinking of initiating a civil campaign? Who knows you might become a harbinger of a positive change in the brand philosophy!  

Make your own challenges

As a TikTok influencer, you are already aware of what a good challenge can do to your brand as an influencer. You can simply strike gold. An original video challenge can make you a celebrity overnight if it strikes the right chord with your followers. You can boost your image and leave a positive impact on the brand you have signed up with.

When it comes to becoming a TikTok influencer, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve for you!

Depending on your niche, you can decide on which TikTok trend is right for you. You can use one or all or a combination of these TikTok trends mentioned in the blog and form your social media strategy. 

Looking at the rate at which people are downloading the TikTok app — in May 2021, in the non-gaming app category, TikTok has been topping the charts, according to Sensor Tower — one can say with almost certainty that all influencers on the platform are in for a good deal.  

While having numerous videos under your handle can showcase your talent, to make it big in this humongous world of short videos you may need professional help. You will need a reliable platform that can help establish you as a successful TikToker. Our AI-based platform, atisfyre, enables influencers of all sizes to earn money by completing promotions in the simplest way possible. The platform takes care of matching you to brands that suit your audience, ensuring you have a contract in place, and also makes sure you get paid when you get the job done.

Ready to get started? Sign-up to receive jobs that meet your personal asking price, preferred platforms, and preferred content types, today! Learn more from our experts. 

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