Can You Transform Your Influence Into Thought Leadership?

19 July 2022
Thought Leadership

In the 13th part of this Social Fitness series with Atisfyre, we want to tell you how thought leadership is a direct outcome of a socially fit influencer. 

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By now, we know how crucial social fitness is to thrive as an influencer. One tier of creators has risen above traditional influencers – KOLs or Thought Leaders. A key opinion leader (KOL) is a trusted, well-respected influencer with proven experience and expertise in a particular field. And to maintain that level of influence, expertise, and importance, social fitness is key. Let’s look at what connects thought leaders and social fitness 

Thought leaders dominate their niche 

Being socially fit enables influencers to take the time out to refine their content game, get new ideas and implement them for their audience. An influencer recognized as a thought leader in their industry understands their industry and, more specifically, their niche. This is how they stand out as leaders. 

Their content is so unique that it can’t be copied 

An indicator of social fitness for an influencer is their authenticity. A thought leader’s content reflects this authenticity in every interaction with their followers. Even when they share their take on popular trends, one can see their uniqueness as an inseparable part of their content. They have built a personal brand so carefully that even if someone tried, they wouldn’t be able to emulate it.+

Their online persona needs to be bigger than the person 

Thought leadership isn’t something that happens overnight. To establish oneself as a reputable person in any profession takes much more than one blog article, social media post, or networking event. The various parts of a whole that contribute to a thought leadership position include expertise, insight, and a valued perspective. Hence, KOLs carefully plan strategies to help bring such skills to their online profiles. Whether it is honoring content schedules or spending time engaging with their audience. They stay on-brand at all times, even while handling negative comments. Most importantly, they create systems that help them build their online presence while staying mentally and emotionally healthy. 

Their platform expertise and content format expertise are equally developed

KOLs participate in podcasts, join groups, produce content, and network with influencers. The thought leaders in any field aren’t always more qualified than the ordinary expert. They stand out because they know the right people and have access to the proper venues to spread their message and knowledge. Thought leaders need to be adept at managing their social profiles. In addition, they also need to be able to articulate their ideas through multiple mediums like writing as well as videos. 

Collaborations are more vision-based than financial

 Thought leaders are not fixated on monetary gains. While being financially productive is a by-product, their main focus is on the thing that keeps them up at night. You can see them talking to peers, competitors, mentors, and fans about big ideas and a vision. They are picky about who they associate with. A thought leader’s social fitness could be in danger if they were to collaborate with the wrong person or deviate from their core values. 

Audiences are hooked and look forward to their content 

It’s all about bringing viewers behind the scenes as a thought leader. The audience is always a top priority for them. Showing them what worked and what didn’t in a gritty, practical detail keeps them hooked along the way. You can see that thought leaders have built a loyal following that engages in dialogues, shares their content with others, and eagerly awaits more. They put effort into community building because they know the value of connecting with like-minded people. Not everyone is for them and they aren’t for everyone. 

Constantly look at the data to optimize 

Self-reflection is important across all areas of life and thought leadership is no different. A leader always takes time out to study, reflect and adjust course when needed. They also apply the same rules to their social media efforts. Studying insights, audience behavior, and optimizing content based on data is a part of becoming a thought leader. A thought leader will prioritize their analytics section over their feed to maximize their potential. 

To become a thought leader, you need undeniable competence and a strong presence. “Thought leadership” is a popular buzzword in the business world these days, and it’s easy to see why. If your social fitness is strong, you can become a prominent, recognized voice in your field when others look to you for your experience and insight.

Welcome to the Social Fitness Series with Atisfyre! Follow our ongoing series to access top tips for being a successful influencer. From dealing with brand partnerships to constantly engaging followers, we’re here to help you. Our ultimate goal is to help build and better your online presence in the hopes that you’ll be able to land more partnerships.

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