Here’s Why Fake Followers Are Detrimental To Your Social Fitness

26 July 2022
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In the 14th part of Atisfyre’s Social Fitness Series, we lay down the various pitfalls of buying followers and emphasize the multiple advantages of having a loyal fan base. 

If you’ve not read part 13 of this series, please click here.

It is hard to resist the temptation to pay for fake followers. These are usually bots that can be paid for and help boost a channel’s views. They aren’t real consumers and don’t add much value except the count. 

Sure, buying followers at the beginning can help boost your follower count but they give you little to no engagement. Influencers belong to a creative world where validation and success depend on actually connecting with viewers. Having an inflated follower count that isn’t earned is detrimental to social fitness. 

And let’s remind you, it’s not just about the numbers. Fake followers are a detriment to your social media influence. And, we’re here to tell you why.

Pitfalls Of Fake Followers: 

You might be wondering why we’d say that. But it’s essential to look beyond the numbers and consider what those followers are actually doing for you. Several pitfalls occur when you choose to go down the route of buying followers. And we will tell you exactly what they are: 

  • Fake followers aren’t real people. You don’t get the validation your content deserves. 
  • Fake followers can lower the number of actual impressions you get, which means fewer people will see your content.
  • Fake followers do not engage, nor share content. This means your content isn’t reaching your target audience but only the bots.
  • Fake followers do not drive in any business. Brands would not trust or rely on an account like that.
  • Fake followers hurt your credibility. It puts you in danger of being called out and blacklisted.
  • Fake followers are a waste of money. It does not bring in value, but it, in turn, also sabotages your entire social presence.

How Attracting Loyal Followers Can Boost Your Social Fitness: 

Instead of putting your efforts into buying fake followers, why not use the same passion to create an organic audience that admires you?

When you post something new, they’ll engage with the content because they care about it and want to see what comes next. This means more authentic engagement from your audience regularly.

There are many advantages to having actual people follow and support.

1. Niche content attracts niche loyal fans 

The key to having an engaged audience is to create content that speaks to them. That’s why it’s essential to ask yourself what kind of person you want following your brand—and then make sure that whatever you post speaks directly to them.

2. Balance quality and quantity for best results 

If you’re looking to increase your social fitness, it’s important to balance between quality and quantity. Posting high-quality content consistently will help you build an audience that cares about what you have to say and wants you to keep posting!

3. Engagement leads to excitement for you and your followers 

It’s not just about the number of followers you have. It’s about the quality of engagement too. Quality engagement leads to more sharing and more conversations for your content. It directly indicates that your audience loves and follows your content. This will keep them coming back for more. 

4. Solve pain points for viewers who will keep coming back 

Ask yourself what your viewers want, and focus on providing that at all times. It’s essential to focus on delivering more than just a picture of your product or service — you need to solve your audience’s pain points.

5. Load reduction and optimization through analytics and scheduling tools 

The best way to make sure your social media content reaches the right people is to know who they are. This is where analytics and scheduling tools come in. Analytics tools can tell you who’s engaging with your content, how often, and how long. While scheduling tools can tell you when your followers are online, so you can make sure that they see your posts at those times. This information will let you know what kind of content works best for your audience and help you avoid wasting time posting or promoting things when no one sees them!

Quality engagement cannot be bought from a bot! Successful influencers spend years toiling hard, and creating content that goes viral, to build a loyal fan base that eagerly waits to consume their content. And that’s what makes them socially fit influencers. 

Welcome to the Social Fitness Series with Atisfyre! Follow our ongoing series to access top tips for being a successful influencer. From dealing with brand partnerships to constantly engaging followers, we’re here to help along the way. Our end goal is to help build and better your online presence in the hopes that you’ll be able to land more partnerships.

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