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An Influencer’s Guide to Facebook Messenger Marketing

Published On August 04, 2021

  • There are 1.3 billion Messenger users globally. 
  • Facebook Messenger is expected to grow to 2.4 billion users by the end of 2021. 
  • More than 20 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and users monthly on Facebook Messenger. 
  • There are more than 300,000 active bots on Messenger.

Long story short – Facebook Messenger marketing is now the new superpower in the digital world. And if you’re not yet using it to influence, you’re at a serious disadvantage!

Be it a start-up or an established brand, everyone these days is relying on influencers. But with social platforms overcrowding with influencers, one might need innovative tactics and strategies to stand out in the crowd. Worry not, we’ve got the perfect solution all figured out, and believe it or not, it lies in Facebook Messenger Marketing! A marketing tactic using mobile and chat platforms to communicate and engage with prospects and customers.

Have we got you intrigued about how you can fast-track your influence? We bet you can’t wait to find out! Read on to get exclusive tips on how Facebook Messenger marketing can be leveraged to grow engagement and increase revenue. 

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The Genie’s Out Of The Bottle! 

1. Engagement is your #1 growth indicator

Given that new platforms are introduced in the market frequently, businesses and influencers are constantly on their toes to figure out which platform works best for them. As an influencer, you need to identify the change in trends quickly and be where your audience is present the most. Else, you risk losing track and missing out on capturing your potential audience. 

Messenger tool is a go-to place for Facebook influencers as it is hot with user engagement. If you’re looking to increase your engagement and followers, simultaneously, using Facebook Messenger might just be the perfect tool which can help you accomplish these goals. 

  • Act Now! With 80 percent higher open rates and 20 percent more click-through rates (CTRs) compared to other platforms, you should consider including Facebook Messenger in your marketing mix. 

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2. Gain more followers with website chat

Most brands increased their sales by 45 percent after including live chat on their website. So, if you want to lock in more followers on your blog, website, or the landing page you’re promoting, integrating Facebook Messenger can help you save a lot of time and hassle. 

With this tool, you can grow your Messenger contact list and ensure that your Facebook Page followers are attended to every time they send a message. Applying this strategy, helps you maintain all your contact’s chat history in a single place that would be difficult to track and record otherwise.

  • Act Now! Whether you’re promoting products from different brands, answering your audience’s FAQs, publicizing an event, or anything else, with Facebook Messenger on your website, you can rest assured that your visitors will receive a quick response.  

3. Grow your Facebook contact list with Post Autoresponders

Brands are on the lookout for influencers who constantly engage with their followers. Given this, you need to come up with a strategy that can help you stay on top of the game in terms of audience engagement. 

In current times, Facebook Post Autoresponders can come in handy as these help acquire more contacts on Messenger. All you need to do is set up responses that will be auto-sent to a fan or a visitor who comments on your Facebook post. 

You can use Autoresponders either for all your posts or specific content that you publish. Also, you can control the frequency at which someone receives your response through this strategy either on a daily or hourly basis or at any other time intervals. 

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  • Act Now! The best part about integrating these Post Autoresponders from Facebook is you’re not only increasing your contact list on Messenger but also improving your audience engagement simultaneously. 

4. Witness 8x more open rates with chat blasts

Familiar with email blasts? Well, it may not be the only way to send mass messages to your followers anymore. Sending chat blasts is the easiest way to promote your initiatives and Facebook Messenger helps you achieve this conveniently.  

The best thing about chat blasts is that your message won’t be lost among thousands of emails, nor will it be blocked by any spam filter. For every chat blast that you send, your audiences will be notified with an inbox alert, making your message unskippable.

  • Act Now! Whether you’ve started a new partnership with a brand, released your product, or want to promote your latest blog post, chat blast a link to your Messenger contacts and watch your message open rate skyrocket to 80 percent. 

5. Stay connected and build relationships with your followers on Autopilot

Unlike other marketing methods where a one-way communication approach is encouraged, Facebook Messenger boosts two-way communication between you and your followers. 

This conversational marketing approach helps you to stay connected to your followers and understand their needs, concerns, and preferences better. With this data at your fingertips, you can create specific drip campaigns through Messenger to feature your latest blog posts, videos, and more to your followers. 

Before we go any further, let’s understand the basics of drip campaigns. A drip campaign is a marketing strategy where you send messages of high value to your audience at regular time intervals to push them to either purchase a product or complete an action you want them to take. 

  • Act Now! Creating drip campaigns with your Facebook Messenger is just as easy as setting up your email drip campaigns. With Facebook Messenger, you can work on delivering high-value content with calls-to-action (CTAs) to your followers to grab their attention. 

6. Increase your responsiveness

If you publish tons of content on your blog, your audience may find it difficult to find the posts they want to read. You can provide a frictionless experience to your readers through Facebook Messenger. 

  • Act Now! 55 percent of people find messaging a business more comfortable than emailing them. With Messenger bot, your readers can quickly find the content they’re looking for by asking simple questions. Also, by doing this, you can increase your responsiveness by 59 percent. 

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7. Grow your customer database with Facebook Messenger Forms

If you’re looking to scale up your personal brand as an influencer, collecting contact information is an essential part of growing your network. Having more contacts and emails means having more opportunities to sell and convert your followers into customers. 

Conducting contests or giveaways is a great strategy to gather your audience’s information. Messenger is equipped with the functionality to amass emails, pick out a winner, and let the winner know about the prize. This is a great way to grow your customer database gradually. 

  • Act Now! Unlike web forms that can be easily ignored and forgotten by your visitors, Messenger Forms are a great way to collect customer information through a series of conversations in a more natural way. Make your funnel conversational by including easy buttons that will direct them to the action you want them to take. 

8. Increase your influencer brand affinity

When you are quick to respond to your followers’ messages, you come across as a very accessible and approachable influencer. But, it gets challenging to do this manually every single time. Facebook Messenger chatbot helps you alleviate this pain by automating interactions and aligning your Messenger bot’s personality with your brand. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race is one excellent example of how the Facebook Messenger bot can be customized and aligned with the brand’s identity. Their ‘Sissy that bot’ allows users to find exclusive GIFs from RuPaul Drag Race’s episodes from across all seasons and make their conversations entertaining. 

  • Act Now! Automating interactions and aligning your Messenger bot’s personality with your brand is hard work, but it is sure to help your audience recognize your brand as an influencer in the long run.

9. Drive your lead generation

Lead generation is the first step to improving your sales. How you generate leads directly impacts the value that you bring to the table and the positioning of your influencer brand. The more leads you can generate the better. Facebook Messenger ads, also known as click-to-Messenger ads, are an excellent way to generate high-quality leads. 

Intending to drive their sales, Uber Eats in the UAE used Messenger ads to amplify its growth and increase orders from first-timers by six times. So, the next time you are working with a brand to promote their products or services, consider leveraging Facebook Messenger ads to improve your lead generation quality and credibility. 

  • Act Now! Did you know that Messenger ads can be run through, both, Instagram and Facebook? When users click your Messenger ads, they will be led to your Messenger chatbot where the conversation will be based on a series of questions and answers.

10. Improve your sales 

The core reason why brands are looking forward to collaborating with influencers is their ability to generate sales is effective and impact is evident. Let’s take a look at PNJ, a Vietnamese fine jewelry brand that leveraged Facebook Messenger ads to educate their prospects about their brand and uplift their sales. 

The aftermath of this campaign resulted in 17,000 conversations and an increase in sales by 10 percent through Messenger alone. 

  • Act Now! When businesses are leveraging this platform to build themselves, what’s stopping you from taking advantage of Facebook Messenger to grow the value of your influencer business? 

Some might argue that Facebook is not as relevant as it used to be. This may be true considering that the initial hype around the network is no longer there. Still, Facebook numbers, and especially Facebook Messenger statistics show the brand hasn’t lost its influence as well as grip on the social media market. It continues to daringly shape the dynamics of how people interact online.

If you’re looking to create an impact on your followers, increase your audience engagement, scale up your efforts, and broaden your network, Facebook Messenger is a brilliant social space which will help you make a mark. 

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