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8 Winning Strategies To Market And Promote Your NFTS

Published On April 04, 2022

The NFT marketplace is witnessing neck-to-neck competition, with hundreds of NFTs launching every week. The soaring crypto craze has brought to light a new wave of innovation that affected dozens of industries.

To get the attention of the collectors, you need to come up with a striking NFT promotion strategy to help your target audience understand the value and existence of your NFTs. Even if you’re a great artist who crafts mesmerizing pieces, that’s not enough until your art reaches those who value it correctly. 

If you observe the growing NFT landscape, you’ll notice that NFT enthusiasts are widely scattered across different niches. To serve the right audience with the digital art they have been dreaming of, you’ll need to explore how to market your NFTs.

NFT Promotion Techniques That Work

Similar to the real world of art, NFTs’ value lies very much in the eye of the beholder. But marketing NFTs requires a bit more work. You have to be creatively unique to woo your audience’s attention by offering something other collectors don’t have. 

So, here are the quick steps to accelerate your NFT promotion journey. Take a look!

  1. List All Drops to a Free Calendar

NFT calendars are special platforms that help you connect with fellow creators and buyers. Thankfully, there are free platforms where you can list your drops. We recommend NFT Calendar, which collects the best NFTs from different marketplaces in one location. It is the perfect tool for NFT collectors who don’t want to march through multiple marketplaces to find the latest releases.

And the process of adding your drop is effortless. All you need to do is fill a form for your latest release, which includes:

  • The title of your latest NFT collector or artwork 
  • Your details 
  • A short description 
  • The key visual of the drop
  • Time and date of your drop
  • The NFT marketplace that your drop is located on
  • A link to your release 

This platform also gives you broad exposure by sharing your features on Twitter and Instagram, helping you go live to a wide NFT community. Once you submit your drop, it will be added after a quick review by the official team. It is also free to leverage your NFT promotion strategy.

  1. Feature Your Drops on the Marketplaces You Use

An effective marketing campaign will narrow down all potential venues available for promotion. The same goes for choosing the right marketplace to feature your drops. There are a number of marketplaces with a separate page of featured NFTs. 

While looking for marketplaces to feature your drop, you should:

  • Explore the overall marketplace experience and check out the features and functions. 
  • Find availability and compare their terms and fees.
  • Look out for other main metrics including market volume and liquidity, which indicate whether or not the marketplace is a popular venue.
  • Check for the transaction fees, which can range from 2.5% to as much as 15%.
  1. Collaborate With Other Artists 

The NFT community is a home for artists of all forms. This community of creators provides an opportunity to collaborate with fellow artists like musicians, fashion brands, celebrities, animation studios to release NFT collections.

Collaborations are great to leverage different audiences and gain awareness in the broader community of NFT fans. They also offer a good opportunity to enhance your network and team up with professionals. While this strategy may not boost monetization directly, it acts as an excellent technique for market recognition. 

Even better yet, the NFT artist community is usually very supportive. Reaching out to fellow creators to develop collaborative NFTs can create a buzz that will make more people see your NFTs. And that’s the end goal, after all!

  1. Unlock the Power of Social Media 

Social media has a great potential to get yourself known and holds a range of opportunities to promote your NFTs. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram have creative content that stimulates your audience and creates engagement to build an organic following. Try including quality social media content with NFT features and sneak peeks at upcoming works to arouse interest and anticipation. 

You can boost traffic with social media with the following tips:

  • Stay consistent in creating visibly high-quality content
  • Interact with your community and followers regularly
  • Make optimal usage of Twitter character limits
  • Attract your audience with exciting giveaways 
  • Learn more about your target audience and what they’re interested in
  • Check insights and create content around top-performing posts
  • Prepare your audience (at least two weeks) before the main release
  • Craft value-loaded posts teaching about NFTs and digital tokens
  • Create a Twitter or Instagram NFT promotion strategy so strong that it encourages your audience to create user-generated content
  1. Leverage the Community on Discord and Telegram

If you write about your NFT experiences, learnings, tools, and challenges, you will be able to authentically attract audiences. This makes a huge impact when you drop it on community-based media like Discord and Telegram. When it comes to getting your freshly minted NFT seen, joining NFT groups proves to be an effective strategy for promotion. 

Creating a buzz around your work on various platforms is the no.1 strategy. By initiating communication on established channels on Telegram and Discord, you can attract more organic visitors.

  1. Host Giveaways 

Earlier, giveaways were primarily used to grow your follower count. But this practice is a turning point for overall brand awareness, driving engagement, and strengthening your social community. If you have a new NFT launching, try announcing giveaways to get the word out, because after all, who wouldn’t want to win an NFT just by following a few basic steps?

You can:

  • Set your giveaway rules around increasing followers or creating awareness.
  • Announce the giveaway a week or so before the final product launch to pique interest and generate anticipation.
  • Tag your NFT marketplaces for users to buy.
  1. AMAs and Live Streams

Nothing is better than an ask me anything (AMA) or live stream on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook to build a community that trusts in you. Real-time interactions with your audience are a legit way to generate a sense of trust and accountability. Your audience can ask questions, and you can answer them through AMAs or live-stream broadcasts. For a successful session with your audience, you can:

  • Share the date of AMA or live stream in advance.
  • Start with the 15 most exciting questions often asked to give your followers a special feeling. 
  • Make your session no longer than 30-45 minutes to achieve maximum interest.
  • Allocate 15 minutes afterwards where followers can raise questions.
  • Reward your followers for attending AMA with an exclusive NFT giveaway entry as a token of appreciation.

Pro TIP: Communities built on authenticity and personal experiences are more engaging because people love interacting with genuine individuals. Be present for their questions and present yourself as an actual human!

  1. Make Way For Newsletters 

Newsletters are another content format that get the word out about your newly minted NFTs. But what can you do with them? Many marketplaces and even massive crypto platforms send out their newsletters a few times per week. Reach out to them and get your drop added in upcoming newsletters. The compensation they ask for may depend on how big the marketplace or platform is.

Key Takeaways

Now you have some of the best ways to promote your NFTs. Being a newer market, taking these tips and spreading the word can be highly beneficial for your NFT. If you take anything from this article, make sure it is the following:

  • Plan your NFT promotion roadmap and work closely with it as a creator.
  • Constantly engage with your community as community is not a one off race – it’s a never-ending marathon!

But remember, to accelerate the growth of your NFTs, it is crucial to identify what works for you. It may take a little time to witness results, but the sky’s the limit once you crack the code.

When you are doing the groundwork to market your NFT, Atisfyre offers a multi-pronged approach that speeds up your influencing career and connects you with the best brands while managing everything smoothly.

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