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Top 10 NFT/Crypto Podcasts You Need To Follow Today!

Published On May 09, 2022

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, have taken the world by storm. These tokens redefine ownership, enabling people to own a wide range of digital assets, from art to music. Today, you can sell just about anything as an NFT — and earn a fortune!

young girl NFTs news
Figure 1: Youngsters earning millions through NFTs. Source: Tom’s Guide

Why should you care, though? Well, NFTs are directly impacting the world of both influencers and brands. Brands like Nike and Adidas are hopping on the NFT bandwagon to sell innovative products, such as virtual sneakers. On the other hand, NFTs influence the creator economy, offering content creators new ways to monetize their content and increase engagement on social media platforms. Now you can sell your courses, ebooks, popular blog posts, YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and Tweets as NFTs. 

If you want to leverage this new source of earning but NFTs are uncharted territory for you, NFT podcasts can be your go-to source of crypto education. Keep reading as we explore why you should listen to popular NFT podcasts and list the top 10 podcasts you can follow.

Why Follow Leading NFT Podcasts?

To draw inspiration

There are many ways to sell digital assets as NFTs. However, this can leave newbie influencers baffled — which is where podcasts come in to streamline the process. You can draw inspiration from NFT podcasts to earn in this field.

To learn about updates and innovations

The world of NFTs is ever-evolving, with new updates popping up frequently. And following NFT influencers and their podcasts regularly is the easiest way to stay abreast of every new piece of information. From the latest ways to promote your NFT to understanding what sells the most, there is no limit to the NFT lessons you can learn through podcasts. Podcasts can even introduce you to leading NFT creators you can follow and connect with to grow in this industry.

Keep yourself updated

As an NFT creator, people will expect you to have in-depth knowledge about the industry. Your target audience will approach you with their questions and follow you to stay up-to-date with the goings-on in the NFT world. Therefore, you must be aware of the latest happenings. This way, you’d be a better NFT guru for your audience, and they will stick with you for the long run. Additionally, many brands will feel confident partnering with you to promote their NFTs. 

Build a voice of authority

Listening to podcasts will also position you as a thought leader in the NFT space. These podcasts will equip you with invaluable insights and knowledge that your rivals might be unaware of. This will make you an ideal choice for people looking to follow NFT creators. It will also help you create valuable posts without worrying about posting incorrect facts or statistics. It will attract brands and followers as you become a go-to resource to learn more about NFTs. 

Top NFT Podcasts You Need To Catch Up On

1. What Bitcoin Did 

apple podcast
Figure 2: What Bitcoin Did. Source: Apple

What Bitcoin Did is a leading NFT podcast with three new episodes every week. The podcast’s host, Peter McCormack, brings influential NFT experts in to talk about Bitcoin, development, investment, and privacy. The interviews cover many crypto topics at length, ranging from the advent of Bitcoin to decentralization and Bitcoin as collateral. No areas of discussion are off-limits on this podcast. Listening to these industry voices generates massive value – the podcast is rated 4.8/5 on Apple Podcasts!

Peter McCormack is one of the well-known UK-based crypto influencers and an investor, podcaster, and formal digital marketer. Apart from What Bitcoin Did, he hosts another podcast called Defiance. He had even set up a digital transformation consultancy, McCormack & Morrison, in 2009 with his colleague Oliver Morrison. The agency had an annual turnover of 2.7 million pounds. Eventually, Peter launched What Bitcoin Did in 2017 on iTunes and Spotify and published approximately 400 episodes. 

2. The Bad Crypto Podcast

the bad crypto podcast
Figure 3: The Bad Crypto Podcast. Source: Audacy

Available on iTunes and Spotify, The Bad Crypto Podcast attempts to demystify the world of Bitcoin, blockchain, Ethereum, Altcoins, Litecoin, token generation events, and ICOs. This podcast is a perfect way to start your journey in the NFT world as it’s for cryptocurrency newbies. The hosts, Joel Comm and Travis Wright are experts in the industry with an in-depth knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

Joel Comm is also a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and marketing expert. He is known for sharing his NFT knowledge and doing it most entertainingly! He understands what it takes to make podcasts engaging and how to get ideas through to any listener.

On the other hand, Travis Wright is an equally accomplished podcaster. He has been a part of the tech journalism industry and a keynote speaker and digital and social strategist. Travis is known for his “common sense” approach to every topic.

Both Joel and Travis complement each other and aim to educate and inspire their listeners. This fun-yet-informative podcast is a pocket guide to Bitcoin for many. You can even listen to this podcast with your friends and family, as it is a far cry from being a serious, no-laugh talk on cryptocurrency!

3. Epicenter

epicenter nft podcast
Figure 4: Epicenter. Source: Epicenter

Epicenter is the oldest podcast on our list. Multiple leaders in the NFT and crypto world share their perspectives with the listeners. You can listen to this podcast on iTunes and Spotify and listen to famous personalities, including Sebastian Couture, Briand Fabian Crain, Meher Roy, Sunny Aggarwal, and Friederike Ernst.

The interviews conducted on this podcast allow people to get an in-depth insight into cryptocurrencies and other vital topics like investing, business, startups, open-source projects, and the global economy. The hosts take listeners through today’s most important technological revolution: decentralization. Instead of presenting a well-edited podcast to the listeners, the hosts emphasize raw information and opinions. 

Epicenter is available on iTunes and Spotify, and the guests range from entrepreneurs to industry experts from different locations worldwide. This gives the podcast an international scope. It has over 400 episodes since 2013 and has been downloaded over 6 million times! 

4. Tales from the Crypt

tales fron the crypt podcast
Figure 5: Tales from the Crypt. Source: Podcast Notes

Tales from the Crypt is on iTunes, Spotify, and Libsyn. It was started in 2017 and has around 300 episodes to date. TFTC is an independent production where the host, Marty Bent, explores Bitcoin from diverse angles. Marty capitalizes on the interview-based format and sits with exciting personalities in the Bitcoin space. Apart from Bitcoin, Marty talks about development, economics, liberty, and anything else that piques his interest. 

The primary focus of Marty’s podcast is “advancement in the digital age,” and cryptocurrency remains the center of discussion. On his website, Marty states, “At TFTC, we aim to provide the world a media company that fights against the noise and brings the populace out from the fog created by the mass psychosis that has gripped the world.” Marty even distributes a newsletter daily and hosts a recap in the crypto industry titled “Rabbit Hole Recap.”

5. Crypto Current

crypto current podcast
Figure 6: Crypto Current. Source: Crypto Current

Another top-performing podcast in the crypto world is Crypto Current. Catering to both newcomers and experts, Crypto Current is known for covering the latest topics in the industry. The host, Richard Carthon, incorporates his perspective of where the crypto industry is headed and its impacts. Richard is known to be on a journey to learn about cryptocurrency as much as possible and educate people every day, so they make informed investment decisions. 

Richard produces new episodes every five times a week and aims to give people “unparalleled access to cryptocurrency and blockchain current events.” The podcast is even ranked as the #1 source for blockchain education and trending stories from the crypto industry.

Whenever you encounter bizarre crypto news, such as NFL players receiving their salaries in Bitcoin, you can tune in to Crypto Current to understand what’s going on. To listen to the news that no other sources share, you can head over to Crypto Current on iTunes and Spotify.

6. Unchained

Figure 7: Unchained Podcast. Source: Unchained Podcast

Available on iTunes, Spotify, and Libsyn, Unchained is by a former senior editor at Forbes and former journalist, Laura Shin. Laura left Forbes in 2018 to commit to her podcasts, Unchained and Unconfirmed. Both these podcasts have had over 14 million downloads and views. Shin has also led discussions on cryptocurrency at TEDx San Francisco, the IMF, the Oslo Freedom Forum, and Singularity University. 

Laura Shin at TEDx
Figure 8: Laura Shin at TEDx San Francisco. Source: Unchained Podcast

Additionally, Shin is the first mainstream reporter to cover crypto full time. On Unchained, Shin poses difficult questions before her guests to understand why things are the way they are. She launches two episodes per week. These episodes dwell on the specifics of cryptocurrencies and other essential topics, like privacy and security.

Unchained has approximately 355 episodes, where Shin also discusses how blockchains have revolutionized the way we earn, spend, and invest money. If you are a true seeker of Web 3.0, the decentralized web, and NFTs, Unchained is the right place to be at!

7. Crypto News Alerts

crypto news nft podcasts
Figure 9: Crypto News Alerts. Source: Chartable

Crypto News Alerts is the #1 Bitcoin and crypto news podcast, with new episodes daily. This podcast is on iTunes and Spotify, a one-stop solution for the latest updates on cryptocurrency, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Listening to the podcast’s episode daily is crucial to stay informed since the world of blockchain is rapidly evolving and highly volatile.

The short-form episodes only last for around 25 minutes. Therefore, they’re easy to digest and multi-task friendly. The host, Justin Verrengia, relies on statistics and numbers as a primary method to shape every conversation and share information with his audience. Listening to Crypto News Alerts will allow you to stay on top of the terminology used in the crypto world and keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of crypto. This, in turn, will help you make the right decisions regarding cryptocurrency investment.

8. Crypto 101

crypto 101 podcast
Figure 10: Crypto 101. Source: Crypto 101

Our list would be incomplete without adding Crypto 101. This podcast is the best place to learn the basics of the crypto world. Listening to the hosts, Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone will help you understand the power structure of money. Additionally, you will learn how crypto will shape the financial future and impact the economy.

The hosts call their podcasts “the average consumer’s guide to cryptocurrency.” But the podcast is far more than average! Bryce and Aaron are firm advocates of DeFi and Bitcoin, believing they can change the world. They even co-wrote a book and are partners at Tower 18 Capital. Bryce has even established blockchain partnerships with renowned companies and has spoken at various crypto conferences. Aaron is the founder of a firm called Collective Ventures and has hosted the Digital Currency Summit ever since its inception.

Crypto 101 has had over 400 episodes, with jargon-free conversations every newbie can understand. You can listen to the podcast on iTunes and Spotify.

9. The Pomp Podcast

The Pomp nft podcasts
Figure 11: The Pomp Podcast. Source: Anthony Pompliano

If you have even a little knowledge about cryptocurrency, you’d have undoubtedly come across Anthony Pompliano! Anthony is a US Army veteran and a huge influencer in crypto. He hosts The Pomp Podcast, which is a part of his contribution to the industry. Anthony also has a regular newsletter called “The Pomp Letter,” catering to people interested in finance, technology, and Bitcoin.

Available on iTunes and Spotify, The Pomp Podcast is known for securing interviews with eminent personalities both in and outside the crypto world. Many celebrities even claim Anthony is the reason they started investing in crypto. If you are looking for one reason to listen to this podcast, it is Anthony himself! He shares everything crypto interestingly, helping people get smarter and richer every day.

Anthony Pompliano has shared his podcast stage with billionaire and crypto enthusiasts, such as Mark Cuban, Chamath Palihapitiya, retired army general Tony Thomas, and best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki.

10. The a16z Podcast

The a16z nft podcasts
Figure 12: The a16z Podcast. Source: Apple

Hosted by Sonal Chokshi, the a16z Podcast dates back to 2014. The episodes are loaded with value as experts discuss innovation and technological advancements. The podcast started as an experiment but grew by leaps and bounds and has been the longest-running technology podcast. It has even been featured on the best-of lists and media write-ups. If that wasn’t enough, many episodes have been a source of inspiration to policymakers to propose legislation!

The key reason for the a16z Podcast’s success is its consistency in offering valuable insights from the experts, top business leaders, entrepreneurs, book authors, and academic experts. The podcast’s guests reveal how they reached where they are today and where to go next. This makes this podcast a must-listen. 

The host, Sonal Chokshi, is an Editor-in-Chief at Andreessen Horowitz, a.k.a “a16z”. She even hosts the 16 Minutes News by a16z and trains other editors in podcasting.

Sonal Chokshi
Figure 14: Sonal Chokshi. Source: a16z

Once you make listening to these podcasts a habit, you’d become a crypto pro! You can educate more people about the benefits of NFTs and crypto, share investment tips, and help them avoid common investment mistakes. This will significantly boost your value in the marketplace and position you as an NFT expert, apart from increasing your follower count.

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