Socially Fit Ways To Monetize Your Influence

28 June 2022
monetize your influence

In the tenth part of the Social Fitness blog series with Atisfyre, we look at the steps influencers can take to boost their monetization streams for enhanced Social Fitness.

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The top content creators, who have a high Social Fitness quotient, have found effective ways to make money online. Whether it’s by teaching courses online or offering exclusive content to their subscribers, influential online personalities have been able to turn their hobbies into money-making activities. The added money takes away the stress of constantly earning from your content and helps raise your Social Fitness, improving your overall online presence.

Tip #1: Teach Online

Platforms like Skillshare allow creators to earn up to $100k a year to supplement their creator career. Skills possessed by experienced creators are in high demand, and this gives you a chance to share your knowledge to help aspiring influencers. Creating a comprehensive course curriculum to teach could, in turn, feed your creative process.

Tip #2: Consulting Services

As an influencer, a vital tool in your arsenal is the ability to overcome specific social media pain points. Brands are constantly looking for help with this. This lets creators work on their terms by offering online consultations and charging per call.

Tip #3: Sell Exclusive Content

 The difference between influencers and celebrities is the personal association users feel with influencers. Any influencer who has a loyal following for their content can quickly sell them exclusive content. Be it bonus podcast episodes, behind-the-scenes videos, special vlogs, or more; this helps influencers supplement their income and also build a stronger bond with the most loyal of their audiences.

Tip #4: Subscriptions

The process of earning money for content is a chicken-and-egg problem. Users need to view ads for the creator to be paid, and creators need to get paid for content creation. A straightforward way to bypass this is making loyal followers pay a subscription fee for ad-free content. This gives them a seamless experience and also offers creators the mental reassurance of who their loyal base is.

Tip #5: Selling Merch

Some fans are so loyal that they want to display their loyalty publicly. This is where merch comes in! It is an additional revenue stream through fans who want to go above and beyond the regular online fandom and display their love in the real world. It also improves your Social Fitness as you now possess an army of de-facto salespeople spreading your message worldwide!

Tip #6: Public Appearances

Live or virtual events are a big part of promoting brands to fans through the power of live interactions. In such cases, organizers can pay big money to have influencers appear at the event if their target audiences align. This can be great for your Social Fitness as it lets you appear in front of potentially several new audiences.

Tip #7: Content Syndication

Your bread and butter is the content you put out. Syndication is a legitimate option to stretch your content, as it allows others to use it for a fee. This is especially lucrative for animators and filmmakers who have the type of content TV and film producers are looking for.

Tip #8: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a fool-proof way to succeed on Facebook! While promoting a product for a brand, influencers put out a link or code for users to utilize, and for every purchase, they make a percentage of the sale! This has several advantages – more sales for the brand, money for the influencer, and knowledge of who’s following your content.

The bottom line is that adding revenue streams to your influencer career is excellent for your Social Fitness as the money and reach from these efforts take away the stress of financial stability and allow you to focus on what you do best – influencing!

Welcome to the Social Fitness Series with Atisfyre! Follow our ongoing series to access top tips for being a successful influencer. From dealing with brand partnerships to constantly engaging followers, we’re here to help you. Our ultimate goal is to help build and better your online presence in the hopes that you’ll be able to land more partnerships.

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