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Meet The Top Selling NFT Artists Who Are Making All The Buzz

Published On March 21, 2022

If anything has massively exploded into mainstream media in the past year, it has to be non-fungible tokens (NFTs.) The first NFT appeared in 2014, but it has taken until now to move out of niche communities and into the mainstream. NFTs are blockchain-minted items with unique encryption codes that allow for verified authenticity and ownership. NFTs could be anything from a digital art piece or song to an entire album or club membership pass.

NFTs are the hottest trends in the creator economy at the moment. When we talk about minting NFTs, we see that it works due to the incredible support from the crypto fan base. When Beeple sold an NFT for a massive $69 million at Christie’s, this craze went viral. But there have been many instances of record-breaking sales that made everyone curious, so how does this thing work?

If you are interested in getting inspired and learning more about top-selling NFT artists making new records, then hold on! 2022 will be even bigger, with many exciting NFT projects anticipated that could be worth millions.

10 Top Selling NFT Artists To Watch Out For In 2022

1. Mike Winkelmann – Beeple 

Let’s start with the star of the NFT world— Beeple. Mike Winkelmann, who goes by Beeple, is worth following for his incredible NFT art. The fame took over when his NFT “Everydays: The First 5,000 Days” gained more $69 million in one sale.

The artwork is a collage reflecting years of evolving digital pieces throughout his artistic career. He created a picture every day and posted it online for more than ten years without a day’s break. This collage is an inspiration for many artists, and boomed in popularity to become the third most expensive art piece by a living artist.

Famous artwork and value (reflective of the time of publishing or when otherwise stated): At the end of March 2021, Beeple had sold 845 artworks for $113,544,319.92. 

Top Selling NFT artists 2

2. Trevor Jones Art – Trevor Jones 

Trevor Jones is a UK-based NFT artist who made millions in a day and shook the internet. His crypto craze is unparalleled, and he took the plunge to transform his paintings into short video clips to sell as NFTs. 

His art and tech collaborations are worth watching, inspiring many to portray art with a generous mix of innovative technology, including AR, cryptocurrency, and social media. 

Famous artwork and value: Trevor Jones has sold 5,284 artworks for $18,591,061.32. His most successful sale was of Genesis in October 2020, which sold for $604,967.

3. Victoria L. – FEWOCiOUS

Another young and talented NFT artist in the crypto space is FEWOCiOUS, or Victoria L., an 18-year-old crypto art surrealist. Their artwork represents a surreal style with a mix of colors that says more about their passion and stories of creating unique art. Their artwork voices their emotions, and in every piece, there is a refreshing take every collector is eyeing for. Some of their artworks that gained success are I Taught Myself How To Fly, When a Child Feels Lost, My Mama’s Dream, and Overthinking Again

This young artist is set to make 2022 even more prominent for art pieces the world has anticipated.

Famous artwork and value: FEWOCiOUS has sold 3,104 artworks for $18,175,346.36. The EverLasting Beautiful saw massive success in March 2021, which sold for $550,000.

4. Pak

With an anonymous identity, Pak is the highest-grossing NFT artist globally. They have been an active member in the world of digital media for two decades and still refrain from unveiling their identity. They also have a huge Twitter following with 2.4 million followers and operate with the Twitter account, Archillect.

Recently Pak has dropped an NFT, The Gift (from Pak’s Explore Collection), on the marketplace Nifty Gateway with an announcement of gifting the piece to any auction house who asked for it, and so it went to Sotheby’s. The collection displays a digital artwork collection with an ideal cubic image, each having a separate title. The collection was then renamed the Title.

Famous Artwork and Value — Pak’s most successful sale was Metarift for $974,982.87 in March 2021. Until now they have sold 1,691 artworks for $16,880,471.30.

5. Mad Dog Jones

Another Jones on the list is Mad Dog Jones, a top Canadian NFT artist. He makes heaps with every single drop, which exhibits a fine mix of modernity and a futuristic style. His artwork commences with pictures or hand drawings of nature that effortlessly morphs through surreal collage, coloring, and impeccable illustrations. Every Artwork comes as an art scene with a story to tell. 

He has also partnered with Philips on a Replicator project that creates a new NFT every 28 days. The NFT generated four million from a single drop where most fans paid $5k to own a piece of his art.

Famous Artwork and Value —Maddogjones has sold 1,567 artworks for $14,548,163.55. His absolutely over the roof sale was of The Boardwork in February 2021, which sold for $388,888

6. Hackatao

These Italian pioneers of crypto go by the name Hackatao. They have played with versatile artworks and are well known in this space. They try to experiment with pop style and generate magnetism by involving a new realm in art creation. These artists often deal with art that concerns society, the environment, humanity, and crypto. They also seek inspiration from art history, symbolism, and psychology in their work. 

Famous artwork and value: Hackatao has sold 1,504 artworks for $12,487,255.50. Kim Jong Un – “Dead and Alive” Edition in March 2021 sold for $321,967.


Making art fun and engaging is the secret formula of London-based digital artist and crypto enthusiast XCOPY. He’s famous for abstract illustrations and moving NFTs. The buzz for XCOPY’s art skyrocketed when rap sensation Snoop Dogg purchased an animated Ethereum NFT for 1300 ETH.

Famous artwork and value: XCOPY has sold 1,907 artworks for $11,906,985.44. The artist’s most successful sale was Death Dip in March 2021, which sold for $2,111,470.

8. Mike Parisella – Slimesunday 

A digital collage artist based in Boston, MA, Mike Parisella is Instagram famous with more than half a million followers. He crafts his portfolio with artwork that pushes the limit of what is acceptable in mainstream media, and has been published in many recognized publications like Playboy, Penthouse, Hunger, Plastik, and Glamor Magazine. He also has worked for many Grammy-nominated artists. His take on art is blending objects with nudity and adding textural elements. 

Famous artwork and value: Slimesunday has made $11,734,586.58 by selling 6,508 artworks. Gunky’s Uprising in March 2021 gave him (and 3LAU) tremendous success and was sold for $1,333,333.

9. Justin Blau – 3LAU

Like most artists on the block, Justin Blau is famous for his take on music. He sold the world’s first digital tokenized album that grossed over $11.6 million in online sales in only 24 hours. One song was sold at a whopping $3.6 million on his auction site. He has also sold some digital NFT crypto art with celebratory success.

Famous artwork and value: He saw enormous success with sales of more than $12.7 million in NFTs during the third anniversary of his Ultraviolet album. Furthermore, his collaboration with SlimeSunday made $1,333,333

10. Grimes 

A musician and a multimedia artist, Grimes’ name has been on the block for some time. In February 2021, she sold a series of 10 digital artworks. Death of the Old, featuring flying cherubs, a cross, a sword, and glowing light, was set to an original song by the artist. 

Famous Artwork and Value — Death of the Old went on Nifty Gateway, and sold for $388,938. She has sold 1,122 artworks for $8,793,359.30. 

grimes instagram profile
Figure 1: Instagram Grimes Profile. Source: Instagram

2022 Will Be The Year For NFT Artists 

2022 seems significant for the NFT space, with many potential artists geared up to set the stage and transform the NFT Creators’ economy. These top NFT artists have made some remarkable success and have inspired many to join the bandwagon. 

That brings us to the question many of you have — could NFTs be the future of the arts? As we see it, the answer is a resounding “YES”! NFTs are here to stay with the rapidly changing creator economy, and NFT artists will continue to witness sky-rising success in years to come. 

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