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Influencer Alert! Here’s Clubhouse Lingo For You For Smooth Navigation

Published On September 13, 2021

Prone to FOMO (aka, the Fear of Missing Out) – there’s a new buzzy, chatty, out-of-control audio session in town. The exclusive social media app allows you to listen in to interesting conversions on various topics – think podcast, but with the option of contributing to the discussion. 

The Clubhouse Layout

Wondering, “what does Clubhouse mean?”

Launched in April 2020, Clubhouse has become the most popular pastime for users keen to engage in authentic conversations and learn from other people’s experiences. The app gives users the ability to navigate different chat rooms moderated by influencers, celebrities, techies, to name a few. If you are an influencer, it’s time to join Clubhouse.  

Once you download the app, you need to set up a bio and add your profile picture. Keep it short and highlight your interest to help the app’s algorithm know the kind of content to show you. Once your bio is set, you can start following other people on the app. Clubhouse will suggest people you can follow based on your interests. After adding followers, you enter the Hallway that’s lined with chat rooms that match your interests. Tap a room to get in and listen to the amazing conversations. Not just meant for influencers, the brands too can use Clubhouse for making an impact on potential customers. 

The Clubhouse Vibe

The magic of Clubhouse is witnessing the most unlikely collisions of people. The app was designed to believe that people should be at the center of every moment, and it delivers just that. The hallways are lined with millions of rooms filled with unexpected and fascinating conversations. 

Drop into a room to listen in and give your views on specific issues. You can host a room to share your thoughts and make merry with like-minded users. It is a wonderful opportunity to become an influencer in your industry.

Clubhouse screenshot

Figure 1: The Clubhouse experience. Source: Clubhouse

The Clubhouse Lingo

When you join Clubhouse for the first time, you will come across some words and phrases that are unique to the platform. Here are the definitions of the Clubhouse lingo to help you feel confident when navigating the app. 

The Hallway

This is the main landing page on the app that suggests the clubs and rooms you could be interested in. Clubhouses ask you to give your interests when signing up. It then uses this information to curate your Hallway. 

When you scroll down the Hallway, you will see different rooms you can join by tapping on the room’s icon. You’ll also get access to information like the room’s topic, moderators, and the number of individuals in the room. 


This is where the magic happens. Clubhouse rooms are lined in different hallways based on one’s interests. You can join a room to listen in on the conversations. Raise your hand if you need to contribute, and the room’s moderator will invite you to the stage. 


The other clubhouse app lingo you will come across often is the moderator. The moderator or Mod is the person who controls the conversations in a room. A moderator is similar to an admin, and they have a green star next to their name. 


Pinging someone to Clubhouse is inviting them to join a discussion that you are a part of. Tap the (+) icon at the bottom of a room and select the user you would like to ping. 

PTR/Pull to Refresh

Rooms are constantly updating as conversations are going on. When something significant happens that the moderator wants you to see, they will use the term PTR or pull to refresh. This simply means pulling down the screen on your phone to update the room information. 

PTR Order

Now that you understand what “Clubhouse Lingo PTR” means, the next Clubhouse lingo you may come across is “PTR Order.” The phrase implies the order of people on stage when a room is refreshed. The room order gets messed up when changes happen, such as people joining or leaving the room. Therefore, the phrase PTR Order informs users that refreshing the room will give them the correct room order. 

Follow for follow

“Follow for follow” is a situation where Clubhouse users agree to follow anyone who follows them. The main aim is to gain followers. Having a huge online tribe is always beneficial for an influencer!

Buddy List

A buddy list is a list of people you follow on Clubhouse who have recently been active on the app. You can find the list by swiping left in the Hallway or clicking the grid dots at the bottom of your screen. 

On the top of your buddy list is the list of all the clubs you are an admin or a member of, and how many people are active at the moment. There’s also an “Available to Chat” list that captures the active people on Clubhouse and the rooms they are in. 

Silent Room

A silent room, as the name suggests, is a room where there’s no talking. People are either enjoying silence or enjoying music as they read other people’s bio. However, the number of silent rooms has been declining since they go against the app’s objective to encourage conversations. 

Shadow Ban

Another clubhouse lingo you may come across when navigating the app is shadow ban. When a room has been shadow-banned, it means that it isn’t receiving enough visibility on the platform. With fewer people seeing the room, the number of people active in the room will fade. People will start leaving the room, and the moderators will eventually close it. 

There’s More Lingo!

Here’s some more Clubhouse lingo you will come across when using the app. 

  • Clubs – Groups you can join or follow to be notified when discussions occur on a specific topic.
  • Stage – The section of the room that hosts the speaker. Room moderators are automatically on the stage and can invite audience members to the “stage” to speak. 
  • Party Hat – This is a unique emoji that lets other users know you are new on Clubhouse. It appears besides your name on the first seven days. 
  • Waitlist – Signing up for the waitlist lets you secure your Clubhouse username as you wait for an existing user to wave you in. 
  • Town Hall – A meeting with the founders of Clubhouse Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth. The founders take questions about the app from the members and share development updates. 
Clunhouse lingo woman

The Clubhouse Phrases

When you are deep in conversations in a room, you will encounter several common phrases when engaging other users. They include:

  • “Resetting the room” – The act of re-introducing the speakers and the topic of discussion for those joining the room midway. This helps keep the conversation focused and ensures everyone is following what’s been talked about. 
  • “Ask a question or make a contribution” – Moderators use this phrase to let the audience know that a new speaker is coming to the stage to give their contribution on the current topic. 
  • “Dropping gems” – Clubhouse members use this phrase when a speaker shares valuable information or useful tips on a topic. 
  • “Pass the mic” – A popular way for a moderator or a speaker to invite the next person to give their views. 
Clubhouse lingo ask a question

Bonus! 5 Cheat Codes To Get People In Your Room

As an influencer, Clubhouse is an amazing place to share your experience or expertise on a certain issue. When you create a room and share your topic of discussion, interested users will join and listen to what you have to say. 

But getting people into your room, it’s not that easy. Most people who have opened a room have ended up with no listeners at all. Yes, you heard that right! Zero people showed up to listen to what they had to say. That’s awkward.

Well, we don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why we have created this cheat sheet to help you attract more people to your room. 

#1. Create a catchy room title

Write a catchy headline that makes people want to join your room. The headline should capture what you’re going to talk about and how users can benefit from the conversations. 

Pro Tip: Use emojis to make your headlines pop!

#2. Co-Host/Partner with someone

Partner with someone and get the conversation started as you wait for other people to join. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you are following your co-host to make it easy to schedule a room together.

#3: Host the room under a club

Club members get notified when you host a room in a club. This boosts your chances of getting more people to join your room. 

Pro Tip: Ask the group admin for permission to host a room. 

#4. Schedule a room in advance

Scheduling a room in advance gives you time to promote it on social media to bring more people in. 

Pro Tip: Ask your co-host to post about the room on their social channels as well. 

#5: Ping people into your room

Invite people directly to your room by sending a notification on their phones. 

Pro Tip: Ask your co-host and the audience to ping their friends as well. 

Let The Magic Begin!

Clubhouse is where the magic happens. The app has been designed to help you amplify your voice and make authentic connections with users. Now that you understand the Clubhouse lingo, you can easily navigate the app and tell your story with confidence. 

To help you build a powerful presence on the platform, we have developed an AI-based platform, atisfyre, which helps creators like yourself with brand management. Sign up today and become your own BOSS!

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