Know Where You Stand As A Creator Through Periodic Audits

14 June 2022
social fitness audit

In the eighth part of the Social Fitness blog series with Atisfyre, we want to emphasize the importance of checking in on your Social Fitness so you don’t miss any red flags!

If you’ve not read part 7 of this series, please click here

Most successful influencers take active measures to boost their Social Fitness for optimal performance. But rather than being vague about it, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to check it tangibly? This article is a checklist to keep your Social Fitness in check through periodic audits. 

But first, let’s take a quick look at the two significant elements that weigh on your Social Fitness. A balanced approach toward both is a prerequisite to a successful influencer journey. 

Two critical elements of Social Fitness

Demand-side Social Fitness 

This is about managing your work relationships with brands. 

  • Are enough opportunities coming your way? 
  • Is there a healthy work environment between you (including your team) and the brand’s marketing team? 
  • Are your opinions heard and respected? 

If you work with brands that align with your vision and goals holistically, you are on the right track. 

Creator side Social Fitness

This is about handling all the parts of being a creator. 

  • Are you happy with your work-related relationships and responsibilities? 
  • Do you have a healthy work-rest balance? 
  • Are you able to actively avoid burnout? 

If you have a sense of accomplishment and are looking forward to growth, your Social Fitness as a creator is on a good scale. 

Checklist to assess your Social Fitness

It is time to reflect on these crucial questions that affect your performance as a creator! We suggest you approach this as a journal and note down your answers so you can revisit them and track your progress. 

  1. Are you dedicating time to unlearning and relearning?

Not many understand that the life of an influencer means constantly being “on”. Whether you are sensitive to potential ideas while you go about your day or check things off your to-do list, there is never enough time to evaluate your current thoughts. If that’s the case, it is an indication that you need to make time in your schedule to reflect and invest in yourself. 

  1. Are your personas aligned for all your jobs?

A significant aspect of being socially fit is being 100% real with yourself. Only then will you feel energized toward your work. Even if you wear many hats as part of your job, you mustn’t feel like a fake at the end of the day. This can be exhausting in the long run, but you also have to be honest with your followers. 

  1. Do you actively plan productivity hacks as a part of your workflow?

If you are constantly finding yourself chasing deadlines or under pressure-cooker situations, this is a clear indication that your Social Fitness is not up to the mark. Either there is a lack of support, or systems are not in place to help you do your best work. You need to actively look for options that maximize your output as a creator. The more productive you become, the more you feel in control of your work and earn more money. 

  1. How do you rate your collaborations with other influencers?

Are you happy when you get to work with other influencers? Or do you feel insecure? Healthy competition is excellent, but it is dangerous to compare yourself with fellow creators constantly. You should consistently rate your collaboration experiences and write down what you liked or would like to do more of. Also, note what situations brought negative feelings and what you should avoid in the future. 

  1. Do you manage to balance engagement with scarcity?

Are you online all day, every day? Stop! This is a red flag. Having a schedule with no posting days is a must to keep your sanity. Check if your followers and brand partners have any unrealistic expectations of you to keep creating content all the time. If so, you need to take steps to set boundaries in place that all parties understand and respect. 

Pro-tip: Take a break!

As a creator, rest is an essential part of Social Fitness audit. Rest can take the form of scheduled lunch breaks, resting for 10 minutes after a long workday, or work-free weekends. It’s about getting deep, good sleep regularly.

Many studies show that taking frequent breaks at work makes us more creative, productive, and physically and psychologically healthier. That’s precisely where creativity thrives! 

Don’t hesitate to ask hard questions in this audit or take the necessary steps to prioritize yourself. 

A thorough Social Fitness audit will help you understand the areas you need to focus on and improve to safeguard your passion for creating content.  

Welcome to the Social Fitness Series with Atisfyre! Follow our ongoing series to access top tips for being a successful influencer. From dealing with brand partnerships to constantly engaging followers, we’re here to help you. Our ultimate goal is to help build and better your online presence in the hopes that you’ll be able to land more partnerships.

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