How A Social Media Manager’s Skills Can Boost Your Social Fitness

05 July 2022
social media manager

In the eleventh part of the Social Fitness blog series with Atisfyre, we want to talk about one offshoot career influencers can naturally evolve into. The most socially fit influencers are also their own best social media managers! 

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A big part of being an influencer is knowing Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and so on like the back of your hand! You’re probably aware of the technical know-how of these platforms. If you’re your own social media manager, you’re the one in control of your fate online completely!

We have hand-picked six resume-worthy skills of a social media manager that can boost your own social fitness as an influencer.

1. Copywriting Skills

It’s a highly sought-after talent to be able to write copy that seamlessly jumps on trends, ignites conversation, and increases clicks. This is something that social media managers do daily. 

Whether it is thought-provoking tweets or longer Facebook captions, your words need to attract people. Capturing the brand voice for short and long-form writing is an important element of the job. Being able to write compelling captions or ad content that produces clicks and purchases for a brand or business is a great skill to add to your resume. With consistent efforts and analyzing your performance, you can learn this skill on the job. You can also take courses to get better at writing. 

2. Social media management skills

As a social media manager, you must have in-depth know-how of at least one social media management tool. Understanding how to use these tools will make managing your social profiles a breeze. You can automate the process and execute day-to-day social media duties with apps like Hootsuite. These tools will offer you an advantage over your competition.   Many of them eliminate the extra step of logging in and out of various accounts one at a time and provide a one-stop solution for all the accounts you manage.

3. Graphic design

You can channel your ideas and express your views through dazzling graphics and captivating images if you have design talents. A social media manager can always find themselves with last-minute tasks of creating content, adding branding pictures, or editing rejected photos according to guidelines while on the run. Take inspiration from others in your field and add your creativity. You may utilize social media graphic design tools like Canva to get a hands-on creative experience.

4. Community management

Empathy, active listening, research, and communication are just a few of the subskills that go into community engagement. On social media, community engagement means keeping existing consumers’ attention while attracting new ones. 

An active community is the most effective approach to stay in front of your customers’ minds and drive conversions.

You are the face of your social media campaign as a social media manager. You must cultivate digital relationships, gather your leads, and bring them together into a community of interested audiences who share challenges, thought processes, and skills. You must constantly watch your online brand’s activity and reply to positive and negative comments, as well as handle criticism and feedback.

5. Strategy planning

Creating a robust strategy guarantees you are not losing time on social media networks and instead establishing a strong online presence. Your business goals, whether they be improved website traffic, recognition, brand affinity, or sales, will all be included in a comprehensive social plan. You’ll also be able to target the correct audience, resulting in more conversions. You’ll need to be aware of the larger picture. The interplay between search, content, and social media. You’ll need to layout your objectives, identify your target market, and figure out which platforms can help you expand your efforts. Staying updated with the latest news on your industry, and the platforms you use is a must. 

6. SEO content optimization

The social web is a search, mobile, and content ecosystem. It takes a certain set of skills to ensure that you can guide a user through a sales funnel from discovery through engagement, following, and eventually sales through white hat  SEO methods.

A smart social media manager stays up to date on the newest changes in social algorithms so that their accounts and content are always up to date.

To boost your brand’s reach and engagement, optimize your social accounts by adding relevant keywords, hashtags, and valuable content. Keep in mind that social media platforms also function as search engines.

Understanding the importance of optimizing content for SEO so that search engines will rank your keywords and phrases highly on Google is crucial.

With these skills up your sleeve, you could progress from managing your own profiles to managing a brand’s social media accounts and accomplish their business goals as well. 

Welcome to the Social Fitness Series with Atisfyre! Follow our ongoing series to access top tips for being a successful influencer. From dealing with brand partnerships to constantly engaging followers, we’re here to help you. Our ultimate goal is to help build and better your online presence in the hopes that you’ll be able to land more partnerships.

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