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Find Your Voice On TikTok In 8 Simple Steps

Published On September 14, 2022

Do you spend hours watching dance challenges and food videos on TikTok? Well, so do thousands of other TikTok addicts! But why waste time watching TikTok videos when you can create your account and monetize it?

Continue reading this blog as we discuss how you can create a stellar presence on TikTok and attract renowned brands you’ve always dreamed of working with.

Jumping Onto TikTok

Tiktok sign up
Figure 1: Sign-up options to start your TikTok journey. Source: Hootsuite 

TikTok has taken the world by storm and given many “normal” people the fame they deserve. It is now close to leaving behind even the most popular social media channels, like Instagram and Facebook.

TikTok has been downloaded more than a whopping 3 billion times! And it is the most popular app among US teens and young adults — almost 70% of US teens use TikTok. People between 20 and 29 are the second biggest group spending time on TikTok. Moreover, TikTok’s engagement rate is significantly higher than Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook — IG’s engagement rate is 3.86%, whereas TikTok’s is 18%.

So, it is safe to say that hopping onto the TikTok bandwagon is highly likely to give you immense exposure if you consistently post high-quality content. And now that most big brands are on TikTok, your content will grab their eyeballs, and you can land high-paying partnerships!

8 Tips To Find Your Voice On TikTok

To find your voice on TikTok can be a challenge, especially for beginners. Since there are ample renowned influencers with millions of followers that have dominated the TikTok space, you may find it intimidating to compete with them. But the good news is that you don’t have to compete with them! Simply giving your best effort and creating excellent content will help you make a robust presence. So, here are eight tips you can use to find your voice on TikTok and stand out from the rest.

1. Ask yourself why you’re on TikTok

The biggest mistake you can commit on your TikTok journey is laying the wrong foundation. Now that you’ve decided to be a TikTok star, you can’t just stand before your camera and shoot videos without planning. Though some random videos get viral unexpectedly, that kind of success is fleeting. For lasting success and an authoritative, memorable presence, you need to have clearly defined goals and plans.

So, before asking, “What is my voice on TikTok?”, ask yourself, “Why am I on TikTok in the first place?” If you dream of overnight success and a higher bank balance only — we hate to break this to you — you may fail. Have a clear and realistic vision. Additionally, create your audience’s persona in your mind. This will enable you to curate content they find exciting and stop you from mindlessly shooting videos you think people will love.

2. Define your ‘brand’ personality

When joining TikTok to become a long-term influencer, you mustn’t consider yourself an average TikTok user but a brand. Every action and video will bring your audience closer to your brand or repel them. And creating your brand’s personality is another critical step that will help you understand your TikTok voice.

Your brand’s personality will elicit an emotional response in your target audience. Defining your personality will help you trigger the response you want from them and ward off all negative emotions. A brand personality is also essential to grab the attention of a specific audience segment you want to attract. For instance, luxury brands like Chanel and Michael Kors have sophisticated and glamorous personalities to attract a high-spending customer base.

You can create your brand’s personality by thinking of it as a person. Determine if you want the person (a.k.a brand) to be funny, serious, informative, or adventurous. Subsequently, you can partner with other TikTok influencers with similar brand personalities. This will help you convey to the audience the type of content they can find on your channel and the personality you carry.

3. Create authentic content

One of the crucial elements of TikTok is authenticity. Even if your TikTok videos aren’t heavily edited or shot with a DSLR but are authentic, they will get more views. The younger generation that is most active on TikTok is an expert at spotting fake content. They know when you’re lying about owning that Gucci dress or Lamborghini! And they will publicly stand against your inauthenticity.

At the same time, the audience will respond with equal excitement when they see your efforts and watch your authentic and riveting TikTok videos. Your fans will help you achieve success on TikTok when you put in the effort to keep them engaged. So, speak in your audience’s language and upload compelling content consistently, and you’ll be rewarded!

4. Connect with the larger community

Though focusing on your primary audience is of utmost importance, you can’t thrive in the TikTok ecosystem and be ignorant of the larger community. In other words, you must create content keeping in mind the latest goings-on in the world — empathy is vital here.

Platforms like TikTok became a critical forum to disseminate the correct information and instill peace during the recent Ukraine war. Many TikTokers raised their voices against the wrong. Even the Ukrainian president appealed to the TikTokers to help end the war. This shows that staying abreast of the latest happenings and standing against the wrong is one of the responsibilities of a TikToker. 

find your voice on tiktok
Figure 2: A TikToker sharing opinions on the Ukraine war. Source: The Guardian

Apart from being aware of what’s happening in the world, stay updated with the happenings in your community. Being mindful and standing for what matters to your community will help you create lasting relationships with your fans.

5. Be open to experimentation

Mediocre content has no value on TikTok. You need to churn out creative content to become a popular TikToker and have an authoritative presence. Remember, most users prefer TikTok solely because of the gripping innovative videos on the platform.

And when it comes to posting creative content that helps you stand out, following what everyone else is doing isn’t the right course of action. Be creative, get out of your comfort zone, and be ready to experiment without fear of failure. Test new video ideas, shoot videos from unconventional angles, partner with people outside your industry, and give a personal twist to the ongoing trends. This will keep your audience engaged and even get you more followers.

6. Embrace cross-promotions

All social media platforms are interconnected. Therefore, many notable influencers have accounts on all popular channels. And if you’re dreaming of becoming a well-known TikToker, you must be a famous Instagrammer or Twitterati!

This is because you need to leverage the current social platforms you’re most active on and cross-promote your new TikTok account on these platforms. Let your audience know that you’ve started a TikTok channel, and they’d be happy to follow you.

That said, don’t overwhelm yourself with being present on multiple platforms. Simply choose the platforms you’re already on and use them for marketing your TikTok profile. 

7. Stay on top of trends/filters/sounds

Following a viral trend is an unspoken rule on TikTok. Following a trend and using a trending sound or filter in your videos is a popular strategy to boost discoverability. TikTok may place your engaging video on a current trend on the For You page, improving your visibility and increasing your follower count.

That said, don’t mindlessly follow a trend and do what everybody does. But add a creative twist to make your video stand out. Additionally, avoid forcefully following a trend that isn’t relevant to your brand’s personality. Doing so can ruin your reputation and make your audience lose interest in your TikTok content.

8. Always optimize

Last but certainly not least, NEVER forget to optimize your content. You’ll never become a TikTok star if you forget TikTok optimization. Carefully analyze your TikTok presence as a whole and the individual posts. See what type of videos are getting the most engagement and capitalize more on those videos and formats. Also, categorize your content into broad topics or “content buckets” and stick to them for a cohesive TikTok presence — your audience follows you because of your expertise in that field. Mastering your niche on TikTok will also help you hone your TikTok voice.

Besides, wisely create TikTok’s 150-character long captions. Ensure the captions mention the video and why users should watch it. Lastly, always add a relevant soundtrack, as 88% of TikTok users said sound is “essential” for an enhanced experience on TikTok.

These practices will help you find your voice on TikTok and increase your viewership, making you the star you deserve to be!

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Attract Renowned Brands With Your Unique Voice

After you find your voice on TikTok, stick to it and your niche to position yourself as an authority. This will attract more brands and help you get high-paying partnership opportunities.

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