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Content Moderation Tools To Skyrocket Your Reach

Published On October 05, 2022

The digital realm is heavily affected by user-generated content. This is evidenced by the huge number of text, photos, and videos posted across many social media platforms and websites. 

With that in mind, it is important that the internet be a secure place for all its users, but we must bear the burden of safety and responsibility. That is the role of content moderation tools. 

Social media content moderation involves screening, assessing, and filtering various social media content connected to your channels. This helps guarantee that anything you or others publish on your social media accounts is suitable and consistent with your branding, allowing you to achieve your goals and objectives.

What Are Content Moderation Tools?

Content moderation tools screen users’ submissions for inappropriate language, images, or videos that are related to the platform in some way or have been limited by the forum or the country’s legislation. As part of the procedure, a set of rules is utilized to monitor content. Any content that doesn’t adhere to the criteria is double-checked to see if it is suitable to be posted. If anything is inappropriate, it is marked and removed.

Why Do You Need One?

People may be aggressive, offensive, extreme, or otherwise hateful and violate copyrights for various reasons. A content moderation program ensures that consumers are secure and helps to boost an account’s credibility by maintaining trust. Content moderation is used by platforms such as social media, dating apps and websites, markets, and forums to keep content safe. 

It is a unique feature of internet platforms that is becoming increasingly important as content grows. However, as the number and severity of harmful content increases, international organizations and states are concerned about the impact of such content on consumers. Traditional content moderation techniques have raised serious difficulties throughout their development, including:

  • The absence of standardization.
  • Personal preferences.
  • Human moderators’ limitations.
  • The psychological consequences of repeated exposure to bad content.

Most importantly, the inability to govern and regulate online content causes serious mental health problems.

Types Of Content Moderation

The type of content moderation tool you choose depends on your personal best case use. Here are the general types of content moderation techniques that are available currently: 

  1. Automated moderation

Today’s moderation relies heavily on technology to make the process faster, easier, and safer. AI content moderation entails using machine-learning algorithms capable of detecting inappropriate content and automating the time-consuming task of skimming through thousands of posts daily. While technology-powered moderation is getting more exact and effective, it cannot completely replace human review, particularly in more complex scenarios. As a result, automated moderation continues to use a combination of technology and human moderation.

  1. Pre-moderation

This is a primary approach to content moderation. It entails reviewing each piece of content before it is published on your platform. If a user submits text or a visual, it is routed to the review queue. It gets online only after explicit approval from a content moderator.

  1. Post-moderation

Post moderation is the most common method of content screening. Users can publish content whenever they want; however, posts are screened for moderation. When an item is flagged, it is deleted to protect other users.

  1. Reactive moderation

This model relies on users to recognize inappropriate content. Reactive moderation can be performed alone or combined with post-moderation for the best outcomes. People can flag content even after it has passed through your moderation processes, providing you with a double layer of protection.

  1. Distributed moderation

This moderation style completely relies on the online community to examine and remove the content as needed. Users employ a rating system to determine whether a piece of content adheres to the platform’s criteria.

Top Content Moderation Tools For You To Try


tool for content
Figure 1: Screenshot of Preamble website. Source: Preamble

Preamble is working on AI solutions aligned with human-defined values and can be used for content moderation or controlled text synthesis. It offers audio, image, video, and comment moderation services for UGC and general content. 

Key features:

Figure 2: Screenshot of the Pattr website. Source: Pattr

You can seamlessly integrate conversational artificial intelligence (AI) into your consumer discussions using Pattr. Their AI will then detect inappropriate replies or comments on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Key features:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Recognizing intent
  • Image evaluation (including emojis)
  • Conversational bots


Figure 3: Screenshot of the WebPurify website. Source: WebPurify

WebPurify’s mission is to provide a safe internet experience for everyone, especially children. They’ve designed an affordable and accessible content moderation solution that’s fast and easy to use. They provide tailored services to fit any budget. If you’re only interested in photo moderating, you can sign up for their Live Moderation service. You can get solutions in five minutes for only $0.02 per photo.

Key features:

  • Profanity filter
  • Hybrid image moderation
  • Video moderation


Figure 3: Screenshot of the Sightengine website. Source: Sightengine

Sightengine was the first company to offer deep learning-based moderating services.

Their straightforward, scalable software can aid you with image moderation, video moderation, text moderation, image deletion, and video deletion. The software can assist you with all processes, from determining your content guidelines to tracking how they are executed. The API offers moderation results instantly and adapts to meet your needs automatically. You can also scale your Moderation Pipeline to millions of photos every month.

Key features:

  • Nudity detection
  • Image and video anonymization
  • Image, video, and text moderation
  • Fraud detection

Hive Moderation

hive moderation
Figure 5: Screenshot of the Hive moderation website. Source: Hive Moderation

Hive is a one-stop shop for protecting your platform against potentially dangerous visual, audio, and text information. Hive moderation provides customized solutions that use both manual moderation and hybrid models. They claim to power 150+ prominent platforms such as BeReal, Reddit, and Giphy.

Key features:

  • Visual moderation
  • Text moderation
  • Audio moderation
  • All-in-one moderation dashboard

Amazon Rekognition

amazon tool
Figure 6: Screenshot of the Amazon Rekognition website. Source: AWSAmazon

You can use the Amazon Rekognition APIs to create a safer user experience, provide brand safety assurances to advertisers, and comply with local and worldwide standards in social media, broadcast media, advertising, and e-commerce settings. To classify categories of improper or harmful information, Amazon Rekognition employs a two-level hierarchical taxonomy. Further, there are several second-level categories for each top-level category.

Key features:

  • Detect and label explicit images and videos
  • Train and deploy custom models
  • Enhance predictions with human reviews


content moderation tool
Figure 7: Screenshot of the Moderate content website. Source: Moderate Content 

One of the main pulls of ModerateContent is its reasonable pricing. They, like Sightengine, have a decent Free subscription that allows you to scan up to 1,000 images in a month. They also provide you with the option of paying as you go. Aside from their affordable cost, their real-time picture moderation API is simple to incorporate into any website, platform, or app. 

It analyzes images and provides a rating based on its content for various audiences. Additionally, detects image copyright violations, analyzes text, and returns any negative words identified in 27 languages. Further, it returns a cleaned version of the text as well. It also inspects an image and rates its content’s suitability for a certain audience (adult, teen, or everyone).  

Key Features: 

  • Scan image-based content (including anime images) 
  • Replace bad words
  • Content moderation
  • Face detection 

Alibaba Cloud

alibaba cloud content moderation tool
Figure 8: Screenshot of Alibaba Cloud website. Source: Alibaba Cloud

One of the primary benefits of adopting Alibaba’s content moderation service is that they have years of big data analysis to assist you in accurately monitoring images, text, videos, and other multimedia content. Their website claims that their accuracy rate is greater than 95%. This way, you can take steps to prevent spam advertising as well as unsuitable content that encourages things like violence, drug use, extremism, and terrorism. 

Key Features: 

  • Accuracy rate higher than 95%
  • Deep learning technology 
  • Customizable models according to preference 

Besedo Implio

besedo website
Figure 9: Screenshot of the Besedo website. Source: Besedo 

Besedo has been around for two decades and is trusted by brands such as eBay and Every year, they censor over 500 million pieces of content and block approximately 40 million scam attempts, according to their website. 

They created Implio, a content moderation platform for human and automatic comment and content moderation based on their years of experience. One of the most significant advantages of using Implio is that you will have access to all of the tools you require through a single, simple interface. This feature offers custom filters, keyword highlighting to help with manual moderating, and insights and analytics.

Key Features:

  • 25+ different languages
  • Human and technology synergy
  • AI and automation powered 

Netino by Webhelp 

webhelp platform
Figure 10: Screenshot of the Webhelp website. Source: Webhelp 

Launched the same year as Besedo, Netino initially focused on the technological implementation of dialogue spaces on websites. Still, after seeing the critical need to build secure online discussion spaces, they developed ModeratUs, a three-in-one unique solution for content moderation, automation, and real-time monitoring. Their 3,000+ member experienced staff and ModeratUs will assist you in identifying trolls, detecting and monitoring crises, and reducing fake news, abuse, and unlawful content.

Key Features:

  • Compile inputs from all of your social networks.
  • Examine contributions from social networks
  • Moderate community comments, photos, and videos.


crowdsource content moderation tool
Figure 11: Screenshot of the Crowdsource website. Source: Crowdsource 

CrowdSource’s crew can moderate content in real-time to help maintain your website’s reputation. If you require more than just a simple check, their team may collaborate with you to develop a tailored moderation policy and rejection rationale. You can promptly filter user-generated comments, photos, or videos without losing accuracy.

They may assist you in creating content and ensuring that users’ shared content is safe. They can provide copywriting and transcription services in addition to content control. 

Key Features:

  • End-to-end video moderation
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Reporting

Modern moderation tools now facilitate the content moderation process, enabling professionals to easily identify undesirable information and further moderate it under legal and platform-centric criteria. Technology provides effective and safe solutions to speed up content moderation while making it safer for content creators. Let’s chip in to make online spaces welcoming for all internet users. 

Influencers and content creators can now use the power of Atisfyre’s AI-based influencer platforms to establish a successful career and simultaneously maintain the highest ethical standards online. 

Our machine-learning AI uses new-to-the-world technology to match you with the right brands at the right prices. Our AI tools also help you analyze your activity across all of your platforms with insights into your followers, campaigns, viewers, and performance to help you expand your own brand. 

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