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11 Fantastic Social Media Tools For Content Creators In 2022

Published On June 20, 2022

Creating beautifully curated content doesn’t have to cost a hand and a leg.  Armed with the right social media tools and a creative mind, you can create compelling stories on social media. As your creative brand grows and expands, you will undoubtedly need to improve and invest.

Investing in better creative tools to generate higher-quality photographs, video, and audio content will not always be cheap. But taking the time to invest will elevate your brand or business as an influencer and content creator. Whether you’re looking for simply the essentials or information on the best apps, this article has it all!

Recording Tools

Video is all the rage now. No content creator can get by without offering videos to their audience. A few simple tools for social media creators can deliver some very remarkable results, and these include: 

  1. Ring light  

Artificial sources of light are important when shooting videos. A ring light helps create a bright aesthetic while allowing you to be hands-free to create more engaging content. Many of them include multiple settings for changing the light’s warmth or coolness, as well as dimming or brightening it, providing you greater control over your aesthetic.

  1. Backdrops 

Creating backgrounds of your choice is now easier than ever. Options ranging from vinyl photography backgrounds in a rainbow of colors, or just a white backdrop to green screens that can be customized in the editing phase can make for clean and interesting displays for your flat lays or portraits. 

  1. Flexi tripod 

A tripod is a must-have in any content creator’s arsenal. A shaky hand never helped make sharp videos, right? Investing in a flexible tripod will improve the quality of your final product while also allowing you to experiment with new angles. 

  1. Microphone 

While most cameras and phones include an in-built microphone, you should get a professional microphone to reduce sound gaps and noise. Having a good quality mic on hand will save the day when filming tutorials, narrating video content, or even being a guest on someone else’s podcast.

Phone Accessories

For those who often draws inspiration from random creative moments, phone accessories are your key to high-quality on-the-go content. Without the bulky tools, you can create social media content even if you didn’t plan for it. 

  1. Stylus 

If scribbling on Instagram Stories with your finger isn’t cutting it, a stylus pen is a simple tool to improve your precision.  Choose a universal touch screen stylus that will work with a range of devices. You can use a stylus to add creative flair to your stories for a more polished look by using the power of a proper penpoint.

  1. Camera lenses 

It’s true that today’s smartphones come equipped with cameras that can compete with professional settings. However, there is a lot that only cameras can do. But if your budget doesn’t allow for a large purchase, you can start with a smartphone camera lens. With anything from fisheye perspective to macro views, a simple lens attachment that takes seconds to install may transform videos taken from your phone camera.

Editing and Graphics Apps

Editing apps are a content creator’s best friend when it comes to creating content quicker. There’s always an app to help you impress your audience without putting in a lot of effort, from making animated Instagram Stories in a heartbeat to one-click photography tweaks.

  1. For photography 

Content creation generally involves improving your photographic talents and, as a result, editing is a key accompanying skill. The nicest aspect is that you don’t have to fuss over individual modifications for hours. Apps such as LightRoom have presets that make it simple to batch edit numerous photographs at once while maintaining a consistent style. 

  1. For videos 

With video content growing more popular than ever, having a few go-to video editing tools for content creation is important. Once shooting a video is done, editing and processing are what truly complete it. With the help of video-specific software that allows precise editing, all of this can be simply managed. Apps like In-shot and Mojo are quite popular among IG creators, and we recommend them to you! 

  1. Social media design 

Creating content is only one aspect of the work. Shareable posts that serve as announcements, stories, visual hooks, and more are a big aspect of social media. Your job becomes a lot easier when you have fast access to social media tools like Canva and Creative Market to help you cut, brand, and design your content quickly and attractively.

Social Media Tools

You’re expected to wear a lot of hats as a content creator: photographer, creative director, social media manager, and so on. Keeping track of all of these tasks might be difficult, but thankfully, there are some helpful tools available to help.

  1. Scheduling tools 

When you’ve done creating all of your content, you’ll need to face the difficult task of creating a well-organized posting schedule. Using social media scheduling software systems, you may design and mass schedule several posts at once. You can do this whenever it is convenient for you, and then use your preferred tool to distribute your posts at the most optimal times. They also allow you to develop and publish more content. Scheduling tools like Later will help you automate planning, scheduling, and auto-publishing with ease. 

  1. Stock photo subscription

Beautiful, high-quality stock assets are the ideal method to save time and effort without sacrificing results if you’re short on time or have a limited marketing budget. The days of tacky, generic stock photographs are long gone. Hundreds of brilliant stock photographers share their work on legitimate stock photography sites. When you’re stuck for ideas, don’t have time to shoot images, or just want to add some new content to your feed, stock photos are great social media tools to the rescue. Apps like Unsplash, Pexels, and Nappy provide a diverse selection of photos for any occasion. 

The right content creator tools can work magic for you in creating high-quality content without the need for a big-budget blowout. They also reduce your reliance on third-party agencies! Now that your social media toolkit is stocked with low-cost resources, you can begin creating content that attracts new followers while also keeping your existing ones engaged.  

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