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Ace Instagram Video With These Creators Approved Hacks 

Published On May 25, 2022

Instagram has evolved from a photo-sharing app to a potential marketing platform for brands and influencers. But it is no surprise that the Instagram algorithm is mutating too.

The app quickly rolls out new features to deliver the best experience to its 1 billion active Instagram users. Sponsored post tags, creator accounts, and branded content ads allow influencers to monetize their content. But earning on Instagram also requires a constant hustle of presenting eye-catching media.

How can you make a difference on this over-saturated platform? Easy. Create Instagram videos that wow your audience and stop them from scrolling past you. But before we spill the beans about how to hack this content, you should first understand why you should make this type of content.

The Perks Of Making Instagram Videos For Creators 

When Instagram was just a photo-sharing app, things were a bit more effortless for content creators. But today, Instagram videos have taken over the show. As a creator, making influential Instagram videos that don’t get buried among the ever-churning content pile can be difficult. But it does have a few benefits, including:. 

1. Reaching a larger audience 

Today Millennials and Gen Z are more into video content from creators. Moreover, 53% of active internet users are on Instagram, which benefits you to connect with like-minded people and form your tribe.

2. Opportunity to gain a niche audience

For Instagram, not many creators leverage videos as you’d expect. You can bridge that gap and gain a niche following by knowing your followers and offering them what they want.

3. An engaged audience

The popularity of Instagram videos is soaring, due to how invested the audience is in this content format. Audiences engage with, share, and save the content that they enjoy – further boosting your reach. This solidifies your path as a successful creator, helping you capture more collaborations, followers, and business.  

Are you ready to make Instagram videos that the audience watches and have the Likes roll in? Before you do that, ponder these unique Instagram video strategies for promising results.

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8 Instagram Video Hacks

1. Test different video types

Instagram video content allows creators to experiment with various ideas to appeal to their audience. But trying all the different video types on Instagram at once may get chaotic. We recommend testing different formats and taking your call with traction and the creation process. 

Today, there are a few video types on the Instagram platform:

  • Video posts: These are mini videos between 3 to 60 seconds in length.
  • Instagram Stories: Insta stories are between 3 to 15 seconds in length, and the audience remains highly invested in them.
  • IGTV: For a huge-length video, IGTV is perfect. Videos are between 15 seconds to 60 minutes long.
  • Live stream: You can present an undisturbed 60-minute long live streaming.
  • Insta Reels: A relatively new video format you can use to present a 1 sec to 60 sec Reel.

Pro Tip: Try mixing your video types to give the audience new ways to engage!

2. Use IG video tools

A video strategy takes a little extra effort, as creating cutting-edge videos requires experimentation, well-devised techniques, and video mastery. Beginners often get trapped in the cycle of committing mistakes. 

The best tactic is to enhance your videos with special effects. You can layer and superimpose elements to your images and clips. But what’s the best way to get started? Try taking advantage of the various IG video editing tools. The Internet offers a variety of paid and free video editing tools based on your preference.

If you’re not a professional video editor, use tools like: 

  • Inshot
  • VideoShow
  • VideoLeap
  • Animoto 

You don’t need high-tech skills to acquaint yourself with these tools and give your videos a new character in no time.

3. Collaborate with creators 

If you are an influencer, you have your tribe! You’ve built it authentically over the years, but if you don’t want to stop there, try collaborating with fellow creators to widen your community. 

On Instagram, most influencers have built a loyal following who trust their recommendations. Collaborating with other creators by tagging each other in posts allows your followers to find new people to follow. This also works in reverse too!

There are many ways to tag each other for collaborations. Try:

  • Offering video tutorials with the help of a niche expert.
  • Inviting a creator to join you in a Live session. 
  • Starting an engaging and chatty Q&A with a fellow creator.

4. Repurpose your video content 

To maximize your chances of being seen, make a presence on other social media channels! How? Repurpose your old video content and post it for a new audience on your other platforms. This saves time and effort, and pushes your content to a broader audience.

For instance, famous American makeup artist Jeffree Star delivers a striking influence on Instagram and uses the same content for his business website. 

5. Don’t miss trends 

 As a creator, posting a beautiful video with a captivating background and special effects may not be enough. Because if you’re not trying out the latest trends, you’re leaving behind all the fun!

Social media consumption evolves constantly, and therefore, it is imperative to watch the trends. Check recent reports, analyze the market, or scroll through your apps. You may find many opportunities to beat the competition by adapting to trends.

6. Being spammy is no good

Take it as a tip from the ace creators – don’t shorten the path to success by following spammy tactics. It may be broad advice to follow, so let’s narrow it down for you:

  • Never use the same set of hashtags in all posts
  • Don’t follow accounts and unfollow them a few minutes later
  • Commenting and engaging on 100 posts a day is spam
  • The worst is buying followers and likes

If you think that spammy practices will let the Instagram algorithm work for you, it won’t. It’s unlikely your account will flourish and it may even be taken down or shadowbanned.

7. Build engagement with comments 

Being a creator, it is your responsibility to reply to those who have invested time in writing a comment on your post. Responding to comments on your Instagram video posts nourishes the connection with your followers, and helps in winning their confidence.

This also lets the Instagram algorithm play in your favor as it depicts your authenticity as a creator and the genuine bond shared with your community.

8. Cross-link to other app audience 

Try the quick hack of cross-linking your profile on other social media channels if you want more traction on your videos. This way, you can boost your chances of getting discovered by a wider audience that may not be active (or haven’t seen you) on Instagram.

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Build your Instagram video empire now

Instagram videos are growing rapidly, so get yourself into it and start creating stunning videos for your feed. You can try videos of all different sizes and formats to test what gets more traction from your target audience. These tried and tested hacks can improve your video strategy significantly if you’re just getting started. 

Having a high-quality Instagram video strategy also amplifies the chances to get discovered by brands too. But if you’re still scrolling without any brand opportunities, connect with Atisfyre today. 

Atisfyre is an AI-based platform for influencers that matches them with the right fit brands in their niches. We can help you get recognized by worldwide brands for a breakthrough in your influencer career!

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