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Why Now Is The Right Time To Be A TikTok Influencer

Published On July 15, 2021

Are you suffering from the creative itch (aka, itching to get online and show off), but not sure about the right platform? No need to start from scratch. If you’re here, you’ve landed in the right place at the right time! Start your carreer as a TikTok Influencer.

TikTok may have been mired in many controversies, but it has always risen like a phoenix. In May 2021 alone it was downloaded 80 million times, according to a report in ABS CBN News. The enormous numbers are proof enough that this short-video platform means business. As a newbie TikToker you might get intimidated by the numbers, but this is exactly why you should be on the platform — the number of users is skyrocketing and the peak is still nowhere in sight! This means you stand a brilliant chance to make it big.

Still unsure about what to do? Well, if you’re an influencer who has stayed away from TikTok then now is the right time to join the platform, and be a TikTok influencer. Read our blog as we give you enough reasons to get inspired and start TikToking, right away.

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Up With TikTok

Reason 1: TikTok can influence brands

Business corporations have finally figured out that TikTok is not just a pastime for some fun-seeking teenagers, the platform can essentially steer their company’s growth in the right direction. 

Big labels in the fashion industry, huge cosmetics brands, or giants from the food industry, everyone has created a space for themselves on the platform. And you know what? With the right social media strategy in place and a little extra help from the TikTok influencers, these brands have successfully managed to boost their presence.

In the last two years, to their credit, Chipotle has run several popular challenges and used the clout of TikTok influencers like @zachking and @dreaknowsbest to their advantage.

For #InMyDenim campaign, Guess, too, have had support from people like @madison_willow and @ourfire. And the #LoveGUESS campaign garnered over 19 million views!

These are not one-off events; you will find many similar exciting opportunities to work with brands. So don’t be shy, hop on to the TikTok ride and enjoy! But do ensure your presence on other social platforms as well. Using the same handle on other platforms can help your audience identify you across social media. 

While creating engaging content, you will also develop rapport with your followers, so put your strengths to good use. Identify your forte and create videos with all honesty. Common people trust a person next door more than a celebrity. Be honest, be precise and be creative. 

Did you know many brands have made a killing on TikTok? No? Have a look at this — 5 Brands On TikTok That Succeeded (And How They Did It)

Figure 1. Guess Hashtag on TikTok. Source: TikTok

Reason 2: TikTok is not going anywhere

Proving the skeptics wrong, TikTok has demonstrated that it is here to stay. The highly engaging app has been pushing the advertising industry towards an uncharted path. The platform has done its job and brought about a change in how we perceive entertainment. Perhaps the secret to its success is in the shortened attention span of media users, and needless to say TikTok has managed to strike a perfect balance. 

Now it’s your turn to make it bigger. But how? By being you – and allowing your creative juices to flow freely! Since TikTok is still far from saturation point, you can get a head start. Plus point – you have an excellent chance to make it big here as the TikTok algorithm doesn’t support specific influencers, and gives everyone a fair chance. Your creativity, too, gets a shot in the arm with the features and filters the platform offers!  

Just for inspiration, here are the Top 15 TikTok Influencers To Motivate You!

TikTok Influencer drinking coffee

Reason 3: TikTok offers unique ways to make money 

Not being a copy of some other app has been the USP of TikTok. Taking yet another unique step, the platform has launched a ‘Creator Fund’ to motivate its users. The US fund has started with $200 million to support creators who are looking to make a living by creating unique content. The fund will be distributed over the year and is expected to keep growing. Still in the initial phase, the creators will need at least 100K authentic video views in the last 30 days to be eligible to join the ‘Creator Fund.’   

Influencer marketing is yet another way to make money on TikTok, which means publishing sponsored posts. According to an estimate, you can make something between $0.01 and $0.02 for each view on a sponsored video, which roughly translates to $1,000 for 100,000 views.  

You can also earn money by collecting donations on TikTok via ‘Livestream.’ Followers sometimes, to show their appreciation, send virtual gifts with monetary value to their favorite TikTok stars using ‘Livestream.’

TikTok influencer piggy

Reason 4: Anyone can trend on TikTok 

If you are new to TikTok influencer marketing and are still learning the ropes at this trendy platform, then that’s a step in the right direction. Anyone can make it big here. The only ask is to remain consistent and keep posting high-quality content. 

This community-based platform treats everyone equally. As you get a better understanding of the functioning of TikTok, you will learn that interacting with other influencers can also increase your popularity. The best way to interact is to start liking and commenting on others’ videos. And don’t forget to thank those who like your work!

This is a community of some awe-inspiring people! Want to know more about them? Enjoy this read: TikTok’s Influencer Culture: What Makes It Unique.

You can also use ‘Duets’ to collaborate with your friends or other influencers and target both their and your followers with the same video. 

The next question is how to trend? Well, the answer is another question — who are you? Discover yourself and find your niche and stick to it. Think from people’s perspective — what is it that they want to watch. And when you get your answer, follow your instincts. 

Reason 5: TikTok numbers are easy to track

If you are serious about your performance on TikTok, then you must keep tabs on your numbers. 

To check your stats, you can use TikTok’s newly launched analytics tool, but for that, you will have to upgrade to a Pro account. The application will start to capture data only after you upgrade, so your dashboard will not show analytics from your history. You will need to check back in after seven days for the app to generate adequate data. These seven days are thus crucial, and you must publish good content to see some results in the form of numbers. With time, your data will keep getting precise.

You can get deep insights into your performance if you take a good look under the ‘Content’ tab on the ‘Analytics Tool’. At first glance, you will get a view of how you fared in the last seven days – which of your videos have been trending, and the total number of views. With this information, the tool essentially gives you a roadmap for what you should post next. 

To check who is following you, you’ll need to check the ‘Followers’ Insight’ tab. But you should at least have 100 followers to be able to do that. This section gives you access to the demographics of your followers. 

Under the ‘Follower Activity’ tab you can see their activity by the hour. All this data, and more, will play a crucial factor in planning your future content, and finally deciding your success. 

Still have any doubts? Here’s How to Make The Ultimate Use Of Hashtags To Become A TikTok Influencer!

Thirteen or thirty, no matter how old you are, taking a plunge into influencer marketing is not going to be easy, but it is certainly going to be exhilarating. 

Trust us, and dive into it, but do read our Ultimate Guide To Becoming A TikTok Influencer.

As explained in this blog, you can become a successful influencer on TikTok, as brands have recognized the worth of this platform and are looking for new people to boost their image. Many businesses have already taken help from the trend-setting stars of TikTok.

The platform is a couple of years old but is yet to reach its pinnacle, and the opportunities to earn money are plenty. The misconception that TikTok is only about lip-syncing teenagers is finally clearing up. 

While you showcase your talents, you also need a reliable platform that can help you emerge as a TikTok star. Our AI-based platform, atisfyre, helps you earn while you treat your followers with intriguing videos. Be it established TikTok influencers or budding content creators, atisfyre is here to help you grow. 

Enough of thinking, it’s time to act now! Sign up and get started today.

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