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What’s Your Tweet Worth? Here’s How To Calculate It & Make Money Tweeting

Published On October 14, 2021

Have you ever wondered if you can make money tweeting before it ends up in the black hole of Twitterland?

We have news! As an influencer, you could be sitting on hidden gold, aka, your Twitter account because you don’t know the worth of your Twitter brand. 

As a Twitter influencer, if you are not yet monetizing your account, consider adding it to your to-do list. The earnings from Twitter could make a juicy slice of side income or even make up the whole pie. 

If you are a brand getting started on Twitter, take note of Kris Sanchez, the owner of @Uberfacts, who earns a yearly $500,000 working with Twitter celebrities. 

This blog will tell you how to calculate your current Twitter worth so you know what your tweets can fetch the next time. 

Your Tweetworth Decides The Money You Will Make Tweeting

For starters, making money on Twitter is not for everyone. 

Despite having a big following, if you rarely ever engage on the platform, making money tweeting is going to stay a distant dream. However, armed with even a mid-size, tight-knit community, you can do more with your Twitter account than you think. 

Here are some factors that decide your Twitter worth and eventually the money in your pocket:

1. Follower count and quality

The crowning glory for influencers, i.e. your follower count, plays a prominent role in your Twitter worth. The more the number of real people following and interacting with your tweets, the more valuable your account becomes. But beware of buying followers! They are only dead weight, pulling your Tweet worth down, with their absent engagement. 

2. The Blue Tick

A verified Twitter account gives you the rite of passage to the money-making land of Tweets. The coveted blue tick next to your name automatically tells people that you are a real person with real influence in the world. As a result, you have better odds of making money tweeting with a verified Twitter account than a non-verified one. 

3. Average Tweet Impressions

It is easy to buy followers on Twitter, but the challenge is to build an authentic relationship with them through consistent engagement. Brands are aware of this fact and hence prefer tie-ups with influencers who have a higher engagement rate on their Twitter accounts through likes, retweets, and comments. 

4. Hashtag Authority 

In the past, how successful have you been in starting trends through hashtags that saw high engagement? If you have managed to claim authority over specific hashtags, you have a higher tweet worth. Brands pay big bucks to influencers who know how to run online campaigns and engage more people in conversations through tweets. 

Building an engaged following on Twitter is akin to a full-time job. Since you have put in so much hard work to build a Twitter audience, going all-in makes absolute sense. 

So here are some tips to improve your Twitter handle’s worth so you can get noticed and land jobs that make you money tweeting. 

Tips To Improve Your Twitter Handle

Twitter is a noisy place. If you want to rise above the chatter, you have to put out tweets that halt scrolling. Here is what you should do:

1. Know the pulse of your audience

Your tweets are not for everyone. Research your ideal audience and keep a tab on what they are talking about.  Learn to be exclusive in a way that you know whom you are talking to. Use hashtags and mentions to your advantage so you can add to relevant threads. 

2. Go to where they are – the comments section

Twitter is a casual hangout. Even though it is being used for other purposes like branding, marketing, selling, etc., its core is still the same. Hence, anyone who keeps pushing their agendas down the audience’s throat is running a losing race. Instead, here are some basic rules to keep in mind to strike an ideal balance between conversation and promotion:

  • Keep 80% of your conversation in sync with your niche that adds value to your audience. Let the 20% be promotional content.
  • Follow the 5:3:2 rule wherein five are relevant retweets from others, three are your content, and two are promotional content. 
  • For every promotional tweet you send, follow the 4-1-1 rule: four pieces from others plus one retweet.

Your followers should be your priority; money will follow. Choose a ratio that balances both and stick to it.  

3. Be ‘on-time’

More than luck and algorithm, timing plays a role in your Twitter success. Even when it feels like people on Twitter never sleep, the truth is that there are dull moments throughout the day. Research to find out when your target audience is online and tweet at those times. You can use scheduling apps that do the job for you but keep a tab on comments to engage. 

4. Tell them what to do next

Don’t send out tweets without a purpose. Adding a Call-to-Action helps your audience to know what to do after reading your tweet. Use strong command verbs such as “follow”, “share”, “comment”, “retweet”, “hashtag this” etc. for more popularity on Twitter. 

5. Reach out to the bigger players

From time to time, try to collaborate with accounts larger and more popular than you. This can create a social cross-pollination that can get more people involved in the ongoing conversations. Such efforts can get more eyes on your content and improve impressions.

You can reach out to other influencers by:

  • asking for retweets via dm.
  • tweeting highly retweetable content with @mentions.
  • tweeting others personally.

Once you put these tips into action, your Twitter will come alive with chirping. It is then time to start making money by tweeting. 

How To Make Money Tweeting

The key to getting paid for your tweets is to land collaborations with brands that will pay you for them. But before brands can approach you with such offers, here is what you need to do first: 

1. Become a niche-ninja

By doing this, you will ultimately establish yourself as an authority in your chosen domain. Your audience will also learn to associate a type of content with your name. Develop your creative expression in your tweets so that it becomes your USP. This helps build your voice, follower count, and impressions, all essential to your Twitter success. 

2. Be engaged

Engage and reach your Twitter audience by running interesting campaigns. Run contests and giveaways to let them benefit from association with you. Also, make use of images, relevant gifs, videos, etc. that increase the shareability of your content. Give them something to talk about, but positively!

3. Be business-savvy 

As an influencer, Twitter is probably a medium that is serving your career or financial goals. Approach it like you would a job because you build a brand for yourself that will eventually earn revenue. Hence, you must plan your Twitter content as much as your other platforms if you want to see any real earnings. Think about the hashtags you will use, the tone you will keep in the long run, etc. 

With the rise in traction, brands may start noticing you. Consider what you can offer any brands interested in sponsoring part of your tweets. If you get to this point, you’re on your way to tweeting success and, hopefully, financial success as well.

4. Build an authentic following

Even though you are in a hurry to accumulate as many followers as you can to kick start your earning potential, don’t fall into the trap of the easy way. Fake followers or unengaged followers will not help you stand out on Twitter. Audit your followers regularly. Strive to build your following with those who genuinely love interacting with your topic. This will have a major impact on your impressions, and ultimately, your finances. 

5. Be real and post quality content

People on Twitter follow you because you hit a chord with them. Do not become spammy, posting only content you have been paid for. Be honest with your audience about the type of content you are sharing, especially promotional or affiliated. This assures your audience that you are not trying to mint money, but genuinely trying to work your way up. They will be more than happy to support you!

Now that you are all set to make money tweeting for companies, it is also important to know how much your tweets are worth, so when brand offers come calling, you are well prepared. 

Use a Twitter Money Calculator To Calculate A Tweet’s Worth

Based on your engagement and number of followers, the Twitter Money Calculator allows you to calculate expected revenues from your Twitter account.

Tweet money calculator
Figure 1: Sample of a Twitter Money Calculator. Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

Likes, Retweets, Replies, @mentions, Follows, Profile clicks, Permalink clicks, Tweet expansion clicks, and Link clicks are all considered in the calculations. Even if you have more followers, if your Engagement Rate is less than 3%, you may expect to receive a much smaller payment (if any) from businesses than if your Engagement Rate is higher. This is why both the followers’ numbers and engagement are crucial. 

All you need to do is enter your Twitter handle into the calculator, and it will generate a result based on assessing your profile on Twitter.

A Twitter Money calculator also assumes you’re a reasonably famous micro-influencer who’s engaged, active, and well-liked in your niche. But remember that the tool only provides an estimate of the earnings based on mathematical assumptions. However, your influence and reach can impact your earnings and jack it up to way more than what a calculator predicts. So focus on building your worth through meaningful conversations and quality content.


But sometimes doing it alone is not enough. Take experts’ help by signing up with atisfyre. Our AI-based platform is dedicated to influencers and it matches you with the right brands and helps build a powerful presence online. So, what are you waiting for? 

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