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SEO For Instagram: Lesser Known Techniques For Increasing Reach

Published On May 23, 2022

If you’re trying to expand your reach as a creator on Instagram, increasing your follower count is the first goal. The more people you can reach, the more likely you will realize your goals. Instagram SEO is thus an essential step in nailing this first metric. 

This blog explains why you should worry about optimizing Instagram in the first place and some of the best tips for Instagram SEO. Let’s get started.

What Is Instagram SEO; Why Is It Important?

Instagram has its search engine, which functions similarly to Google. You may search for subjects using keywords and hashtags, or you can search by interest.

Also, Instagram SEO is crucial because it allows you to interact with people actively looking for content related to your niche — not just anywhere but on one of the world’s most prominent social media platforms. 

Instagram SEO is the practice of optimizing your content to increase the visibility of your profile in Instagram search results. Even if it doesn’t have the same attraction as live streaming or carousel ads, it’s worth your time. You may increase your chances of getting discovered by users searching for keywords related to your business by following Instagram SEO best practices. That translates to more views, likes, and following!

Consider this: Every time a user types in a term related to your expertise, you have the chance to make a good first impression and generate high-quality traffic to your profile (and your website). Instagram SEO is the key to seizing on these chances – the key to engaging a more likely-to-convert prospective audience. 

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Benefits of Instagram SEO

If you are still not convinced about putting in the effort to optimize your Instagram profile, take a look at some more benefits that SEO brings: 

  1. Awareness

Instagram is the ideal method for increasing brand exposure since it is a visual platform. You get followers in an organic way, which allows you to form a natural connection with them. When a user follows your brand, they are interested in it. You may reap the benefits of this to form relationships with them.  

  1. Get more traffic

You also increase traffic to your profile when it is optimized with keywords. When you target the internal search options of Instagram combined with external search engines, you take your profile on the front page of many search queries. 

  1. Increase sales for associated brands

If you are also using your content to sell your products or have an affiliate relationship with a brand, this is great news for you. One-third of Instagram users have made online transactions using the app. This shows Instagram’s business potential. It’s critical to utilize this platform for your business because these users’ subsequent purchases might come from you!

  1. Build a strong audience

The more visibility you will have, the more your content gets pushed to newer audiences. This will help create a strong audience base for your content. Instagram may help you figure out what your target audience loves and dislikes. This data is vital to your content marketing approach.

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Take These Tips And Transform Your Instagram Presence

Optimize your Instagram profile

The simplest place to start with Instagram SEO is your Instagram profile. Make sure you have a public profile that is easily accessible to anyone looking for it. Also, you must opt for a business or creator profile to get access to better tools on the platform. 

The first step in SEO is to optimize the name of your Instagram account. Select a handle and a profile name that are appropriate for your content. If your brand name is well-known, add a trackable link to your website and other places on the web. Finally, if it’s relevant, add a location to your profile. 

Include your primary keyword in your display name and @Username

Because Instagram has its search engine, you’ll need to focus on keywords to appear at the top of the results. In your username and display name, include the primary keyword. If someone searches for that phrase, this will increase your visibility in the search results. It will also improve your chances of getting discovered by the Instagram search algorithm.

Also, make sure your bio contains relevant keywords. What are your credentials and what do you stand for? What can users (and the Instagram search engine) expect to see in your feed?

Use your secondary keywords in the bio

The subjects or phrases that are connected to your primary keyword are referred to as secondary keywords. They’re ideal for attracting viewers who aren’t searching for major keywords. They could, however, be interested in your content. Secondary keywords are more likely to fit the search intent of users. The ideal place to put these keywords is in your bio. However, try to incorporate the keywords naturally. Remember to include clickable hashtags in your bio. This will further increase your probability of appearing first when someone searches these tags and keywords on Instagram.

Treat your hashtags as keywords

Make the most of your Instagram content by using the right hashtags. This should be a constant process. Use a range of post-specific hashtags instead of utilizing the same hashtags on every post. This will aid you in reaching a larger and more diversified audience. Consequently, your business will gain more interaction, followers, and visitors.

You can use up to 30 hashtags in a single post but do so sparingly. Use hashtags that your target audience is likely to use. In addition to search results, there are keyword results pages for browsing. This is fantastic news for lesser-known creators, as it means that viewers will be able to locate your content without having to search for your account name.

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Use secondary keywords in your image captions

To attract new followers, create an intriguing and appealing image caption. Use secondary keywords in your caption to improve it. If you use the proper caption with relevant keywords, you will appear in the search results. Including keywords in image captions boosts your ranking in Instagram’s algorithm.

Image captions should be treated similarly to title tags. When Instagram builds a page for the posts, the title tags contain these captions.

The most crucial information should be at the top of your captions. Your caption should also serve as a call to action in the search results. 

Take advantage of Instagram alt text

Instagram includes a function where you may input alternate text to describe your photo in further detail. This function can be used for Instagram SEO and to improve the Instagram experience for visually challenged users. The goal is to include keywords in your alt text to assist the Instagram algorithm in comprehending what the image contains and how it may be relevant to certain viewers.

Although Instagram creates alt text for your images automatically, update this part to make it more informative and work for your benefit. 

Track everything with analytics

It’s just as important to track the success of your Instagram optimization efforts as it is to track the success of your conventional SEO efforts. Conduct an audit on your Instagram account regularly to keep on top of your game. Check to see if you’re asking the correct questions:

Was it worthwhile to make the changes? Did they make a difference in terms of visibility? What else might you do to create an even more significant difference? Once you start measuring your Instagram performance, you’ll be able to answer all of these questions.

 This built-in analytics feature provides a complete analysis of reach and impressions and how you attracted each person – whether from the main feed, hashtags, or your profile. 

Avoid common black hat SEO techniques

Google bans users that practice black hat SEO tactics. Similarly, Instagram has imposed a shadowban on accounts that employ black hat SEO strategies. The following are some popular SEO strategies to avoid on Instagram:

Content plagiarism

Purchasing followers and bots

Keyword stuffing

Following mass accounts in a day 

If you want to build up your Instagram profile properly, avoid these tactics. 

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Win The Gram With Instagram SEO

Your Instagram account might differ between being a successful creator and simply being another account among millions. Use Instagram SEO to increase your presence on the platform and raise brand recognition among your audience. 

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