Questions To Ask Before Picking An Influencer Platform

29 July 2022
influencer platform guide

As an influencer, you must be prepared to capitalize on technology and leverage it to make a mark on the world!

Sure, your content and communications need to be organic and unique, but the right tech can help boost you. While looking through hashtags and geotags might prove successful, manually finding growth opportunities requires time, energy, effort, and labor. This is why many influencers switch to using influencer platforms to find regular gigs.

Atisfyre allows influencers to streamline career growth with end-to-end systems in place that makes finding & working with brands a breeze. It puts the power back in the creator’s hands!

Let’s examine the five most important questions you should ask before picking an influencer platform. 

1. Is this platform right for my online presence?

To check this, assess your niche, your audience, and the social media channels you’re active on. Will you be able to find work based on your interests and location-specific to you? Also, if the platform has features to filter profiles based on niche, industry, or category, it’s an added incentive. 

On Atisfyre, you can sync your social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube. Once your Atisfyre profile is connected to these platforms, you get a bird’s eye view of them from your dashboard. Also, you can custom choose your industry and further subcategories to inform the AI about your preferences when matching you with brands. Subsequently, our brand-side platform is open to brands from all over the world! So this means no matter where you’re located, we can match you with a brand right for you. 

2. Can I be in charge of what work I take up?

A genuinely empowering platform will give the influencer the power to call the shots without compromising on their charges or being stuck with partnerships that don’t align with their audience. When platform shopping, look for the option to choose your projects and the rates you want to receive for that work. 

Based on the social media platform you select on Atisfyre, you can set a custom asking price based on the content promotion types you create. For instance, for Instagram, the three major content types are pre-included for you to fill out your rates. Also, when jobs show up on the dashboard, you can go through the requirements and take a call on whether you want to accept or reject them. Based on your selections, the algorithm matches you with similar gigs in the future. 

3. Does the platform make my job easier?

You can have the most powerful technology in the world, but it’s useless if you find it too much work. When demoing a platform, consider whether you can imagine yourself learning how to use it and getting daily value from it. It should be easy to navigate, understand and manage. Take a note of things such as sign-ins, verifications, and submissions. It shouldn’t require too much complication to use while providing adequate safety.

Atisfyre is revolutionary in the sense that it provides complete end-to-end automation. From finding jobs to getting your payments, every process is automated. No paperwork or negotiations are involved that leave you with only one job—creating content you love!

4. Is the platform sustainable?

As the industry has evolved, most influencers and brands want long-term partnerships instead of a one-off job. An influencer platform must be able to support this need in the best possible way. This is a valid concern that influencers have voiced continuously. In the long run, you should be able to create a full-time income stream through the platform itself. 

To address these concerns, Atisfyre has introduced a metric called FyrePower that indicates the “value” of the influencer. This value is calculated based on your performance on the platform, such as jobs completed, activity on the platform itself, and engagement on social media. The better you perform, the better connections you’ll receive. If a brand is happy with your work, you’ll be recommended to them in the future again. Also, the more jobs you complete, the more the AI knows you’re an active influencer and will continue to match you with more offers. 

5. Will it make me a better content creator?

An influencer platform should be able to tell you your performance and profile health. Some platforms limit themselves to acting as bridges between brand and influencer. All said and done, if any tool or resource doesn’t help you do your job better, faster, and consistently, its objective is defeated. But what is truly needed is a platform that can help you identify the areas you can improve in to find better opportunities.

The Atisfyre dashboard is a powerful tool designed for influencers to grow their profiles. Not only can you sync your social media accounts, but you can also get insights into how your engagement is going, whether your followers increase or decrease, and growth opportunities. All of this is in one place, at a glance. You can adjust your efforts and optimize overall performance based on these insights. 

Choosing the right influencer platform is the first step to success. The right platform will allow you to quickly connect with right-fit brands, easily manage relationships, and grow your profile in one place. Ask these five questions to find your perfect match.

If Atisfyre sounds like the perfect match for you, don’t wait any longer to find brand partnerships and start earning an income. Sign-ups are easy and FREE! 

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