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NFT YouTubers You Cannot Afford To Overlook!

Published On July 04, 2022

The news about NFTs (non-fungible tokens) has spread over the internet like wildfire — you may have already seen the flames and fumes! 

nft art work
Figure 1: Digital artwork as an NFT. Source

Interestingly, content creators have become the torchbearers, leading people into the NFT space. These personalities have understood the potential of NFTs in advance and started notifying people about the advantages of these tokens. Many of them use YouTube as their primary channel of expression.

Today, YouTube is inundated with channels that explain NFTs and their benefits. These YouTubers both entertain and educate investors and believe that NFTs cannot be limited to simple artwork. They argue that NFTs are simply entry tickets into the metaverse — and that there is much more to follow.

Learning about NFTs on YouTube is the best starting point for those wanting to ride the NFT wave. We have hand-picked some of the best NFT YouTube stars you can follow to learn more about this hot topic.

1. Gary Vee

gary vee influencer
Figure 2: Gary Vee. Source: NFT Street

Gennady Vaynerchuk, popularly known as Gary Vee, is a pioneer in the NFT industry. He is an author, entrepreneur, and internet personality who created an NFT collection called “VeeFriends.” Gary is a go-to NFT teacher who educates people about what NFTs are and how they can be leveraged to the fullest. Gary is perhaps the most influential personality in the NFT world and made approximately $91 million in 90 days through his NFT launch. He also encourages celebrities and fellow YouTubers to board the NFT bandwagon since he has seen massive success.

For Gary, NFTs represent the birth of digital ownership. He predicts that every business on this planet will eventually have an NFT strategy in a decade and foresees enormous potential in this market.

Gary also believes that NFTs offer abundant opportunities for businesses to boost brand loyalty. For instance, he says, “If you have a fashion brand, maybe NFT holders always get access to the first outfits of the new line.” From him, we learn that influencers can offer exclusive access to their content to NFT holders to enhance loyalty and brand recall.

2. Meet Dave

Meet Dave is another famous influencer with more than 511,471 views on YouTube. He is known for educating audiences about the economic side of NFTs and the benefits of well-known NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. His videos are unique, as they are from a developer’s point of view.

Dave covers a wide assortment of topics in the NFT sphere, from how to grow your crypto community to information about NFT meta maps. He advocates building NFTs and teaches audiences how to create and monetize this space.

But that’s not all! Dave’s YouTube channel features different types of videos highlighting his diverse interests. Along with his NFT YouTube series, you will find a series of cryptocurrency and family vlogs on his channel. There are even some reaction videos you can binge on.

3. Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano, commonly known as “Pomp,” is an entrepreneur, investor, and NFT YouTuber with more than 358k subscribers. Pomp has built and sold numerous companies and is recognized for investing over $100 million in early-stage technology companies. He has even been a part of product and growth teams at Snapchat and Facebook. Additionally, he has successfully created a community of over 150,000 investors who read his daily newsletter, “The Pomp Letter.” This newsletter talks about bitcoin, technology, and economics.

However, Pomp is on our list for a different reason — he is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and creates engaging YouTube videos on NFT. He is the top YouTube NFT influencer among Gen Z, states Markets Insider, a stock market website by Business Insider. He even claims that half of his net worth is invested in cryptocurrency.

In one of his podcast episodes, Pomp admits that he drastically underestimated the power of NFTs by comparing them to the traditional art market. He predicts that the NFT industry will “eat into not only digital art but also collectibles, high-end luxury goods, and much, much more.” Pomp forecasts the advent of interactive NFTs, intelligent NFTs, and NFTs built exclusively for metaverses.

digital art
Figure 3: Digital art by Pomp. Source

4. Cagyjan

cagyjan youtuber
Figure 4: Cagyjan YouTube video. Source

Cagyjan has more than 70k YouTube subscribers and 100k+ Twitter followers. He also has a play-to-earn (P2E) NFT gaming content team called “The Juice Team”. Cagyjan is different from other influencers on our list since he is predominantly part of the play-to-earn space. He does not teach users how to create or invest in NFTs. He is more interested in earning real money from virtual video games like Chain Monster and Lost Relics.

According to Accenture, today’s gaming industry is valued at over $300 billion, owing to the influx of gaming enthusiasts. Interestingly, the advent of blockchain has shifted the gaming industry’s paradigm. Gamers like Cagyjan are earning thousands from cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

In these play-to-earn games, especially massively multiplayer online games (MMO games), players collect digital objects earned as rewards for completing specific challenges and quests. Gamers can even create in-game unique and transferable prizes.

5. Max Maher

Max Maher is a leading NFT YouTuber with more than 830k subscribers. He creates easy-to-understand and well-researched videos that are delivered in an attention-capturing manner. His videos on YouTube about NFT are a gift for beginners ready to dive into the world of NFTs.

You can find all things crypto and NFT on Max’s channel! He speaks on crypto-related investments and teaches how to mint personal NFT collections. Without a doubt, Max’s YouTube channel is a one-stop shop for everyone trying to explore this seemingly complex space. 

6. Brett Malinowski

Brett Malinowski is another content creator in the NFT world. He is a YouTube star with over 117k subscribers who considers NFT gaming the most exciting innovation of his life. He is determined to do much more in the metaverse and give his followers his guidance and support. Watching Brett’s YouTube videos will help you identify the next big NFT project and teach you how to reap massive profits by flipping these assets.

Brett is appreciated for his NFT profile picture project, Magic Mushroom Clubhouse. The project is a series of NFTs where people use creative animated pictures of mushrooms as their profile pictures on Instagram and Twitter. These mushroom NFTs are a ticket to adventure, granting access to exclusive challenges, awards, utilities, events, and clubs. Users can buy Magic Mushrooms on or through a smart contract. They were priced at just 0.05 Ethereum ($150) and sold out in 17 minutes! 

magic mushrooms
Figure 5: Magic Mushrooms. Source

7. Wilson K Lee

wilson k lee nft youtubers
Figure 6: Wilson K Lee YouTube video. Source

Wilson K Lee is a renowned, award-winning entrepreneur, receiving the Top 30 Under 30 award from BC Business, The Young Entrepreneur award from RCC, and many more. He is known for sharing his experience of building and operating multi-million dollar businesses and enlightening people on achieving unattainable success. 

Along with teaching people foundational business concepts, Wilson also has a dedicated YouTube channel for NFTs. On this channel with more than 6k subscribers, Wilson teaches his audience what NFTs are, how smart contracts work, and more. He even created an NFT project called The Littles, a unique collection of 10,000 8-bit dreamers, explorers, and mischief-makers living on the Ethereum blockchain. 

nft blue chip project
Figure 7: The Littles. Source

8. Carl Hustle

carl hustle youtube channel
Figure 8: Carl’s YouTube video uploads. Source

With a subscriber count of more than 40k, Carl Hustle is an NFT YouTuber sharing his knowledge in the world of investing. Carl’s channel is dedicated to “different types of investing,” though NFT remains an essential topic of his videos. He educates the investors on creating 3D NFTs for free without prior coding knowledge and selling them on NFT marketplaces. Hustle’s videos even cater to newbies in the NFT space.

You will learn everything from building NFTs for free to promote them using Discord servers on Carl’s channel. The channel aims to “inspire individuals to learn how trading and investing works by providing informational content.”

Without a doubt, the NFT wave has impacted many influencers. Content creators are the biggest guardians of the NFT space, utilizing it to monetize their content, boost engagement, and earn huge profits.

Brand partnerships remain another lucrative way for influencers to earn in the NFT world, with bigwig brands like Red Bull leveraging influencer marketing to endorse their NFT projects. For instance, Red Bull Racing created a series of 10,000 digital artifacts in 2021 to promote Sergio Perez, a Mexican racing driver. Red Bull partnered with content creators to promote these NFT collectibles and encourage followers to invest in these limited tokens.

What does this mean? One fact is certain: NFTs are here for the long haul! Most experienced NFT YouTubers believe that NFTs will drive the digital economy soon.

However, the question is whether you want to benefit from this easy money-minting method or remain a struggling influencer. If you are ready to scale as an influencer, jump on the NFT bandwagon — establish yourself as people’s go-to NFT influencer. 

What’s next? Sign-up with our AI-based platform, Atisfyre, for FREE and grab interesting NFT projects to promote for leading brands!

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