Key Metrics To Assess Your Influence 

12 August 2022
Key Metrics To Assess Your Influence 

So you’ve been busy with one brand partnership after the other. What’s next in your career as a creator? 

Many people are turning into creators these days. You probably know some of them too. You’ll also be aware that the competition is tough and the stakes are high. It’s becoming more critical than ever to keep a track of your success and keep a tab on where you stand. 

And you should STAND OUT!

At Atisfyre, we believe that creators should build their influence doing what they love—creating content—without chasing brands or worrying about their next paycheck. 

So, here are some factors that need to be part of your self-analysis. Call it a measure of how well you are doing in your career. We’ve prioritized these by observations while working with influencers and from Atisfyre platform insights. 

1. Your brand collaborations

The quality of your associations with brands trumps the number of deals you make with those not aligned with you. Collaborations with money as a sole takeaway shouldn’t be the bulk of your portfolio. 

If you go “off-brand,” you may make some quick bucks, but you need to associate with perfect brands for a fruitful career in influencing. When you accept a paid partnership only for its benefits, you harm your authenticity and cheat your audience. Take a look at your past partnerships – you’ve made the right call if most of them were aligned to your niche, industry, personal beliefs, and creative style. 

2. Long-term vs. one-off collaborations

Influencer collaborations are no longer about job-hopping to whatever is available. The influencer marketing industry is moving towards long-term relationships for better partnerships. Influencers who focus on delivering assignments and intend to forge relationships with brands will beat the competition instantly.

Have you been able to forge long-term partnerships with brands? Have they been one-off collaborations or repeat work with the same brands? Successful influencers understand why this is important, prioritize the brand instead of the assignment, and bring their best to the table.  

3. Ability to deliver content within deadlines

What’s your track record in delivering assignments? Barring the rare time when you may have missed a deadline, have you been consistent with meeting your due dates? 

How you handle an assignment reflects your performance as an influencer. Of course, we suggest that influencers submit completed projects within the agreed deadline. The best way to boost the quality of the offers is to respond at the earliest and effectively execute assignments. Even on Atisfyre, we’ve noticed influencers who have this part handled; the AI matches them with higher-quality job offers from brands. 

So, always focus on creating high-quality content with good audio-visuals, creative editing, attractive aesthetics, and having a consistent tone of voice across all your influencer profiles.

4. Social media growth – follower count, reach, engagement

An influencer’s reach is reflected in the number of active and unique people who may see their content once it’s published. The larger the reach and following, the more chances viewers will see their post, leading to better brand awareness. 

Along with reach is one of the essential performance metrics: engagement rate. It’s a good indicator of your online audience’s connection with your content. Beyond growing a following, an influencer’s job is to foster a real relationship with their audience.

Answering questions, delivering value, and resolving heated arguments are part of the daily job. Being on top of your growth on social media indicates that you’re thriving as an influencer. 

5. Your expertise – niche, social media channel, audience demographics

Have you earned the “industry voice” title yet? 

This ultimate success metric is when you are sought after as the top voice in your industry. Creators who consistently receive brand recognition dominate their niche with quality content and viral engagement and have insider access to a specific demographic. You should be able to leverage these elements to create a profitable career and secure high-net-worth brand work. 

Atisfyre makes tracking all these metrics a breeze. Our native metric, FyrePower, assesses your influence for you. FyrePower is a culmination of these indicators that show the value of an influencer on our platform. 

The equation is simple:

Higher FyrePower = Better jobs!

The ultimate goal as an influencer is to find well-paying gigs with renowned brands and create an income from your passion. Atisfyre makes this possible. 

If you are ready to transform your influencing career and work with global brands on your terms, sign up with Atisfyre today.

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