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Influencer Burnout: 6 (Plus 1) Tips For Influencers To Completely Avoid It

Published On April 11, 2022

Do you ever feel you can’t create anymore? Do you feel constantly fatigued, less valued, and resentful when your followers question you? It could be the telltale signs of a creator burnout. The constant demand for content creation is enough to take a toll mentally. With the growth in the creator economy, burnout spiked, too, even if it is passive-driven, creative work. Creators have to deal with the constant pressure of bringing their life with seamless perfection in the eyes of their audience. The on-screen side could depict dreamy well-being, but the story could be practically different. 

In the highly competitive world of creators, where everyone is constantly churning content, the need to excel in numbers, reach, engagement mounts an unnecessary pressure. Thankfully, you’re not alone, as creative burnout is prevalent. Instead, you can take simple actions to banish future creative burnout and keep rolling content that sparks pure joy.

What Is An Influencer Burnout? 

Burnout is the state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. The experience of burnout is unique to each influencer. It arises from projecting a happy, confident demeanor that is not aligned to the actual personality an influencer shares and may often leave one drained and depressed. According to research from venture firm SignalFire, over 50 million people worldwide consider themselves to be creators. With the burgeoning creativity and fun in the creator community, many mental roadblocks stop an influencer from enjoying the process and are consumed by constant exhaustion called influencer burnout.

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How To Identify Burnout?

Burnout arises from different case scenarios. Understanding supply and demand is the cornerstone of every industry to identify the causes of burnout and how it mentally plays with the mind. The influencer industry worth $13.8 billion worldwide is no different.

Demand-side Burnout 

The demand side burnout could plague when the brands create undue pressure to fancy other influencers over you. The influencer industry has this constant pressure on demand-side failures because brands are on edge to say they are no longer interested in your post. The evolution of influencer marketing is where brands are always attracted to something fresh in the market, like a shiny new thing. In this, influencers have significantly less control.

Creator Side Burnout 

This burnout arises when the market is too saturated, and hence the demand goes down. The influencers can, however, control this. As you know, the holiday season collaborations continue to increase every year. Today, with the growth of influencer marketing, even brands are keen to stretch their budgets.

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Beating Burnout: Tips To Avoid Influencer Burnout 

Healing from burnout may take days, weeks, months, or even years, but you can deal with creator burnout by following a sustainable routine and letting creative juices flow. 

1. Focus on Self Care 

Self-care is the best practice to get instant relief from the creator’s burnout. When you put your mental health and overall well-being first, it adds on as an investment in your creator’s career. It even let go of many mental roadblocks, diminishing your energy. You will function better when you incline yourself towards a sustainable routine with proper diet, sleep, and exercise. 

The most crucial point to consider is to make self-care intentional. If self-care wasn’t the plan of your journey, give it the due weightage because in a world of creators, positioning yourself before anyone is the sign of a long journey. Impart a dedicated time of the day towards exercise, doing things you enjoy or maybe a short break or rest to heal from the burnout. 

2. Align Your Public Persona With Your Personal Life 

Bringing authenticity to the table is a prominent aspect of a content creator’s journey. The more you fake it, the more you won’t make it. Constantly trying to mimic someone you are not can eventually turn out to be an influencer burnout. Strike that perfect balance between thinly differentiating your personal and professional pursuits to prevent negative comments from attacking you. After all, you are a human, and negative comments take a toll despite the pouring love on the platform. Keep healthy boundaries and be mindful of what you share online. The tryst to be an influencer is only a part of your life, not your whole life.

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3. Productivity Hacks 

Your productivity may hit rock bottom when you suffer from creative burnout. Find yourself a routine to streamline your process. The more you will be productive, the more you can take charge of your work and earn money. That is an excellent motivation to navigate effective habits in the routine. Organize your work process by shooting in advance, brainstorming, mood boards, and planning content. Use any app like Planoly to plan better and simplify scheduling and monitoring content.

4. Collaborate With Other Influencers 

Nothing brings more joy in content creation, sharing a room with mindful influencers, doing what you like, discussing it, and sharing a laugh or two. Collaborating with other influencers in the same niche allows sharing the cognitive load and even leveraging following. Working with other influencers adds a touch of vibrancy to your regular content and incorporates fun, too. You can reach out and pitch similar influencers in the niche. Collaboration sparks the opportunity for mutual giveaways, takeover stories, or a guest post.

5. Always Remember Why You Started 

The projects you work for don’t bring joy? Are you constantly running out of ideas? Well, influencer exhaustion can do this to you. Regularly self-reflecting and finding the purpose of why you started in the first place acts as a motivator to keep you going. Remember, your goal of creating your online space keeps you grounded and energized. Reflect on the projects you have done and how they made you feel. Navigating emotions and goals before they cause burnout is a key to stopping them from arising.

6. Balance Engagement With Scarcity

Giving enough content to consume and enough break is an excellent practice for balancing engagement and scarcity. Absence makes an asset more valuable, and the chances of engagement rise. Ensure brands get this same message. More is not always better! It is getting trapped in the constant grind of creating more and spamming audiences. However, setting clear boundaries for your content posting will enhance its value in the longer run.

Additional Pro Tip: Take A Break

When you are a creator, singing off from your account for weeks or months may seem an impossible task. Running on the frontline is not for you, so take a step back and dive into a state of self-reflection or a vacation by clipping off from the world of social media. Breaks do amazing things to a person, and it brings in a more engaging, creative outlet for a creator. When you venture out to take a break from influencing, take it as a reward to leverage your personal growth. The mental break is all you need to perform with double the energy and come out as a more rejuvenated person. 

An influencer comes with no holidays, pay-offs, or sick leaves, but you owe yourself a break. Take one before the influencer burn-out settles in and work on your mental well-being.

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Healing from an influencer burnout doesn’t come with a checklist you can work on. It needs a sustainable routine to follow. Be mindful of your actions and prioritize yourself first. It is not an overnight process; it tags along a committed journey about understanding your mindset, schedule, and the burgeoning pressure that can otherwise play with your sanity. It’s more about navigating your thoughts and rewiring your purpose. Remember, earning a living doing what you love also comes with a cost, which could be creative exhaustion. 

Overcome burnout by following these practical tips and tricks to position yourself with joy and engagement. And while you do this — Atisfyre – our AI-based influencer platform lets you monetize your creativity and connect you with the leading brands in the industry with fantastic collaboration opportunities.
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