How to Set Up Your Atisfyre Influencer Profile For Max Impact

28 October 2022
Atisfyre influencer profile

This article will discuss how to get set up for success on Atisfyre. The dichotomy of the platform is that while it enables you to decide everything for yourself, you still need to take it seriously. Your profile details are crucial in how the AI algorithm matches you with the best-fit campaigns. So while the power to be your own boss is excellent, it’s important to remember that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Let’s dive in!

Setting up your profile

On Atisfyre, there are a variety of fields that make up your profile. To access your profile page, go to the top right-hand corner of your dashboard and click “Profile Info.” Alternatively, you can go to the Edit Profile page from your dashboard completion bar (only visible at the top of your dashboard when your profile is incomplete). 

To complete your profile, you must enter the following details:

  • Display name
  • Full name
  • Phone number (this must be verified by you)
  • Location (including city, state, and country)
  • Time zone
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • A preferred publishing language
  • A verified identity document (our team will verify this)

Once you’ve completed the basic profile details, you’ll need to allow some time for our team to review your ID before we can begin matching you with jobs.

There are also a few other optional fields that you may fill out. It won’t negatively affect your experience if you don’t want to provide this information, but it will help us more accurately connect you with like-minded brands.

Connecting social media accounts

Currently, you can connect Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube to Atisfyre.

You’ll be prompted to link one of your accounts when you log in for the first time. Alternatively, you can head to the Account Manager section to connect your social media platforms. 

We’ll now take you through three essential tabs on the platform.

Tab 1: Dashboard Widgets

The dashboard has multiple widgets which, while not impacting your performance, make it easy for you to navigate the platform and optimize your performance based on the actionable insights each provides.

The available widgets currently include:

  • Profile
  • Jobs
  • Engagement
  • Promo Type Cashflow (optional)
  • FyrePower Line Chart (optional)
  • Strengths Radar Chart (optional)
  • Your Social Stats (optional)

Tab 2: Earnings Manager

The rates you set are vital in being matched with campaigns. Even if everything you bring to the table is precisely what they need, inaccurate asking rates could be your downfall.

The following are the different types of promos available:


  • 50-word check-in post
  • Single image post with text
  • 30-second video with text


  • Single image post with text
  • 15-second video with text
  • 30-second video with text


  • Promotions description video: 5 minutes or longer
  • Video sponsored by name with URL in description: 1 minute or longer
  • 30-second promo video


  • 30-second premade promotional Twitch video
  • 5-minute video content with 30-second promotion mid-premade video
  • 5-minute video

Tab 3: Audience Interests

Brands use different targeting criteria to look for influencers within a niche. In the same way, the influencers on Atisfyre can get very specific with their interests. 

Brands need influencers to sway an audience within a specific niche. The right influencers will have power in that niche. And so, the brand hires said influencer to run a campaign. The Audience Interests tab on the platform has multiple categories and subcategories to choose from!

Additional info

Information security

Atisfyre does everything in its power to comply with all personal data confidentiality practices concerning the applicable legislation and upholds secure treatment in the case of any transfers as necessary.

When signing up to Atisfyre, the user must choose a secure password and be responsible for preserving this password’s confidentiality. The user is also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of any activities that occur on Atisfyre when logged into the platform with their name and password.

Payment details

We do everything we can to ensure complete safety and transparency concerning payment details and other sensitive information.

After a contract is honored, the payment from the brand is processed via your PayPal account. 

We only require you to log into your PayPal to authorize transactions into your account and do not hold your login details.
If Atisfyre sounds like the perfect match for you, don’t wait any longer to find brand partnerships and start earning an income. Sign-ups are easy and FREE!

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