How Should Insights From Campaigns Be Assessed And Optimized? 

03 October 2022
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Any influencer collaborating with a brand on a campaign must accurately evaluate their analytics, KPIs, and ROI. You might wonder why these metrics matter once you’re done and paid! These numbers are crucial for reviewing your decisions and improving your subsequent campaigns based on factual information. At present, the demand and growth of the influencer marketing industry mean that influencers MUST keep learning and growing their expertise while adjusting to the market’s technological and behavioral shifts. 

The metrics mentioned in this article are vital to analyzing your performance as an influencer. You can easily access all of these metrics from the Atisfyre dashboard. They also give actionable insights that can help you optimize your content and strategy as a social media influencer. Ultimately, the goal is to use the platform’s features to understand the market and plan for long-term success. 


Atisfyre’s star metric, FyrePower, is calculated using a complex algorithm that considers many factors – performance on Atisfyre and social media performance. FyrePower works as instant feedback on your overall performance. This metric is dynamic and constantly varies based on data over a certain period. 

The higher your FyrePower score, the better your job prospects will be. If you successfully maintain your performance on your influencer platforms and Atisfyre, you will see this number increase, and the relevance of the contracts presented to you will improve. 


You must actively take steps to strengthen your engagement metrics. For instance, you might need to increase the number of people who follow you on social media or enjoy your content. Alternatively, you may urge your audience to participate in a promotion, share content, or check out a product. To effectively grow this metric, you need to keep a tab on your engagement rate pre and post-campaign. 

However, you no longer have to worry about jumping multiple browser tabs to keep track of your engagement rate. The Atisfyre dashboard shows the engagement rate for all your social media accounts in one place (the ones linked to Atisfyre). This data is updated in real-time, making it more accurate. Based on the data shown under this metric, you can assess the performance of your posts from the last 30 days. 

Follower Count

A gradually growing follower count is a sure sign that you are making progress and reaching the right audience. On the Atisfyre dashboard, you can see this metric under Platform followers. A follower count is displayed underneath all the platforms you have linked to Atisfyre. This saves you time from individually logging into each platform to see your follower count. You can use this data to see which platform needs strategies to reach more people or connect to potential audiences. 

Social Stats (Likes, Comments)

Having access to all critical social stats cumulatively not only saves you time but also minimizes confusion. During a campaign, you may want to keep track of the ongoing engagement from your audience to make the most of the traction. This feature is all the more critical if you run campaigns for brands on multiple platforms simultaneously. On the Atisfyre platform, under the ‘Your Social Stats’ section, you can see data like the number of image/video likes, saves, comments, etc., for each of your connected social profiles. 

Strength – Platform, Post Style

A crucial KPI you need to track on Atisfyre is Platform and Post strength. On the Atisfyre dashboard, you can easily spot these metrics in the form of triangles that are color-coded based on how well your posts and platforms are performing. As you keep growing your profile, tackle more jobs, and publish content, these triangles will change in size and color. For example, under Post Style Strength, you can easily understand if you are posting the correct posts and receiving a good amount of views and engagement just by looking at the triangular representation. 

Cash Flow

This is a quick way to understand your cash flow and finances from connected social media platforms. Knowing which platform earns the most for you and how you can improve is excellent. This includes the cash made, pending cash, and the number of jobs executed on that platform. These metrics can be seen on the dashboard, whether or not you’ve run any campaigns.

Many reasons contribute to social media insights being vital for influencers. The primary reason is to know and optimize your performance. Leveraging data to survive and thrive in an ever-competing digital world is crucial. With insights from the metrics mentioned above, you can measure and analyze your content performance and further improve to get the desired results. 

With Atisfyre growing your influence and working with global brands is now an achievable dream for any influencer. For free sign-ups, visit Atisfyre.

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