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How Influencers Are Using NFTs To Create Value

Published On June 06, 2022

Over the last decade, we’ve seen that viral moments can bring financial gain for creators. Memes, short videos, and merchandise are just a few examples of this. Simply put, NFTs attract influencers and content creators due to their potential to establish a new universe of intellectual property with copyright income. You can use NFTs as a revenue source for various creators and businesses, ranging from professional sports leagues to artists, designers, and more.

In this blog, we discuss a few of the best ways influencers can tap into the NFT craze to implement something new and see how it shapes their brand. 

7 Ways Influencers Are Leveraging NFTs

You can use many techniques as a creator to unlock better value. One of these methods is using the powers of NFTs. But how exactly do you do that?

NFTs provide influencers and creators additional value by allowing them to deliver a product or service in a more timely, transparent, and decentralized manner. So, let’s look at how you can leverage this boom: 

  1. Retention of ownership even after selling

The rise of NFTs in popular culture has been intriguing, and it has had an impact, unlike anything before it. For instance, memeability is swarming – take the NFT for Nyan Cat, which sold for 300 ETH. In today’s ETH to USD exchange rate, this is more than $600,000.  

Original creator of the graphic, Chris Torres, put a one-of-a-kind remastered version of the flying Pop-Tart cat up on Foundation which opened up a frenzy of bids to claim ownership of this unique item. Now, this is not to say that the purchaser owns the original version which was released more than 10 years ago – that’s still held by Chris Torres and he can create more NFTs of it if he chooses to. The buyer instead owns this specific collector’s edition GIF, which is the only remastered version out there. 

nft cubes
  1. Anything can be an NFT

A creator can digitize their creations and turn them into an NFT.

Turning your existing content into an NFT and selling it is easy. The best aspect of NFTs is that you can profit from your content repeatedly. You, the investor, can get a royalty percentage returned to you every time the NFT is resold, back in your pocket (say 10%.)

Some NFT content ideas

  • Turn your best articles, YouTube / TikTok videos, or Instagram posts into NFTs.  
  • Music tracks and albums can be NFTs. The artwork cover can function as a key to unlocking the songs. 
  • Owning an NFT may also provide fans with discounted or complimentary tickets to your next event.
  • Or try creating NFT products out of your eBooks, premium courses, or newsletters. 
  1. Your time can be an NFT

NFTs allow you to sell your time and deliver additional value to your customers in a previously inaccessible format. You can provide rewards to your customers like event access, a product or service, and so on. You may also use NFTs as a ticket to give tutoring and specialty services, or have discussions with your followers. 

Creators like Gary Vaynerchuck are already using NFTs to provide value to their token holders. For instance, his NFTs offer the token holders instant access (a 3-year mega-conference) and other incredible perks as long as they have that pass

It’s incredible to offer your customers something personal – straight from your creative core – especially for influencers or small businesses with an NFT.

  1. Personal brand growth

Growing a brand may not be easy, but as technology develops, we are seeing new methods for sustained growth. Thanks to NFTs, artists may now expand their brands with minimal cost and complete safety. 

NFTs provide consumers with a way to display and communicate what they own and their interests to others. So if a brand holds your NFT, especially someone influential, it can have a positive influence on your brand, increase awareness, and, as a result, grow your standing as an influencer.

  1. Remote and transparent control

The beauty of blockchain and NFTs is the ability to transact with total strangers while maintaining perfect trust and transparency. No one can change the record of ownership or copy/paste a new NFT into existence, for the security protocols behind NFTs are transparent. 

When someone buys an NFT, they get a certificate protected by blockchain technology declaring them the asset owner. In other words, NFTs serve as evidence of purchase for both the producer and the buyer. Consumers may purchase with confidence because they know what they’re getting, for how much, and from whom. The blockchain also stores the history of the transaction for any future need to access it.

certified red text
  1. Peer-to-peer transactions

Peer-to-peer transactions are an excellent method to highlight how NFTs may help artists offer more value by improving customer connections. The NFT for sale can be directly from the creator’s wallet or digital vault. 

Consumers benefit from the additional weight of a coveted asset, and the creator benefits from the added value of providing a more personalized experience to the customer. Giving and receiving in this fashion is a win-win situation.

Creators set themselves up for success by providing the customer with a more personal relationship with excellent service and functionality.

  1. More brand collaborations

It is essential to recognize that NFTs do not threaten brand-influencer collaborations. On the contrary, employing NFTs will help you create new partnerships with emerging and developed brands.

Brands are already teaming up with content creators to create unique NFT tokens that contain exclusive content that is only available to these token holders. Brands are using this model to tap into the production of one-of-a-kind events, such as members-only livestreams for product launches or meet-and-greets with influencers.

Furthermore, as a new kind of technology, content producers and businesses may collaborate to build NFT experiences for their audiences, allowing them to drive innovation and new customer journeys. Both parties can develop unique content that can be monetized and engage audiences with NFT technology.

people collaborating

Influencers Can Ride The NFT Wave

You may still be apprehensive about where to go with NFTs. Will the craze blow away when the wind shifts? Is it worth spending your time on? What benefit will it have for you?

But here is something to consider. While NFTs are still growing, as the technology advances (and becomes more easily accessible by the average person), NFTs are shifting to become just as popular – if not more popular than – as cryptocurrencies. If creators like yourself have the opportunity to turn this craze into something valuable for themselves, then why not!

Once you have created an NFT product, you will need to collaborate with brands to increase its reach and value. Finding these brands takes time, so why not get someone to help you? Atisfyre is here to give you a hand. 

Atisfyre, our AI-driven platform, revolutionizes the way influencers collaborate with brands, enabling them to monetize their creativity. 

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