Hot Tips You Must Apply To Become A Noted Twitter Influencer (Can’t-Miss #5)

09 November 2021
Twitter influencer

Want to get noticed on social media? Becoming a Twitter Influencer can do wonders!

With more than 300 million active users, Twitter has become the social platform of choice for many. The snappy tweets make it appealing to users who don’t want to read long content on their screens. 

Brands and consumers use the platform to pass information, share viral tweets, and showcase their personalities with creative content. Attaining influencer status on the platform will make you the go-to resource for informative content on a particular niche. Brands will reach out for Twitter influencer marketing activations, thus allowing you to monetize your influence.

So, how do you become an influencer on Twitter? We know that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused with the lightning pace that Twitter moves. We bring you valuable tips to help you gain the desired influence on your audience to ease your journey.

7 Steps To Reach A Massive Audience on Twitter

Use these tips to optimize your Twitter presence and become a noted Twitter influencer!

#1. Make an eye-popping bio

Let’s start from the top. The first thing you need to focus on is making your Twitter bio real and intriguing. Having a bio that describes your personality gives users a personal idea of who you are as an individual and will help you win the attention of millions.

When writing a bio, note that this is the elevator speech you will use to tell the world who you are. Embrace the space and share your beliefs. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine in the way you word your bio. Write uniquely and don’t be shy to use witty taglines to get the attention of users.

Also, remember that a good bio is search engine optimized. For this reason, use relevant keywords and hashtags to make yourself discoverable.

Lastly, upload a good profile picture that’s reflective of your profession. Choose a photo that matches the persona you want followers to associate with you as a Twitter influencer.

Think like a tweeter!

  • Share what you believe in
  • Upload a good profile image
  • Add keywords and hashtags
  • Use witty taglines
Twitter influencer with glasses

#2. Be unique

One of the things that will make you stand out on Twitter is unique content. Many people copy what other Twitter influencers do, but you don’t want to be one of them. Tweeps value authenticity, and creating unique content will help you earn their trust. Build a unique style that becomes recognizable and relatable to your followers.

Identify what you’re good at and use your skills to create outstanding content that will grab the attention of many. Be yourself and ensure your personality shines through the content you’re creating. Provide a different perspective to the things people are talking about to make your content stand out. By doing this, you will attract many people to your profile and grow your following. You also increase your chances of trending on Twitter since your followers will like and retweet the unique content you’ve published on your timeline.

Think like a tweeter!

  • Create unique content
  • Don’t copy other people
  • Add a different perspective to the popular content on Twitter
  • Be yourself (let your personality shine)

#3. Always respond to followers

As a Twitter influencer, you need to focus on audience engagement. Don’t just post your content and leave. Stick around and respond to the followers who engage your tweets. Thank those who find your posts helpful and respond to the queries users may have.

Actively engaging with your followers increases your engagement rate and makes you an attractive option for Twitter influencer marketing. Brands will hire you to promote their products with a high engagement rate, even when you don’t have a large following.

However, be warned that Twitter is full of trolls who will attack your posts to make you uneasy. Deal with such people politely and avoid unnecessary fights with people who don’t add value to your brand.

Think like a tweeter!

  • Acknowledge comments on your posts
  • Address concerns and queries
  • Deal with trolls politely
  • Thank followers for their positive engagement
Twitter influencer woman

#4. Stay up to date

Twitter is all about the current happenings. People love Twitter because of how quickly news breaks on the platform. As an influencer, you will need to stay updated with the latest happenings and inform your followers about the latest news. Also, update your timeline regularly to let followers know what’s happening in your life and niche. Tell them what you’re up to establish a personal connection with your followers. With these practices, it becomes easy to promote a brand’s products in the future since you will have a thriving influencer-follower connection to leverage.

But as you work to stay up to date on Twitter, make sure not to overwhelm your followers with too much tweeting. Instead, choose specific times during the day when you will post and stick to it unless there’s a significant reason to do otherwise.

Think like a tweeter!

  • Grab the new happenings on Twitter
  • Post regularly on your timeline
  • Don’t overwhelm followers with excessive tweeting
  • Post at specific times during the day

#5. Use the right hashtags

What is Twitter without hashtags? As a Twitter influencer, your goal is to reach out to your audience to create awareness or opinions, and hashtags can help. Whatever you post anything on Twitter, make sure you add a hashtag in relevant posts and content.

Ensure that you use industry-specific and subject-specific hashtags to bring your content to the attention of those who are not following you on Twitter. If you’re unsure about the tags, use software tools to identify the right tags for a particular topic.

For instance, if you are a food influencer, you can add #food, #healthliving, and #foodie to connect with food enthusiasts. Anyone who clicks on these hashtags (or queries them on the search engine) will be directed to your content. This will help you connect with enthusiastic food-content consumers you can convert into followers. However, don’t tag too much since posts with too many hashtags are unlikely to be read.

Think like a tweeter!

  • Add relevant hashtags to your posts
  • Use industry-related hashtags
  • Don’t tag too much
  • Use software to identify the right hashtags for a post

#6. Keep the Twitter content short

You only have 280 characters to write a post. Make it count!

Keep your content short and to the point. Don’t waste the characters talking about things that don’t make sense. Instead, structure your words to convey information that’s of value to your followers. 

We’ve already established that short tweets get the most retweets. Thus, keeping your content short is an effective way to encourage user engagement.

Since the 280 characters may not always be enough for what you have to say, optimize your tweets with a photo or an infographic. Alternatively, you can add a link that takes users to a landing page that has more information.

Think like a tweeter!

  • Your tweets should be short and to the point
  • Every tweet should provide value
  • Optimize your posts with a photo
  • Add a link to a landing page to provide users with more information

#7. Use viral words and phrases

Another tip that will propel you up the Twitter influencers’ list is to use viral words and phrases in your content. Viral words will help followers make an instant connection with what you are saying. Your content will gel perfectly with the Twitter environment and reach many people on the platform.

Therefore, don’t publish a post if it doesn’t contain the viral phrases at a particular moment. Check out the popular Twitter influencers 2021 to identify the viral words they are using. Remember, the plan isn’t to copy what they are saying. Just borrow the viral phrases and incorporate them into your content naturally.

Think like a tweeter!

  • Viral phrases ensure your posts don’t go unnoticed
  • Add viral phrases to your content
  • Incorporate these into your content naturally
  • Identify the popular words from other influencers

BONUS: Strike an Emotional Connection

Emotion compels people into action. The feelings you get after seeing, hearing, or reading something that strikes an emotional chord influences your behavior. Integrating these emotions into your content will ensure your message resonates more effectively with your audience. As a result, more people will interact with your content and share it with their friends.

Figure 1: The wheel of emotions created by Psychologist Robert Plutchik. The wheel highlights eight primary emotions that guide our behavior – Joy, Trust, Fear, Surprise, Sadness, Anticipation, Anger, Disgust.

Extra tips!

  • Pin your best tweet at the top of the page
  • Add a location to your Twitter bio
  • Get verified
  • Embed your tweets in your blog posts
  • Host a Twitter chat
  • Make public Twitter lists
  • Include video often
  • Be funny – or don’t
  • And definitely don’t buy Twitter followers

The Bottom Line

Becoming a Twitter influencer is a rewarding career option. It allows you to collaborate with brands that match your style and audiences to promote their products to your passionate followers.

To become a known name in your field, you must invest time and energy to build your influencer profile. The above tips will help you gain the respect and admiration of tweeps and brands that need to advertise on the platform.

Twitter influencer woman

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