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Give Shoutouts And Gain Followers On Instagram Without Spending A Dime!

Published On September 20, 2021

Instagram has grown to become one of the most important marketing platforms over the years. With one billion active monthly users, any influencer who wants to improve their online presence should target the platform.

Shoutouts can help budding Instagram influencers reach a relevant audience and grow their follower count. 

In this blog, we explain how to get more followers and become a noted influencer using shoutouts. We’ll start by understanding the meaning of “Instagram shoutout”, reviewing some of the best Instagram shoutout accounts, and guiding you on how to get shoutouts for free.

Let’s do this!

What Is An Instagram Shoutout?

An Instagram shoutout, also known as an Insta shoutout or IG shoutout, is when an Instagram user promotes another on their account. A shoutout happens when user A creates a post or publishes a story on Instagram with a photo or mention of user B. This exposes user B to user A’s audience, who are encouraged to follow user B because they trust user A. The main aim of these shoutouts is to help users get more followers. You can successfully launch your career and make money as an Instagram influencer by promoting a brand’s products to your audience.

Instagram shoutouts

Why Go To The Instagram Shoutout Pages?

Instagram shoutouts are vital for account growth. Appearing on one of the best Instagram shoutout pages will expose you to a large audience and help you earn more relevant followers. Earning followers organically is complex, and it will take you long to get a considerable following. But a few shoutouts could see you make hundreds or even thousands of followers in a matter of hours.

Complementing Instagram shoutouts with the great content you’ve published on your profile will make you a noted influencer in your niche. You will attract the attention of brands that target a similar audience, and they will pay you to publish their photos on your page.

Instagram Shoutouts Can Happen In A Few Ways

There are three ways in which Instagram shoutouts happen. They include:

Paid shoutouts: An ordinary Instagram user pays another (a more influential one) to mention them on their account. The ordinary user pays cash or gives a gift for these services.

S4S (Shoutout for shoutout): A simple trade where two users agree to give each other shoutouts on their respective pages.

Voluntary shoutout: This is the most important form of shoutout. When someone is impressed with your content, they give you a shoutout without you asking or paying.

How To Find Relevant Shoutout Pages

Now that you know how shoutouts can help you grow your account, you could be interested in finding the best shoutout pages. These pages will connect you with a relevant audience. Use these tips to find the best pages for shoutouts.

Find Instagram pages that post similar content as your page

The first thing you need to do is identify the pages that post content similar to yours. This could be brands or other influencers in your niche. The benefit of reaching out to such pages is that their audience base is similar to yours, and the followers will feel at home when they land on your page.

Getting shoutouts from pages that are not in your industry will not do you any good. That’s why you should focus on Instagram pages in your niche. To find these pages, search industry-related hashtags, and scroll through the results to identify the accounts that can give you a shoutout.

Select pages with a similar follower count as yours

If you’re looking for an S4S arrangement, you should look for pages similar in size to yours. Don’t approach an account with 100K followers and ask for a shoutout exchange when you have less than 500 followers. The account with 100K followers will not benefit at all, and that is why you should seek a mutually beneficial arrangement with a similar-sized account.

25 Instagram Shoutout Accounts to Boost Your Follower Count

Instagram shoutout pages are heaven-sent if you want to generate organic followers for your account. A mention from a relevant page will help you connect with a thriving audience, happy to consume your content. We have surveyed the platform and identified the best Instagram pages you can reach out to for a shoutout.

However, read their descriptions before you approach these pages to find out what they are asking for in exchange for a shoutout. Also, take a look at their audience to determine if they are the right fit for you.

Without further ado, here are the best 25 IG shoutout accounts to boost your follower count.

1. @bestvideos: This account shows the best videos on Instagram.

2. @planet.go: Focuses on natural landscapes and worldwide photography.

3. A fashion-centric page that focuses on male and female hairstyles.

4. @accessories_trend: Showcases trendy accessories.

5. @fit: A fitness account that shows a lot of before and after photos.

6. @fabumakeup4u: Creates makeup-related content, including tutorials and comedy.

7. @unknowngirl:– A shoutout account that helps users connect with her more than one million followers.

8. A general style Instagram account.

9. A general tutorial account that focuses on fashion tutorials.

10. @truckdaily: A shoutout page that focuses on trucks and related content.

11. @fabumyfitness: A fitness account that posts about staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle.

12. @fabuoutfits: The account creates content about fashionable streetwear for women.

13. @affair: Posts relationship-focused Instagram content.

14. @amazing_pretty: A fashion and style Instagram account.

15. @bestadrenaline: Creates content related to extreme sports.

16. @fashion_creative_love: Lots of fashion-related content alongside romance and art.

17. @eyemediaa: Posts inspirational Instagram content.

18. @hair.great: Publishes photos of people with great and interesting hair.

19. @video.onion: The account posts viral videos regularly.

20. @art_conquest: An artist-focused shoutout page ideal for artists who want their work seen by a large number of people.

21. @outfit: Displays fashionable outfits.

22. @motorworld_247: Posts about cars and other forms of motorized transport.

23. @beauty_edit_max: Shares beautiful photos of nature and scenery.

24. @earthfever: An Instagram shoutout account that posts travel and nature content.

25. @bestfriend_bucketlist: Shares bucket list activities that you can do with your best friend.

Should You Buy Instagram Shoutouts?

Instagram shoutout prices are worth the investment because they help you gain exposure and build trust with a relevant audience. Growing your account organically requires a lot of time and effort. You will have to host giveaways and content to draw people to your account. Shoutouts save you from stress by promoting your account to the right target audience. Just make sure the Instagram shoutout buy accounts are legit to protect your reputation.

Pro tips: Ways to get free shoutouts

Sometimes, you don’t have to pay to get a shoutout. With some creativity, you can get a shoutout for free to grow your account.

Here are three free Instagram shoutout ideas to consider:

Shoutouts for Shoutouts

Shoutouts for Shoutouts is the most common way to get a free shoutout! With this arrangement, two Instagram users give each other shoutouts for free. Each user creates a post mentioning the other user to help them access their audience.

As we have mentioned earlier, users with a similar follower count should undertake the Shoutout for Shoutout (S4S) arrangement. Don’t go asking an Instagram account with 1 million followers to give you a shoutout on their page in exchange for a shoutout on your page when you only have 1000 followers.

Free shoutouts from brands to their users

You can also get a free shoutout from a brand when you post appreciating their products or services. Brands love user-generated content because they are authentic, and they could give you a mention on their branded page as a way to promote their products to users.

Instagram shoutouts little girl

Figure 1: Instagram user @nathalielola mentioned by Warby Parker. Source: Instagram

In the above example, @nathalielola shared a pic of her baby wearing Warby Parker glasses. The brand was impressed by the post and published it on their account, tagging @nathalielola.

You, too, can do the same if you want to grow your follower count. If you are a travel blogger, share photos of yourself at a hotel to get a free shoutout from the hotel’s brand account.

Free Shoutouts by entering Shoutout contests

You can also enter shoutout content to get a free shoutout from the Instagram account running the contest. Follow the instructions to earn a shoutout to reach a large audience.

Instagram shoutouts are an effective way to increase your following and connect with a relevant audience. A mention from the right account could skyrocket your account growth and help you become a noted influencer in your niche.

But remember, shoutouts are just one way to get more followers on Instagram. You can use several other strategies to gain traction, and atisfyre, our AI-based influencer platform, is here to help you with this, and more. The platform helps influencers with brand management and pairs them with the right brands for influencer marketing activations. Sign up to get started. It’s free!

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